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  1. Even after getting a little experience with the Canyon, I have no idea how I’d do attempting R2R2R. But I’m a flat road racer, not an ultra guy. It’s interesting to think about even if I’m quite sure I’d never do it.
  2. Yeah, curious about which trails to the rims and whether he’d run overnight with a headlamp.
  3. You’ve written this before but I didn’t catch the meaning. What would your plan be? Over two days?
  4. Kind of mean to make them wear diapers.
  5. Yesterday a friend and I hiked the Grand Canyon. I’ll spare posting pictures because I’m sure you’ve seen plenty even if you’ve never been there. It’s beautiful scenery, of course. If you’re curious about the route, we took the South Kaibab trail down to the river and the Bright Angel trail back up. Both trails start at the south rim. Here’s a good article about the route. 16.5 miles total. 4,380 feet of elevation gain back up. The Park advises against doing a hike all the way down and back up in one day and there are several warning signs. Nobody stops you though. That made the
  6. I got some work in today. Took yesterday off.
  7. Kind of funny reading the campingguys posters giving gian advice on cotton fabrics and sandals. I think he has that covered.
  8. It's fair to blame the media but it reminds me of the boy who cried wolf. Lie enough and you can't be surprised when people stop believing you.
  9. When you buy the bond, you get the initial rate for 6 months. So, if you buy today, you’d get it through October, if you bought in July, you’d get it through December, etc. When that six month period is over, you’ll get the rate published on November 1 for the next six months. Rate changes continue on that schedule every six months based on rates declared May1 and November 1. Yes, the $10,000 is per calendar year per social for bonds purchased electronically through Treasury Direct.
  10. Boston Fred’s first race report is going to be looooooong.
  11. This thread makes you guys seem like a bunch of old men. (NTTAWWT)
  12. Although not frequently funny, the season was so well written and filmed. I thought Naomi Ackie was fantastic too.
  13. Coming out of a pandemic makes a recession extremely unlikely. What quarters before November 2022 are you expecting to be down?
  14. What does the map look like on Garmin Connect? Do you see where it’s off? On my old watch I used to have occasional problems (often near the same spot) but my new watch is OK.
  15. Keep that in mind for your trip back from Washington.
  16. Let’s say, hypothetically, someone put THC mints into a regular breath mint container and took them on a plane. What’s the chance of a TSA problem? Basically zero?
  17. I’m sure I’ve posted about this before but I often think about how I trained for my first marathon. No heart rate monitor. No running watch. Sometimes I ran with a stopwatch in my pocket but usually not. I did have a nice Sony Discman. Mostly stuck to the same routes that I knew the approximate distance from driving them in my car. In many ways I think the old school approach can be better for new runners. (Except for the Discman.)
  18. In all honesty, I don’t see Boston Fred as someone who can Zen-out and follow the “Just run!” advice. NTTAWWT.
  19. Yes. Possible Garmin data fields include current pace, average pace and average lap pace. Current pace is always fluctuating, average pace is average for the whole run and average lap pace is the average for the current lap. Most of us use average lap pace and set the watch to automatically start a new lap each mile. Current pace jumps around too much to be useful and average for the whole run can be too slow to notice yourself slowing or speeding up. Average lap pace is the Goldilocks setting.
  20. Having pace fields seems like a pretty basic feature for a smartwatch named “Active”.
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