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  1. If most everyone went crypto and the dollar collapsed, the federal government would collapse. Probably best to hold tangible things that would be valuable in a post-apocalyptic world.
  2. What time is your wife shooting for?
  3. I think I’ll stick to this kind and treat it as an experiment to see how long it takes to acquire the taste. The bitterness doesn’t seem as bad today even if I still don’t like it.
  4. I don’t plan to withdraw the principal to any of the equity portion after retirement. I’ll live off the cash portion plus social security when I get it. When the market is up, I’ll fund cash. When it’s down, I’ll ride things out. To the article’s point, I could get screwed if I retire right before one of the longest bear markets in U.S. history but I’m a naturally frugal person so I could deal with it if need be. In the meantime I’m likely to earn significantly more by my high equity position. Overall I view it as worth the risk. Maybe I’ll change my mind at some point but this is what I’m planning for now.
  5. No, opening and voluntarily closing a deposit account does not report on your credit report and, therefore, does not affect your credit score.
  6. I'm 50 and am 90% equities, 10% cash. I plan to go the rest of my life without changing that ratio too much.
  7. Is dark chocolate the new beet juice? Link I’m thinking about having 25g of 85% cocoa daily for the foreseeable future. Day 1 is in the books. Why not? They say it is a superfood and it helps with running? I’m not a fan of the bitterness but hopefully it is an acquired taste.
  8. That sounds like a good plan. It’s probably a bigger adjustment for me. I’ve gotten use to skipping about half of the water stations so even one cup at each one seems so annoying.
  9. @gianmarco I think this was the article: https://www.cranksports.com/articles/hydration-proper-energy-gel-usage/
  10. Were you the one who posted that article about how much water to take with each gel? I remember it seeming insanely high. Plus with you being a heavy sweater I was curious what sort of ballpark number of ounces you were shooting for.
  11. If weather is typical, how much total water total will you shoot for?
  12. What’s the hydration/nutrition plan?
  13. I was wondering about your training when I saw your 4 mile tempo. I remember that being a Pfitz week one thing. Remind me. I know you’ve done Pfitz, Hanson’s and I think you were doing some Jack Daniels’ (for those of you unfamiliar note the apostrophe is after the s) in the past. All good options but what made you decide to go back to Pfitz? Also, is up to 85 going to be your highest mileage ever?
  14. Week 1 Report We're now 17 weeks out, right? I'm not sure how many of these I'll write up but I'd like to do them at least occasionally. I would like to read yours too. 65.4 miles for the week averaging 7:14. That's the most miles I've done in a long time but a little slower than I've been running lately. I'm glad to get that many miles in. I had planned to take Thursday off but I got home from the colonoscopy in the late morning, felt fine and had nothing else to do on an unusually cool summer afternoon. Prep also messed with my nutrition routine so I felt a little off during the week. I didn't get many miles in below marathon pace. I'm definitely planning to get a tempo in this week. That will be the main week 2 goal. The highlight of the week was yesterday's 20-miler. Averaged 7:25/125. Pre-run plan was to run at least 18 but slow -- focus on endurance benefits. Plan was to never get below 7:30 pace. After the first handful of miles I felt fine and the heart rate was low so that plan changed to running 20 and wanting to get the average pace down below 7:30. Overall it was a successful run. I felt OK at the end. Nagging injuries were there but not as bad as last week's long run that had 14 miles at about marathon pace. I didn't bonk. I decided to take some green apple Gatorade chews that someone gave me last year. I think that was the first time I've eaten since marathon training in 2019. I forgot how good it can feel to eat during a run even if the 100 calories over 20 miles was probably more a mental benefit than physical. I have to decide what I want to do for calories for the marathon -- if I want to the gel/chew thing with water, sports drink or maybe a combination of the two. This is an example on how I train unconventionally. It makes me feel self-conscious at times. You're never going to see an 18-week marathon program start with a 20-miler in the first week. But my effort was low enough that recovery wasn't a problem. I took the first few miles slow today but quickly felt fine. I think that long time on my feet was worth it.
  15. Your average American slaveholder was probably quite ignorant about the moral principles of the Enlightenment, right? I’m assuming only a rudimentary education. Obviously there were exceptions. Regardless, though, this is a weird thing to debate. It’s like calling different forms of murder better or worse. It’s all murder!
  16. The great thing about fiber is it makes you feel fuller. Keep it simple with fresh fruits. Nobody ever gets fat by eating too many apples.
  17. Yes, I feel fine. Highlight was continually setting off a low heart rate alarm recovering after the procedure. Nurses had to come in every handful of minutes to turn it off.
  18. I have a colonoscopy tomorrow so you won't see a run for me on Strava. Just wanted to warn you so you won't think I got hit by a bus or something.
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