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  1. I missed that the rate was out. New rate will be 7.12%.
  2. For what it’s worth, the reasoning is mentioned in the subtitle. (That’s a sincere “for what it’s worth”. I am not familiar with The Verge and often find myself in the middle in wokeness debates. That said, I’m apt to defend offensive comedians and thought the Chappelle special was quite good.)
  3. That’s a good point. Another strike against him is he announced Lonzo Ball to the Bulls one minute after free agency opened kicking off a tampering investigation. The Bulls have declined to comment but I’m sure that pissed them off. I’ve followed Paul a little more closely after Zach LaVine signed with him. Zach mentioned his “brand” as being a big reason for the switch which means endorsements and off the court opportunities. Of course, LeBron’s gravity has a lot to do with those connections but it is what it is.
  4. What is he doing wrong with Simmons? For the record, his client list: https://hoopshype.com/reps/rich-paul/
  5. How embarrassing. I thought you were thinking about ents. (Or, as I would call them, treants.)
  6. As long as you don’t start chopping down trees, you should be good.
  7. It depends on what happens with inflation next year (and possibly future years if you hold long term). Buy in October and get 3.43% for October through March and then the new, higher rate for the following six months (April 2022 through September 2022). If inflation goes back to “normal”, it’s beneficial to be able to lock in both the 3.43% and the new 5%+ rate.
  8. I posted a little about this on Strava yesterday. I was hesitant to post here as to not distract attention and good vibes for the weekend racers. Plus I don’t like getting sad emojis. Injuries got a little worse for me last week. After consultation with my doctor, I decided to skip the marathon. I’m fairly certain pain levels would be outside what would be tolerable. Plus my training has been for #### this last month. All is good though. I had a successful year. I’m overdue for an extended period of rest and I think I can come back healthy and, eventually, faster than ever.
  9. Midgame. Joffer had a weekend trip but we’ve moved faster today.
  10. How badly would Simmons get booed his first game back? Every time he has the ball? What would happen if he misses two free throws in a row?
  11. I haven't seen many of the direct quotes but if it's as bad is it seems, this isn't cancel culture run amok.
  12. Maybe Portland is just kicking the tires without having real interest. I don’t know. Shams reported on that one recently. Regardless though, there have been so many of the reports from reasonably credible journalists that I think we can ascertain a ballpark idea of Simmons’ value.
  13. Adrian Wojnarowski is trustworthy, in my opinion. Most of the Athletic guys too. Local beat writers can be good but that can vary from guy to guy. As far as examples on what I believe to be true: Sacramento has offered Hield plus other asset(s), Portland has offered McCullom plus. Pacers have offered Brogdan plus.
  14. He’s a 60% free throw shooter in his career but certainly reservations on trading for him are understandable. However, several teams seem interested including Sacramento, Indiana, Minnesota and Portland. We have a decent idea on his market value from what they are reportedly offering.
  15. I thought he was willing to play for any other team. No need to take less than “market” value.
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