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  1. Besides the new season of House of Cards, I don't see much of interest.
  2. I had very low expectations on "The Interview" going in and thought it wasn't that bad. Several funny moments. Very stupid, of course, but we all knew that.
  3. How many different Liams have there been? 3?
  4. Halfway through and loving this series. I don't get the poor reviews at all. Dialog is a little forced. Acting is hit and miss. Characters are largely one dimensional. Unrealistic scenes. I looked past all that and still liked it but I can easily see how others wouldn't.
  5. The updated title and these last series of posts have convinced me to delete the last two episodes that I haven't gotten around to watching.
  6. I'm curious what others think of this song. I'm a Modest Mouse fan and like almost all their songs including this new one but I don't think it will have the mass appeal that "Float On" and "Dashboard" had.
  7. I suspect this is used as a lame excuse to spend and not save. Too bad. There was a great opportunity for investors in this demographic to buy in low. Not according to data it isn't. Millennials for all their faults are generally pretty thrifty, they just aren't all that adept at investing. They keep a lot of cash around as Mullens infers, so it isn't about them buying hot tubs and Jaguars. I'd be interested in seeing this data. I haven't noticed much difference in the savings and credit behaviors of the young over the last few generations.
  8. I suspect this is used as a lame excuse to spend and not save. Too bad. There was a great opportunity for investors in this demographic to buy in low.
  9. What constitutes an affair?It looked like they already banged after the town hall meeting from McNulty's version. Unless that was just some old fashioned manual stimulation. I thought it was the latter. But if that was "the affair", that's pretty disappointing.
  10. I agree with OPM. I'm still liking it but we're three weeks in and nothing has really happened yet. It would be nice if they picked up the pace a bit. Now I don't need Games of Thrones type action but I at least hope the affair actually happens before the end of season one.
  11. Was afraid to read this, it's all good stuff IMO! Meh. The investment option for the MyRA....not good. I think it's fine for the people it was designed for. Lower income, never saved before, don't understand how markets work. They can start simply and, when they get kicked up in plan they have a nice start. No risk of losing principal so they won't be tempted to bail when they open that statement down 10%. The only issue I have is this will do so little to solve the retirement savings crisis we will see in coming decades. Is it even worth doing? How many MyRA participants will end up having reasonable retirement nest eggs? $5 a paycheck is basically nothing.
  12. I don't think it was mentioned here, but I enjoyed the documentary The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden about some Europeans that settled on a Galapagos island in the 1930s.
  13. started it but didn't bother finishing it. it wasn't adding up to nearly enough for my tastes. Well, one episode in and I'm already a fan. I loved it for a few episodes and really liked it at first, but ended up losing interest about four episodes in. Me too. Me three.
  14. As a hedge, I'm invested in tar, feathers, pitchforks, and torches. Don't forget about rails.
  15. There is a gigantic leap from requiring RMDs on Roths to double taxation.
  16. It started dying the minute it was born.
  17. I don't know why there is so much debate about this as it seems so obvious. There is generally a slight liberal bias to most of the news on ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS (mainly thinking about PBS NewHour) and CNN. There is a strong liberal bias on MSNBC. There is a strong conservative bias on Fox News and most of those conservative talk radio shows.
  18. Starts tonight. Because this is HBO, the religious components probably won't be too annoying to an atheist, right?
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