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  1. I cut my run short yesterday at 11.7 miles. Not that I had a plan to run a specific distance but I've generally been running at least 13 on Saturdays. My hamstrings and glutes were barking near the end of that much more than usual. I could have continued but there was no reason to since marathon training hasn't even started yet. The fact that it was probably up to 75 degrees and I had no water made it easier to decide to stop too. It isn't a surprise that I would start getting achy like that. I've been doing almost all my runs below 7:00 pace recently and I'm not strong enough to ke
  2. It seems like conservatives mostly agree with you. And liberals rarely see the insulting nature that Jon describes. It probably is pretty telling of the bubbles we all live in.
  3. There should be a lot of agreement between liberals and conservatives about white privilege, especially on this board. We should mostly all agree that dismissing opinions of white people merely because they’re white is wrong. Inferring that all white people have it easy in life is also wrong. However, it’s also wrong to deny that there can never be an advantage to being white in our society.
  4. Just curious. What percent of liberals and/or people of color do you think have this “shut your white privilege ### up” viewpoint?
  5. Congrats! Great that you’re healthy. I think you’ll be in a good place to start Indy training in July.
  6. Can’t withdrawal for one year. 3-month interest penalty for withdrawing before five years. They mature in 20 years but can be extended for an additional 10 years.
  7. I'm trying to make sense of this post. When asked whether conservatives or liberals have more money, you answer it by relaying a story about a liberal entrepreneur sending a mass email about preferring Joe Biden to Donald Trump. You suggest that this will cause his company business losses and that, eventually, liberals wokeness will cause liberals to self-destruct financially. Is that right?
  8. They turned on the water fountains this year so I’m good.
  9. I see your point. Interesting how different this story is covered. I watched the NewsHour clip. Anyway, that seems so mildly sexual that I’m skeptical that many people would object for that reason.
  10. The Drag Queen Story Hour isn’t sexual.
  11. Ultimately this comes down to how you view gender roles. Conservatives are more likely to want to teach kids traditional behaviors. Liberals are more open to allowing kids to be different.
  12. If I were laid up in bed for a significant amount of time I think I’d like to move money around just to have something to do.
  13. From the OP links, apparently this started in San Francisco, became popular, moved to other cities, became more popular, and finally was put on TV by a NYC station. They say the motivation was to get kids interested in books. That seems genuine to me. I don’t think the purpose was for tolerance. That just seems like an added benefit.
  14. You obviously get much of your speed through powerful strides instead of turnover. That makes sense since you have a background in weight training. I don’t recall if you are a heel striker or not but even if you are I assume you’re not overstriding or you would have had more injury problems. One thing I’ve wondered about is if your style gets you in trouble in longer distance races. From a McMillan calculator standpoint, you’re significantly better at shorter distance races than the longer ones. Although I know you haven’t run a lot of marathons so maybe it’s just a matter of time before
  15. Good luck to @pbm107 on your 5K tomorrow and @SteelCurtain on your donut eating thing.
  16. I guess I don’t see the harm. Kids might ask questions but I don’t think that’s a bad thing depending on how the parent handles it.
  17. This thread had several posts about them starting here.
  18. Related to the topic of this thread, what makes it a cesspool?
  19. McConnell’s point is it is already being investigated by the Justice Department and others. I don’t think I have a problem with that stance.
  20. Any thoughts on the new St. Vincent album? I’m still forming my opinion but Live in the Dream is a good Pink Floyd song— especially the outro.
  21. I recall this being a rule in your “you will be suspended” thread. It truly is disappointing that it isn’t practical to enforce. It would solve almost all of the forum’s problems.
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