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  1. 28 minutes ago, pbm107 said:

    Yeah, I’m not surprised by that. 

    I feel healthy and have energy. My running is better than ever. Sub 7:00 miles are starting to feel easy and lactate threshold is certainly under 6:00.  Besides the recent heel issue (which was my fault by ignoring calf tightness), nagging injuries are less bothersome than I can recall since I started running marathons. Strides are longer and stronger and less reliant on quads.

    I don’t believe my weight is unhealthy. I also don’t think I should cut back on exercising or start eating junk just to gain weight.

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  2. 3 hours ago, Zasada said:

    Well I left out the dozen Oreos I'll eat after dinner, or the big bag of Doritos.  Not eating those is pretty obvious.  Didn't feel like I needed advice on that part!

    Maybe it's just as simple as cutting that #### out.  But I know @Juxtatarot has been eating better (if my notebook is accurate) and given his #BMFery of late, I thought maybe I could borrow some of his (and others') wisdom.

    I don’t think I’m going to help much for meal ideas. I’m just mostly eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, eggs, chicken breasts, salmon, nuts, legumes, healthy oils and Greek or Icelandic yogurt. I drink water and black coffee. Alcohol a few times socially but not otherwise.

    I have a few things that are questionably bad such as butter for whole wheat toast, blue cheese crumbles for salads and other vegetables, and I’ve been adding honey to my peanut butter (natural) sandwiches. I also routinely eat raw vegetables with this Buffalo cauliflower dip that I’m sure is highly processed. Occasionally there will be a social situation where I’ll eat differently but that’s uncommon.

    I had one cheat day after my half marathon and bought a gyro and fries. Afterwards I realized that was a stupid idea and not something I’ll do again. I like my eating routine.

    I need to figure something else out though because my weight keeps dropping. Although I do think I look better in the mirror than a year ago — with the weight loss and exercising the muscles are showing more. But I can’t keep losing weight forever.

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  3. 10 minutes ago, Zasada said:

    Well, I heard from the PA.  So assuming the PA was speaking for the radiologist, the radiologist said it was shin splints ("perostitis").  Which is odd, because, A) my pain isn't really in my shins, it's on the inside of my leg/calf; and B) I always hear about shin splints for new runners, and I've been running for long enough to not really be "new" anymore.

    But most importantly, it's not a stress fracture.  So I can run again!!!  PA said as long as there's pain I should avoid impact, but I'm going to try to just manage it.  

    For my glutes, they found no issues with my hips, and the PA recommended "injections".  Not sure if that should be assumed to be steroids or pain meds or both.  


    Dr. Juxt says to work on strengthening and stretching. Calves, upper legs and core. Seriously.

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  4. 58 minutes ago, pbm107 said:

    I get not wanting to take time off, but as you know 18 weeks is a long cycle. You might want to consider 2-3 weeks of lesser mileage with one easier workout a week to stay sharp between now and marathon training. It is tough to be On or in PR shape for an entire calendar year.

    I have Monumental penciled in, but I don't want to make any additional financial commitments until my kitchen remodel is complete, scheduled for the end of June. They moved Broad Street to October but haven't decided on a date, hopefully it won't be the same weekend as the Bourbon Chase. I hope to start marathon training 7/5, but I am still not quite 100% healthy yet.  

    That would be awesome if you ran Monumental too. 

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  5. 11 minutes ago, pbm107 said:

    These are all good options, I am interested in hearing how you plan on approaching the time period between now and the start of official marathon training (July 5 for a 18 week or 8/16 for 12 a week plan).  Considering you are on fire right now, when do you plan on backing off a bit before the marathon buildup?  

    I don't know exactly.  I am going to Arizona for a vacation the first week of June.  I'm sure I'll run some and we'll do some hiking (including the Grand Canyon) but I'm sure the mileage will be less.  But, yes, I was thinking about starting training officially in early July.   Unless there is a compelling reason to do otherwise I assume I'll mostly just do what I have been doing until then.  My body seems OK with 50 mile weeks.  I don't want to take off for any considerable about of time.  

    I know you have a relay race this fall but have you decided on any other races?  

  6. 5 minutes ago, xulf said:

    So much great information, you guys all rock :thumbup:

    What I am getting from all this is that any plan I do can get me there if I put in the work.  But, no plan will prepare for that last 10k.  Because of that, I will probably lean a bit on the conservative side, because priority #1 is to finish the thing.

    I was using Hanson to train for my HM last year, before COVID blew it up...so I am familiar with it.  I ordered the book and will give it a read.  With an October race date, I am planning to tinker around with some of the workouts from both Hanson and Higdon before the real training begins.

    I think I am going to start with the Beginner Hanson plan and add 3 or 4 miles to the long runs.  Getting in some 20+ miles is something I mentally need to be prepared (as much as I can be).  I feel like an 8:30 pace is achievable, but I want to reach a bit higher since i should see improvement from the training.  I may start with an 8:10-8:15 goal and I will tweak all of the above as needed.

