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  1. I read some speculation about signing him so they can flip the contact as an expiring at the trade deadline.
  2. Shams Charania 2m Free agent Goran Dragic has agreed to a two-year, $37.4M deal to re-sign with the Miami Heat
  3. Everyone tampers and the NBA knows they can’t enforce it. What made this one so egregious is having the signing announced (through the Woj/Shams channel) before free agency started. Other deals are waiting for 5:00 this evening. I don’t believe it’s an anti-small market bias, no other teams this year did what happened here.
  4. Free agency is going to be crazy tomorrow. In other years, key players sometimes wanted to take a lot of meetings in days after free agency "began" and that would be a bottleneck in other deals getting done. Now because of covid, there won't be much of that. Most of the players already know where they are going. Shams and Woj will be tweeting bomb after bomb once the clock strikes 5:00.
  5. He's not a good shooter at all. How often to sub 60% free throw shooters develop good three point shooting? I believe it's basically never.
  6. @gruecd This article is probably right about Bogdanovic: https://nba.nbcsports.com/2020/11/18/report-bogdan-bogdanovic-didnt-agree-jeopardizing-kings-bucks-trade/
  7. I saw a guy do that around mile 11 of a half marathon. I think I averaged about 6:40 pace for that one. He would pass me running way faster - maybe like 6:15 or 6:00 pace - and then start walking until I caught up. That happened three or four times. I don't think he was injured, it was a strategy. I've often thought about this although it's probably not for me. I like to try to zone out as much as possible.
  8. A lot of teams seem interested in Williams and he's risen up the boards more than anyone else in the last few months. If they want him, he might be gone if they trade down. Williams seems to be a combo forward. Perhaps a starting three after Otto is gone? Although he might be more of a four long term.
  9. Today is the first time I've heard Wiseman mentioned. I don't even think they Zoom interviewed him. I'd be very surprised if this were true. If they were to trade up, I think Ball would be the target. But, my guess at this point is they stay at 4 and pick Patrick Williams.
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