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  1. Did a parent originally allow the photo to be used? I assume so.
  2. I love running by a patch of tall prairie grass on an early summer morning. It's often foggy and about 10 degrees cooler. A few hours later it will be muggy and awful.
  3. The president is likely looking for particular behavioral changes but phasing the topic to seem more open.
  4. So 30 sec for 200 meters is 4:01 mile pace. 35 sec is 4:42 mile pace.
  5. Nice job. You’re in a good place to be especially considering the number of weeks we have left. Are you going to race with the Nikes before Broad Street?
  6. 73.5 miles for me last week. That will probably be my weekly high for the year. I only ran fast once -- 8 miles of HM pace practice. That went fine although I ran it on the track which is easier. I'm two weeks out from my half marathon. I'm going to try to hold mileage next week to under 50 and then treat the following week like a proper race week. I'm not that worried about the race from a cardiovascular standpoint but I'm really beat up physically. I'll try to use the extra time to working out knots and tightnesses as much as possible. I'll make sure to do intervals next week. I think in a weekly report a few weeks ago I declared I'd do intervals most weeks and then I promptly skipped doing them two weeks in a row. That might be the only aggressive run I'll do although I'll push the pace a little on some other runs if I'm feeling it. Some hot temperatures in the forecast though.
  7. It’s kind of like Afghanistan. The liberals here tried for 20 years, made some headway but, in the end, you can only give so much. People have to want to change on their own and work to keep it.
  8. I saw a link to this article yesterday in an email yesterday from the Chicago Marathon people. Might be helpful.
  9. One thing I’ve learned about myself over the years is I have usually been better off attacking an injury with flexibility/strengthening than babying it. Of course there is danger of making things worse but there is also the advantages of learning about my body, its limits and how it responds. It also allows me to continue training instead of taking breaks and losing fitness.
  10. Any tight muscles in the injured area or elsewhere?
  11. Kind of obvious but worth mentioning…lots of assets never go to an estate because of joint ownership, beneficiaries named on IRAs, names on deeds on property, etc.
  12. I loved the dialogue. So well written. I particularly enjoyed the mother-daughter arguing but most of it was great.
  13. Kind of unfortunate that it lands on Friday the 13th.
  14. I’ll never forget running into Scott Williams in the hallway of an office building in Naperville back in 1992. I was 21 back then which was too old to be starstruck but starstuck I was.
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