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  1. To me it shows how much potential you have.
  2. Thanks! 1. Alarm goes off at 5:00, I usually start running at 6:00. I need that hour. 2. I'm nowhere near ripped. There's fat on this body and I was carrying a bit extra around the midsection.
  3. Very encouraging "tempo" for me this morning. First mile easy-in at 6:21 followed up by four miles at 5:54, 5:50, 5:42, 5:49. I wore my fast shoes. I hadn't worn them since spring since they weren't great for my foot injury. That injury is better now. Overall time was 29:40. That ties my 5 mile race PR coincidentally even with the slower first mile. Fastest I've ever run a four mile stretch ever. Perceived effort was less than race effort. I must be in better shape than I thought. I'm not running tons of miles but it must be some combination of consistency, strength ex
  4. It’s almost light outside when I start running in the mornings so, if memory serves me correctly, it’s almost time to spring forward into darkness.
  5. I created a tab for 2021 on the FBG race calendar. Let's fill it up.
  6. The course is flat. It’s the race that I’ve set my previous two 10K PRs at.
  7. I signed up for a 10K today for April 3 that apparently will happen despite COVID. Waves of only 50 runners so I'm not sure if there will be anybody running my pace or if I'll basically be running solo. It's sponsored by a high school track team so hopefully there will be some track/cross country kids in my wave. I guess this is my A race since I have no plans on any other races this spring. Goal is to average under 6:00 which would be a PR. I have a decent degree of confidence that I can do that. I won't adjust my training much other than making sure to run some fastish longer te
  8. I drink so much less than I used to. It would be a major change to drink like that again. It makes me annoyed and uncomfortable just thinking about it.
  9. That’s certainly a lot of water when you think about possibly having three or four gels in a marathon. It makes me think about limiting gels (maybe go with one early when you have enough water from pre-race) and switching to sports drink later.
  10. Yeah, I’ll stick to my statement that gibbous moons are the worst. I guess one could rip on a new moon but that seems too easy.
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