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  1. What do you mean by “classifies people” and how does it apply to CRT?
  2. Anyway, when conservatives criticize liberals for not respecting the 2nd Amendment, my opinion is that is unfair. I, for one liberal, disagree on interpretation.
  3. You used to have such a nice, loping stride. We ran a 5K together in Wheaton in 2013. We both won AG medals and the awards ceremony was quite large since they were raffling off prizes at the same time. When your name was called, you loped down. The emcee commented about how nice your stride was. It got a chuckle from the crowd. I’m always reminded of that when you discuss form, length, or cadence. I hope you can get healthy and get some of that back.
  4. I’ve never understood why the “well regulated militia” portion of the 2nd Amendment is seemingly ignored by those against stronger gun control.
  5. I don’t like to type out real names on the Internet but if you look at kudos for me, he’s TF from St. Charles, IL.
  6. I noticed that. There is a 48 year old that beat me by a minute in my half marathon last month who is running it too. We follow each other on Strava now. The guy’s training has been fantastic. Not only does he run fast almost everyday, but he’s frequently doing amazing workouts. I think he’s going to absolutely crush it.
  7. I’m on my phone and it’s harder to read the poll results but, yes, I looked earlier and a higher percentage of conservatives claimed to know about CRT than liberals.
  8. My point was that what you claimed was wrong. According to the poll, less than 58% have an unfavorable view.
  9. If you are comparing cities of different populations, then yes. I’ll ask you, if there was this exodus from Chicago, why would its housing market be doing so well? I don’t doubt there is a population decline. That has been a trend. It’s minor though.
  10. It really ruins the thread when terms like “exodus” are used. The population decline in cities is an interesting topic. Hyperbolic terms like “mass exodus” results in all this silliness.
  11. Your HR is so low I’m not sure you need to run slower — especially if you feel fresh.
  12. Anthony Edwards should be fun to watch.
  13. I had to Google Search for a link. According to FoxNews: "[Garland] did it very carefully by saying the shooting by someone who committed the shooting only after he confirmed that the players were Republicans," McCabe said. "So, I think that reflects at the fact that the FBI still doesn’t exactly know what that shooter was up to. They never really uncovered the sort of detailed evidence that laid out a specific plot or an objective, but it is undeniable that he was targeting Republicans."
  14. Most employers don’t give employees paid holidays for days like MLK Day, Washington’s Birthday/Presidents Day, Columbus Day and Veterans Day. I suspect this won’t be different.
  15. I’m not sure if it’s racist but it’s certainly offensive.
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