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  1. I think I mentioned that I didn’t like them when I first bought them. I had a bit of plantar fasciitis (or something similar) that made wearing them hurt plus I felt I moved awkwardly in them. But I’ve worn them quite a bit around the house since the heel injury. The plantar fasciitis isn’t much of an issue anymore and I’ve gotten used to their bounciness. I just have to lean into turns differently. I have to say that I’ve done an 180 on these. They’re quite comfortable. I hereby take back any negative feedback I may have given them. In fact, I’d like to wear them to work. Howe
  2. @gianmarco How many hours a day are you in your OOFOS sandals?
  3. If I ever can learn how not to stress over meaningless, stupid stuff, I think I can beat you.
  4. My stress score went up just reading this.
  5. https://psychreel.com/garmin-stress-score/
  6. For those of you who generally leave your Garmin watch on most of the day/night, what’s your average stress score? I’m at a 21.
  7. I'm leaning towards running the half marathon on Sunday that I previously signed up but thought I'd skip. After having setbacks with my heel several times last week, it's been OK since Saturday. I felt an itch in it the last few days when running but no pain. It even feels a little better when I pick up the pace. I want to give it one last test with a bit of sub 6:00 running while wearing the shoes I race in. I'll do that tomorrow and if all goes well I try to take it easy until Sunday. It might not be totally smart to do this but in my mind the potential upside of a good race outweighs
  8. Do some exercises have shorter recovery times than others? For example, would you recovery quicker from something like planks than bicep curls? (Sorry for asking all these questions. I’ll stop at this one!)
  9. Wouldn’t recovery time depend on how hard you’re working them? (Similar to running in a way. You can run every day but shouldn’t be doing SOS runs every day.)
  10. Yes, I was thinking about that. Good point. Certainly the way up is harder so if one is injured or the “up” part significantly impacts the number of reps, it makes sense to focus on the drops. But maybe for routine exercising, you can get the advantages of the ups and downs by one leg up? The downward movement to both ways could be done the same way. That’s an honest question. Makes sense for Zasada to focus on drops and do it the two leg up way though. (Although we don’t know what the injury is.)
  11. @Zasada Be careful about pain. If you really have a lower leg stress fracture these heel drops could be unwise, especially if you are aggressive with them. You mentioned pain just walking the other day.
  12. One-legged? How many can you do in a row now?
  13. Rest certainly seems like a good idea based on your descriptions. I just think it’s possible that a good physical therapist could give you some techniques on how to avoid future injuries. (Plus help your glute issue.)
  14. What did the doctor say about physical therapy?
  15. I thought you were going to physical therapy. Was this a sports doctor?
  16. Do you avoid static stretching due to time or another reason? You mention not feeling you got much out of stretching in your youth but I’m guessing that was the typical pre-game/practice stuff that we all did. I’ve often read that dynamic stretching is good pre-workout and static stretching should be done post-workout or, at least, after a warmup. The times I’ve done physical therapy, the emphasis has been on static stretching after a warmup. My typical morning routine has been running first, followed by strength exercises, and then finally a series of static stretches. I’ve noticed some
  17. I’ve been thinking a lot about how important flexibility may be for running as we get older and older. Is it possible to be a tragically inflexible marathon runner in one’s 60s? I don’t know but it sounds like a recipe for disaster. The good thing is we all can improve flexibility if we put in the work. I’m not very flexible either but I’ve been working on it in the last several months. Unfortunately I was ignoring calf stretches which quite possibly is why I’m injured now. I’m focusing on fixing that now though.
  18. Then perhaps fixing the tragically inflexible problem is the key.
  19. Good luck tomorrow @El Floppo! What’s the weather going to be like?
  20. The standard thread advice is to go to a running store and be properly fitted. It can be more pricey but is worth it since you are now officially a “runner”.
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