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  1. That’s what I think I have too although likely a more mild case. It’s better now than last year but still there.
  2. What stretches will you do? Will you do anything differently in regards to core and leg strengthening?
  3. I”m not telling you how to live your life but you can find healthy foods that you enjoy eating.
  4. Yeah, I’m not surprised by that. I feel healthy and have energy. My running is better than ever. Sub 7:00 miles are starting to feel easy and lactate threshold is certainly under 6:00. Besides the recent heel issue (which was my fault by ignoring calf tightness), nagging injuries are less bothersome than I can recall since I started running marathons. Strides are longer and stronger and less reliant on quads. I don’t believe my weight is unhealthy. I also don’t think I should cut back on exercising or start eating junk just to gain weight.
  5. I don’t think I’m going to help much for meal ideas. I’m just mostly eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, eggs, chicken breasts, salmon, nuts, legumes, healthy oils and Greek or Icelandic yogurt. I drink water and black coffee. Alcohol a few times socially but not otherwise. I have a few things that are questionably bad such as butter for whole wheat toast, blue cheese crumbles for salads and other vegetables, and I’ve been adding honey to my peanut butter (natural) sandwiches. I also routinely eat raw vegetables with this Buffalo cauliflower dip that I’m sure is highly processed.
  6. Tri-man might be there with you. Just make sure you’re close to a porta potty.
  7. Dr. Juxt says to work on strengthening and stretching. Calves, upper legs and core. Seriously.
  8. Probably worth the money just to feel how wonderful OOFOS sandals feel on his feet.
  9. I read this initially as Gian’s body.
  10. Just got to convince his sugar mama.
  11. @gruecd @SteelCurtain @The Iguana @Harris @Juxtatarot @bushdocda Mrs. @gianmarco Maybes: @Zasada @pbm107 @Alex P Keaton @ChiefD Mr. @gianmarco Not sure if I’m missing someone.
  12. That would be awesome if you ran Monumental too.
  13. I don't know exactly. I am going to Arizona for a vacation the first week of June. I'm sure I'll run some and we'll do some hiking (including the Grand Canyon) but I'm sure the mileage will be less. But, yes, I was thinking about starting training officially in early July. Unless there is a compelling reason to do otherwise I assume I'll mostly just do what I have been doing until then. My body seems OK with 50 mile weeks. I don't want to take off for any considerable about of time. I know you have a relay race this fall but have you decided on any other races?
  14. Long term rates are so low. It just doesn’t seem to be much of a concern at the moment. I worried much more about inflation a dozen years ago than I do now.
  15. That "last 10K" is a flexible barrier. I think they are talking about "the wall". I've had a couple marathons that I've made it to 24 or 25 before feeling so terrible but other times it's happened in the late teens. And, of course, the earlier it happens the worse it is. Ideally you want to be able to make it all the way through without that feeling although I suspect that's very, very rare for a first time marathoner.
  16. I'll stay Friday and Saturday night and drive back on Sunday morning.
  17. Yes, that heart rate looks right. Super, super low for your volume, I think. I guess the next step is to try to estimate your max by a really, really hard effort.
  18. OK, I officially signed up for the Monumental Marathon and booked a room at the JW Marriott. That's the right hotel, right? I've been thinking a lot on how I want to train for this. As you likely know, I haven't followed any type of a training schedule or plan in many years. I think the last time was 2014. I have my reasons for doing that and I've had success but I know there are things I'm doing (or not doing) that are suboptimal. I think I should have more of a structure. I see three options: 1. Create a plan myself. 2. Follow one of the popular plans. Likely eit
  19. Has there been much change with Hansons since the 2012 book?
  20. Maybe it's because I took some edibles but this song is better than I gave it credit for. The lyrics are about the absurdity of life which ties into the "Golden Casket" album title. I think we'll see that theme throughout which is very Modest Mousey. I'm pretty sure I'll like the album although I'm a fan and easy to please.
  21. Maybe it’s right. Great if it is!
  22. Your watch says you averaged 123 HR at 8:32 pace. That doesn't seem right from the description you give even with effects of a cold. Also, your HR didn't seem to go up much when going over the bridge either time like one might expect. Are you wearing the watch tight?
  23. Thanks for talking so much about me today guys. It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling.
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