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  1. Gibbous moons are the worst. I like either a full moon or a nice crescent.
  2. 30 is about when I’ll wear shorts. Varies though depending on wind, sun, anticipated pace, how long I’ll be running and mood.
  3. If the rumors about the Bulls interest is true (they would make sense but we don't know) I could see them offering Lonzo $20 to $27 in restricted free agency. There really aren't a lot of good PGs available. It would be an interesting match decision for the Pels.
  4. I hesitated posting that but decided since it was 7 or 8 instead of 3 or 4 that I’d post it anyway.
  5. It's in the first post. If Tim wins this round, he's the champ.
  6. I disagree. He needs to be more proactive. He should figure out the guys address and start sending gifts. Maybe a nice balaclava and later some OOFOS recovery sandals. The gift cards should just read "Kudos!". Build some intrigue before the follow request.
  7. If you're in the mood for a pre-WWII British historical drama based on a true story involving an archaeology site, The Dig on Netflix is pretty good.
  8. I did a few hours ago. Invite should be waiting for you.
  9. Frozen corn certainly seems the better option if you're watching sodium. No salt yet still convenient.
  10. Unlike my hands, my feet don't get that cold unless they get wet. I can get by only wearing one pair.
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