    Here we go...

    That "last 10K" is a flexible barrier.  I think they are talking about "the wall".  I've had a couple marathons that I've made it to 24 or 25 before feeling so terrible but other times it's happened in the late teens.  And, of course, the earlier it happens the worse it is.  Ideally you want to be able to make it all the way through without that feeling although I suspect that's very, very rare for a first time marathoner.  

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  7. 34 minutes ago, El Floppo said:

    Did the same route, played by ear on pace based on the cold/breathing. Felt better, so went and stayed at cruising pace and made sure to try to maintain it on the second bridge climb to check the HR (also made sure the watch was nice and snug). Pushed into the low 140s for that, so I think it's close to accurate.

    Tues is my hill repeat day...hr tends to spike on that, so it will be a good further test. It'll settle in too over the coming weeks- am interested in seeing what it does on my normal/non-sick long weekend runs of 13-16.

    Remind me...the HR should really play a part on my recovery days- right? Trying to keep it at a certain threshold of...?

    Yes, that heart rate looks right.  Super, super low for your volume, I think.  I guess the next step is to try to estimate your max by a really, really hard effort.  

  8. OK, I officially signed up for the Monumental Marathon and booked a room at the JW Marriott.  That's the right hotel, right?

    I've been thinking a lot on how I want to train for this.  As you likely know, I haven't followed any type of a training schedule or plan in many years.  I think the last time was 2014.  I have my reasons for doing that and I've had success but I know there are things I'm doing (or not doing) that are suboptimal.

    I think I should have more of a structure.  I see three options:

    1. Create a plan myself.  

    2.  Follow one of the popular plans.  Likely either going back to a Pfitzinger plan or try Hansons again.

    3. Use @gruecd's coach.

    I have to say that #3 is becoming more appealing to me the more I think about it.  In theory, having someone with experience coaching runners who would design a program specifically for me with my background/history, strengths/weaknesses and goals just seems to make the most sense.  

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  9. On 5/6/2021 at 6:06 PM, rockaction said:

    Same here. I'm always up for new stuff, but if this is the best, I think I'm going to be a touch disappointed. That's okay, though. They had a long career and were a go-to staple of mine for a bunch of years of my life. That's good enough for fond memories. It is indeed quite a catalogue.

    Maybe it's because I took some edibles but this song is better than I gave it credit for.  The lyrics are about the absurdity of life which ties into the "Golden Casket" album title.  I think we'll see that theme throughout which is very Modest Mousey.  I'm pretty sure I'll like the album although I'm a fan and easy to please.

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  10. 1 hour ago, El Floppo said:

    :shrug: No idea about how well I'm wearing the watch. Feels snug, but not too...isn't slipping around on my wrist. I have the 45- maybe it's not as accurate?

    I vaguely recall racing in the 140-60 range in my tri days wearing my Polar with chest strap, so 120-30s sounds about right for non SoS run. But like you said, it should be escalating on the climbs (I think it did, but not much), so maybe something's off. I'll wear it tighter tomorrow and see what happens.

    Maybe it’s right.  Great if it is!

  11. 3 hours ago, El Floppo said:

    Skipped yesterday's recovery run because of my cold.

    Planned on going 13-15 this morning, but as soon as I settled into my cruising pace, m3 or so, I knew I needed to shut it down. Breathing was a mucusy disaster and I just felt like ####. Cut it short into my usual two bridge run of 6.5ish.

    First time running without the phone though. It was strange seeing some really odd pace on the phone at times...12+. I know I was running off today, but not that off. Also interesting to see the HR, which I fully expected to be spiking due to the breathing issues.maybe that was off too (lower than expected). But other than a couple moments where I'd usually snap a picture, it was nice not holding it.

    Your watch says you averaged 123 HR at 8:32 pace.  That doesn't seem right from the description you give even with effects of a cold.  Also, your HR didn't seem to go up much when going over the bridge either time like one might expect.  Are you wearing the watch tight?

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  12. 10 minutes ago, gruecd said:

    Further, I think you should look into getting a coach.  You're at that level where I think it would be worth the relatively minor expense. I'd recommend mine.

    Thanks, I’ll think about it. I’ve done well doing my own thing though so I have some reluctance to change too much. Although I know I don’t do things the way I am supposed to. 

    This is the first time I’ve mentioned this to anyone but I’ve also thought about quitting my job if I got much better to seriously train as a #1 priority but I’m getting ahead of myself now.

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  13. 21 minutes ago, gruecd said:

    One of my all-time favorite quotes:  "The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark."

    I can honestly say that I have never finished a race and thought “that wasn’t that hard, I should have gone faster.”

    But perhaps the way to look at it is the work one puts in before the race. To that end, the question is how much time and effort do we want to put into this? How important are race times? It’s easier for me than most of you with little kids but it’s still a lot.  My sense though is I’ll likely regret not doing more now when I eventually get older and am physically unable to improve. That motivates me.

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