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  1. Most here think ideal is in the 30s or 40s. That’s the fishing part but I’m just joking.
  2. Both this hypothetical and her tweet come off as ill-conceived, knee-jerk statements. Both can we walked back but, overall, look pretty silly.
  3. It looks like you lost the negotiations because you asked for too much and acted much too slowly. You got to pick the topics but he gave you that choice. He blew off all your strange rules and started the debate without your approval his way. It leaves you with two options, complain and bail on the debate or do it Tim’s open, less-structured way. To be honest, you’ve come off really weak so far. You challenged him but then wanted to set up rules that would make it harder for him (required long posts and required citations) while giving yourself an easier path. That’s not how a noble, strong competitor acts.
  4. Wow, 87 with 70 dew point by the end of my run this morning. Full sun and I only stopped at 2 water fountains for the 15 miles. I'm absolutely cooked. I forgot how summer can feel!
  5. I guess it depends on how often this type of thing happens. If it’s infrequent enough, it might not make sense to implement a system to pull the order.
  6. Pretty sure GG is on page 102 of his gun control manifesto right now.
  7. Good point. Perhaps the problem is when posters get entertainment from insulting others, playing board cop, complaining about others being board cops, etc. What’s the solution to that?
  8. I don’t know what the point of posting in this forum is for you or anyone else. I just think we should all individually try to post the way Joe and Maurile want us to— stopping with the catty stuff. I agree with them that it’s best for the forum overall. And I acknowledge that I’m failing to do that right now by discussing your posting style.
  9. I just looked at your last 15 posts. One had some substance and 14 were about other posters posting styles or similar nonsense. Maybe try to flip those numbers.
  10. You mention Chicago. There are lots of illegal guns coming in from out of state straw purchases. Cracking down on that is certainly part of the gun control debate.
  11. What did you think about Tim's argument about gun control? I thought it was pretty good.
  12. In 1959, 60% were in favor of banning handguns. I had no idea. Quite interesting.
  13. That’s interesting that you feel this way. I looked for polling on outright gun bans and I can’t find anything. Most polling seems to be on stricter gun control of various types, not outright bans (other than bans on assault-style weapons). It seems like your belief of the liberal position isn’t even on polling’s radar.
  14. Taking the other side is a terrible idea. Both posters would be criticized for not representing it accurately.
  15. Here’s my take on this. It is human nature to be selfish like it is with many animals. And this makes sense in the wild when you are at constant risk of death from lack of food, predators, etc. Raising offspring can be a major exception to this. Humans and other animals can go to great personal sacrifice to protect their young. There also seems to be some instinct to form strong bonds with a group. Many animals do this. How much of that is nurture and how much is nature, I don’t know. This makes sense though as the group can provides protection. It is in one’s selfish best interest to conform. With the intelligence and communication skills of humans, we are able to make rules against behaviors that most think doesn’t benefit the group and themselves. This has come in the form of religion and laws but can also be as simple as shunning someone for bad behavior. I believe you mentioned how some male animals kill the young of their own species so they can mate with the female. How prevalent would that be in humans without rules? I don’t know but I’m sure it would happen more often even if it would still be rare. The fact that it is against our rules is a deterrent. Morality comes from believing these rules are in the best interest of the group and abiding by them. Whether they are religious based or not usually doesn’t make much difference.
  16. I don’t have Sirius radio. What are some of the most popular Modern Hits/Hip Hop songs? I’d like to read the lyrics.
  17. Being a morning runner in a northern climate make me not have much seasonal swing. It’s usually under 70 degrees for me on summer mornings. Obviously Texas is very different as are afternoons virtually everywhere.
  18. I just view it as a measure of heart rates at various paces. Run faster with a lower heart rate and vo2 max (on the Garmin) goes up. Have some slower runs with higher heart rate, and it goes down. I’ve noticed a strong correlation between Garmin Vo2 max and race performance for me. Others may have different experiences.
  19. I really don’t understand what’s going on with my running these days. VO2 max is jumping to levels I’ve never seen before but it doesn’t make much sense. I’m not doing anything differently running wise. The last week I’ve been eating like ####, drinking, and not exercising other than running/walking/hiking. This morning I ran hungover in the AZ heat (but low humidity) but managed 7:41/117 averages. I think I’ve decided that I’ll make very few changes when I start marathon training. Why change what’s working? It seems like an unnecessary risk even if I’m training unconventionally.
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