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  1. Has there been much change with Hansons since the 2012 book?
  2. Maybe it's because I took some edibles but this song is better than I gave it credit for. The lyrics are about the absurdity of life which ties into the "Golden Casket" album title. I think we'll see that theme throughout which is very Modest Mousey. I'm pretty sure I'll like the album although I'm a fan and easy to please.
  3. Your watch says you averaged 123 HR at 8:32 pace. That doesn't seem right from the description you give even with effects of a cold. Also, your HR didn't seem to go up much when going over the bridge either time like one might expect. Are you wearing the watch tight?
  4. Thanks for talking so much about me today guys. It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling.
  5. Thanks, I’ll think about it. I’ve done well doing my own thing though so I have some reluctance to change too much. Although I know I don’t do things the way I am supposed to. This is the first time I’ve mentioned this to anyone but I’ve also thought about quitting my job if I got much better to seriously train as a #1 priority but I’m getting ahead of myself now.
  6. That’s kind of crazy. I looked at the 50-54 AG results for Chicago ‘19 and there were only 11 under 2:50 and only 3 were Americans.
  7. I can honestly say that I have never finished a race and thought “that wasn’t that hard, I should have gone faster.” But perhaps the way to look at it is the work one puts in before the race. To that end, the question is how much time and effort do we want to put into this? How important are race times? It’s easier for me than most of you with little kids but it’s still a lot. My sense though is I’ll likely regret not doing more now when I eventually get older and am physically unable to improve. That motivates me.
  8. Yes, I’ve thought about the same thing.
  9. I haven’t signed up for a marathon yet but I think I’ll run Monumental. I’m thinking about an A goal of 2:49:59 but who knows.
  10. They often feel like that no man’s land effort between easy and tempo that they tell us not to train at. But I like that feeling so that’s what I do.
  11. On the documentary side of things, Lucy, the Human Chimp on HBO Go is an amazing story of not only Lucy but her human handler as well. It also makes you think about our own species.
  12. Yeah, if I were to do a Krista-style ranking of all Modest Mouse songs, that one would be in the bottom quartile. It's forgettable. But, regardless, I'm looking forward to the new album. I'm surprised, actually. I thought they might be done making new music. Probably wouldn't have if it weren't for COVID shutting down touring.
  13. I am having a similar problem on both iPhone and iPad but could google a thread and could view it fine that way. For example, google “footballguys GMTAN”. But viewing whole forums didn’t work. However, I learned that incognito on Chrome works for me (doesn’t for you I understand though).
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