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  1. 14 minutes ago, DallasDMac said:

    Have not been following the thread to closely and it is WAY to big for me to try and catch up, so I'll just drop a message bomb and see if there is a quick and easy answer. I have money that is going to waste sitting in savings. I want to invest it in something, but I need something safe and easy to access as I may well retire in March and need it for the purchase of a home. CD rates suck as do money market rates. I need something(s) that really don't have to much in the way of upper limits as I have about $100k to invest. I was thinking maybe just a general total bond index fund with Vanguard or something along those lines. Any thoughts? Oh, IRA and 401(k) stuff is all maxed already, so those aren't options.


    p.s. Special thanks to Tom for his help with my earlier post.

    For just 6 months? Keep it in a high yield savings account and accept the 0.5%.

  2. 12 hours ago, GordonGekko said:


    The NBA Draft is now producing more pro ready prospects who are being trained much earlier how to survive the pro game and most are being groomed for a specific role in the modern "Space And Pace" style of play.

    If you have cheap cost controlled labor, why bother with most veterans? Sure an Igoudala or a Haslem type is very valuable for a locker room and mentoring, but there aren't too many guys who have that kind of impact to burn out a roster spot.

    Sean Marks , the GM of the Nets, had like a 10 year NBA career as a player. He legitimately sucked as a player. But the league was more forgiving of limited big men back then. He would have never survived in the modern game.

    A lot of these 2nd rounders from this draft look solid. And also some from last year. Even with the pandemic going on. Certainly a lot of them also don't make it, but look at the ones who do, how polished they are given their experience level. The training methodology to help someone like Jordan Poole didn't exist a decade ago. That ugly rookie year would sink most people. The kind of coaching methodology that helped Duncan Robinson didn't exist a decade ago.

    The league has morphed into basically three positions now - Wing, lead guard and rim protecting/floor spacing pivot

    If you can't adapt, you die.

    Young players almost always struggle adjusting to the NBA particularly in decision making on offense and following  teams’ defensive principles. It plays a big role in why young rebuilding teams with talented players usually still lose a lot. The large majority of second round picks end up being bad NBA players.  Are you arguing that this has now changed?

    As far as Kris Dunn, it’s hard to make a case for him on an NBA team. There is some hope he can still be a decent defensive player but that assumes he can stay healthy. But he’s a negative player on offense.  He’s going on 28 years old.  It seems unlikely that will change this late in his career.


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  3. 13 hours ago, Sand said:

    I can't speak for anyone else - I'm definitely using these as an investment.  Buy in October, get 3.4% for 6 months and 7.2% for another 6 months?  Sign me up for a guaranteed 5%.

    I believe maturity is 30 years and there are rules on redemptions (minimum 12 month hold, etc.).  They are an accrual type security, so you get the interest only when you redeem the bond.  This is great as you control the timing of the income.

    Down on this page - a plot of I bonds vs other safe investments.  The only downside to these is the limitation of purchases per year.

    Someone mentions their experience purchasing that extra $5,000 in paper bonds on that page.  I have been considering doing that but it seems like such a hassle.

  4. 12 hours ago, SFBayDuck said:


    To make sure I'm understanding -

    • Rates are set in May and November.
    • If you buy in October, your rates are set in October (3.54) and April (7.12%)
    • If you buy in November you know your rate is 7.12% through April 30, but the new rate is set May 1 for the following 6 months (unknown)
    • Interest is compounded semi-annually, so by buying in October you get 10K plus the accrued interest when that 7.12% kicks in on April 1

    So if you think we'll be at lower than 3.43% next May,  you'd buy in October instead of November.  Did I get that all right?

    Yes, although even if you think inflation will continue to be high I’d argue that you should still lock in that 3.43% as long as you expect inflation to eventually fall to “normal” (2% or below?) while you hold the bond. If you think you might cash out in year 2 or 3, I can see waiting until November.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Otis said:

    God the Knicks game last night was so fun.  Randle with the buzzer beater to win after they come back from down 20.  The craziest part was how MSG was going bananas.  It was a PRESEASON game, but felt like the playoffs.  There has not been this sort of excitement in New York for a Knicks team in decades, at least.  

