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  1. I haven’t signed up for a marathon yet but I think I’ll run Monumental. I’m thinking about an A goal of 2:49:59 but who knows.
  2. They often feel like that no man’s land effort between easy and tempo that they tell us not to train at. But I like that feeling so that’s what I do.
  3. On the documentary side of things, Lucy, the Human Chimp on HBO Go is an amazing story of not only Lucy but her human handler as well. It also makes you think about our own species.
  4. Yeah, if I were to do a Krista-style ranking of all Modest Mouse songs, that one would be in the bottom quartile. It's forgettable. But, regardless, I'm looking forward to the new album. I'm surprised, actually. I thought they might be done making new music. Probably wouldn't have if it weren't for COVID shutting down touring.
  5. I am having a similar problem on both iPhone and iPad but could google a thread and could view it fine that way. For example, google “footballguys GMTAN”. But viewing whole forums didn’t work. However, I learned that incognito on Chrome works for me (doesn’t for you I understand though).
  6. Probably best to go back to the store and try a bunch on.
  7. I was playing around with this on my run this morning. I tried to keep the same pace but do so with high cadence/shorter stride and then switch to lower cadence/longer stride. It's not difficult to do keeping your basic running form. Just pick up your feet a little more set them down farther (but avoid over-striding like seen in the videos). It's not rocket science. I don't see any harm in you playing around with it too. Maybe you should stick with how you're doing things. Maybe you would benefit by changing. I don't know.
  8. Speaking for myself, I've realized that injuries and chronic tightness caused me to keep a shorter stride to try to protect myself. Maybe it was necessary at the time. I don't know. When I became a little stronger in the legs and core, a little more flexible, and a little less injured, it has felt kind of natural to drive the knees forward a bit more. And a little more sustainable.
  9. Maybe it isn’t a major change in running form. The same British guy has a video discussing this although I’m bet you could find better ones out there. A 210 cadence seems very high.
  10. The guy who had the AG course record I set would go on to be in the Runner’s World Masters Ranking for 2008 (#3 in the 55-59 AG, initials SC). Then he apparently stopped racing in 2009. Stuff like that always makes me wonder.
  11. Ok, I see. I guess Chicago 2019 would qualify me although I haven’t though at all about 2022. I haven’t even decided the rest of 2021 yet.
  12. You guys are signing up for 2022? I thought it was fall 2021.
  13. I like it but not as much as ABMTTS. It lacks hooks and gets a little boring at times comparatively.
  14. Our discussion of stride length and cadence reminded me of this video on why Kipchoge's form and stride are so good. There are a lot of good takeaways but perhaps the most important part for anyone considering making changes is the part about foot-knee position and avoiding overreaching.
  15. Fartleks are another good option to add speed if you find the watch part too annoying. I don't do them personally but I'm considering adding them. I find the loose structure appealing as I can just run by feel. Progressions and tempos are good too although I guess they aren't technically "speed" workouts. (But they get you faster.)
  16. Yes, I agree with all this. And, to be clear, I think increasing or decreasing cadence is a decision that each runner should decide on individually weighing the various pros and cons.
  17. If you Google #2’s name you’ll find his running bio. I’d like another shot at him.
  18. Results are up. 1:19:27 official time. Finished 3rd.
  19. Great Western Half Marathon This race is an out and back course on a trail that was converted from an old defunct railroad line. The trail is about half asphalt and half crushed, smooth limestone. So a race technically on a trail but not a “trail race” since it is as easy to run on as road. Last night I mentioned a goal of 1:20 ish (yes, I know, I’m supposed to write 80:00). To expand on that, I guess my goal was 79:50. Tri-man pointed out that way down on the bottom of the website to the race, they list course records by age group. The record for the 50-54 age group was 79:51
  20. 1:20ish. I’m not sure if the heel will hold up though. It’s been fine while running this week but the most I ran was 6 miles.
  21. I don’t think so but it should be on Strava before 8:30 Central time.
  22. It’s an open start due to COVID. I’ll probably start a little before 7:00.
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