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  1. If you had to put money on one character that would make it alive until the end of the series, who would it be? I'd pick Arya.
  2. I assume he's dead too. Tie? Seems like the only way for Tyrion to live at this point. Maybe Viper channels his inner Rocky II and stands back up.
  3. I don't get this exactly. Grandma Tyrell and Littlefinger were involved in plotting the murder and there was posion in the necklace but do we know how the posion got into the cup?
  4. Not sure how much can be answered without knowledge from those things with words, but I will answer #4. Renly was the 3rd brother - killed in Season 2 by the smoke thingy in the tent. Yup, and then Jack and Sawyer spied on Kate (aka freckles) bathing in the lagoon.Crap, should I have put that in a spoiled tag for those who aren't caught up on Lost yet? As long as you haven't read Lost, you're OK.
  5. agreed ,especially compared to last weeks episode...but you can see they are setting things up for a lot of ebb and flow regarding the intensity of each episode I hope you're right. Disappointing episode after such a strong pilot. A few more like this last one and I'm out.
  6. I did. I felt like the first half of the show spent too much time beating us over the head about the fact that the wife treated him like garbage and he was a loser. Some of that came together in the second half, which I found much better. And I understand the push and all that. Not a big deal, but it just seemed like he went from 0 to 60 too quickly. Is that really how most murders take place? Just seeing him snap like that was a little much for me. I seem to be in the minority, tho. In any event, I look forward to seeing where this goes next episode. I get your point but I'm sure they were attempting to have an exciting pilot with lots of stuff to draw in the viewer. No show is without its leaps of faith. Overall, I loved the episode!
  7. People have told me I'm wrong but I doubt this bull market will end until short-term interest rates move significantly from near zero. Money will be left in stocks because there are few good places to move it to.
  8. I see the offense is off to their typical fast start.
  9. That vote was taken under a bit of duress, wouldn't you say? Russians have them surrounded and no one from the west has shown any desire to defend them. How else would that vote go? I don't know how pressured the vote was nor the true opinion of the people. My question was honest, not rhetorical.
  10. If the parliament and people want to be annexed, why should I be outraged?
  11. I am 100% in favor of legalization but at the end of that article Obama just made my head spin. I have actually never considered what it will be like with big corporations stepping in and marketing it. That is both scary and interesting to me for many different reasons. "This call to the bullpen has been brought to you by Good year Bongs."That's easy to fix if they want to. There is a reason why the halftime show isn't sponsored by Marlboro.
  12. Some interesting recent polling data here. It will be interesting how much movement we'll see this year.
  13. Just watched the bank run scene. Fantastic!
  14. I don't know about the bolded. He has more years with the Yankees and won 4 World Series with them.
  15. I felt a little let down by this final season. Show certainly peaked in season 4, IMO. I preferred Jessie when he wasn't the tortured soul and a shell of his former self. Also the Nazis as the "bad guys" didn't come close to the complex character Gus was.
  16. Sveum fired. No surprise there. I don't follow MLB like I used to so I'm surprised to hear Girardi's name. Why would 1) Girardi prefer the Cubs to the Yankees or 2) the Yankees decided not to re-sign him?
  17. I know Sleepwalk With Me was popular here about a year ago. I watched Mike Birbiglia: My Girlfriend's Boyfriend this afternoon. Very funny dude with a good standup routine.
  18. A prequel makes me a lot more interested. Well, I'm already ready to bust them. "Wait a minute! They just passed a 2011 Impala! That doesn't exist yet!" I can't think of any TV show that was ever set in the recent past.
  19. I'm surprised it's a Prequel. I wonder what year it will take place in. 2005 or something?
  20. Maybe because it technically isn't a queue? I didn't notice any changes.
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