    Undefeated in the preseason.  Great way to start off the year.  Kemba, Fournier as adds, Mitchell Robinson back, Grimes and the other rooks looking great.  I can’t wait. 


    It’s not too late to become a Nets fan.

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  6. 10 hours ago, Juxtatarot said:

    It depends on what happens with inflation next year (and possibly future years if you hold long term). Buy in October and get 3.43% for October through March and then the new, higher rate for the following six months (April 2022 through September 2022). If inflation goes back to “normal”, it’s beneficial to be able to lock in both the  3.43% and the new 5%+ rate.

    I missed that the rate was out. New rate will be 7.12%.

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  7. 24 minutes ago, IvanKaramazov said:

    If you doubt that interpretation, note that the identity politics stuff is presented to the reader before explaining why the person in question was fired. 

    For what it’s worth, the reasoning is mentioned in the subtitle.

    (That’s a sincere “for what it’s worth”. I am not familiar with The Verge and often find myself in the middle in wokeness debates. That said, I’m apt to defend offensive  comedians and thought the Chappelle special was quite good.) 


  8. 8 minutes ago, Tom Hagen said:

    I don't have a link but Philly media reports implied that Simmons was surprised the Sixers withheld his pay and fined him despite Doc telling him that in the summer.  I would have thought Paul would have either had him show up or be prepared for the financial repercussions of holding out.  In fairness, Ben seems like a stubborn guy and may not have listened. 

    That’s a good point.

    Another strike against him is he announced Lonzo Ball to the Bulls one minute after free agency opened kicking off a tampering investigation. The Bulls have declined to comment but I’m sure that pissed them off. 

    I’ve followed Paul a little more closely after Zach LaVine signed with him. Zach mentioned his “brand” as being a big reason for the switch which means endorsements and off the court opportunities. Of course, LeBron’s gravity has a lot to do with those connections but it is what it is.

  9. 31 minutes ago, Tom Hagen said:

    I'm not sure about that.  LeBron is going to get a max deal playing wherever he wants to play and ownership will do what ever they can to keep him happy (rightfully so) regardless of his agent.  I assume the fact that Paul reps LeBron is a great recruiting tool to get more clients but it doesn't prove he is a good agent.  

    I'm wondering what his track record is with guys that either aren't max guys or are dealing with a difficult situation like Simmons. Between Simmons and the Noel accusations, this hasn't been the best couple months for Paul.

    What is he doing wrong with Simmons?

    For the record, his client list: https://hoopshype.com/reps/rich-paul/

  10. 3 minutes ago, Dr_Zaius said:

    Perhaps you know him as Iarwain Ben-adar?  ;)

    The TL:DR answer to your question is he is a character in the LoTR books who saves the hobbits from being eaten alive by a malicious willow tree that has grown sentient.

    How embarrassing. I thought you were thinking about ents. (Or, as I would call them, treants.)

  11. 57 minutes ago, Dr_Zaius said:

    Also, not sure how many Tolkien fans there are in this thread, but on my run through a wooded area yesterday I had a nut fall from a great height and smash open directly in my path like 3 feet in front of me.  Scared the crap out of me and my first thought was worrying if the trees had some sort of animus towards me.  Where's Tom Bombadil when you need him?

    As long as you don’t start chopping down trees, you should be good.

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  12. 4 hours ago, Runkle said:


    Wait, if they buy in October, they lock in 3.43% for Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, and Mar for the first six months. If instead they buy on Nov 30th, they get credit for the expected new higher rate for all 30 days of Nov for "free", plus the higher rate for Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, and April... right? Wouldn't that come out ahead?

    It depends on what happens with inflation next year (and possibly future years if you hold long term). Buy in October and get 3.43% for October through March and then the new, higher rate for the following six months (April 2022 through September 2022). If inflation goes back to “normal”, it’s beneficial to be able to lock in both the  3.43% and the new 5%+ rate.

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