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  1. New rate starts for purchases November 1. I would recommend someone buying at end of October so they can lock in the 3.43% for six months then the new, higher rate for the subsequent 6 month period.
  2. We discussed I Bonds about 6 months ago when it was announced the rate would be 3.43%. With inflation where it is, it looks like the new rate will be above 5%. We should know the precise rate soon since they use numbers as of September 30. We’ll certainly see tremendous interest in I Bonds. I thought this was a good overview for those who haven’t looked into this: I Bond Manifesto: Why inflation-linked savings bonds can work as part of your emergency fund
  3. Yes. If you use the crab opening I’ll promise to use the crab defense.
  4. What are the chances that next week they have an immunity challenge where contestants go through an obstacle course to collect puzzle pieces? 90%?
  5. If Simmons gets his way, the hold out will be worth it. I think the Sixers will end up trading him in the coming months.
  6. NBA posted a nice Twitter thread with examples of how the rule changes on offensive fouls should be called. It’s hard to argue against any of the examples.
  7. 239 miles for September for me. That’s low for me for a marathon training month but OK all things considered. I tried a mini-tempo this morning and was pleased that my body seemed to handle it decently. It felt nice to run fast again. I’ll try to run a weekly tempo and a fastish long run each week from here on out and hope for the best come race day. My fitness has taken a hit but the injuries make it hard to tell how much. My guess is it isn’t too bad. I realized this morning that I’m over 300 miles in my racing shoes. I probably shouldn’t race the marathon in them. Maybe I should test a pair of Nikes.
  8. He just played king to g6 which was what I would have done.
  9. Yes, I had the same thoughts. I thought it was a simple but interesting position.
  10. I’m white, black’s move. Draw unless he does something stupid?
  11. You’ve had an excellent training cycle. Hopefully you’ll get enough rest and we chalk this sentence up to taper madness.
  12. I ended up with 68 miles last week. I guess that’s a lot for someone who started physical therapy. Overall I ran slower on average than many weeks but faster than I have the last few. I mostly just settled into a pace my body and brain could agree with. I moved my long run to Sunday because the physical therapist wanted to work me somewhat hard on Friday and thought I would be sore. My plan for the long run was to ease into things and then later try to get down below marathon pace. I never quite made it there but was close with the last handful of miles at 6:3X pace. My hamstrings felt improved but my glutes were barking and my legs felt really heavy. Overall I’m encouraged by the run. I’m more concerned about the hamstrings since the doc can give me a shot in the ###. I wonder if he’d do it on both cheeks. From my responses to questions, the physical therapist wants to attack things though strengthening exercises which sounds good to me. My hamstring flexibility is for #### these days but hopefully I can improve that a little too in the coming weeks. I have no real plan for this week. I’ll just take things day by day and see what happens.
  13. Andrew Wiggins’ request for a vaccination exception on religious grounds denied by NBA. As it stands now, he can’t play in home games.
  14. It seems to me that scientists have considered Duesberg's claims about HIV/AIDS and have rejected them on their merits. I don't see reason to believe there it is a conspiracy to suppress the truth to sell HIV drugs or that scientists are refusing to consider his ideas due to groupthink. No doubt bad decisions have been made in pursuit of profit over the welfare of our citizens. As a society we need to demand better.
  15. Yes, I watched the whole video you posted. I believe he's right.
  16. Not “all”. I don’t think you believe that.
  17. Sure, but that has nothing to do with germ theory.
  18. My guess is he learned that long-standing institutions can lead people astray and can be corrupted intentionally or even unintentionally by those wanting power, money and influence. He drew parallels with the medical community. He’s brought up the opioid crisis multiple times as an example. It’s ironic, actually. He’s trying to warn people about misinformation but is actually spreading it.
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