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  1. send out an A.P.B. for you?

  2. I miss the flexible schedule we had. I was working maybe 24 hours, getting paid for 40. Where you working these days?

  3. hows it going dude? I miss the free book room

  4. hows it going dude? I miss the free book room

  5. Dude. Hang in there.

  6. Because he has a conscience and it's on TV I guess.What I don't get is why people would bring historic memorabilia to a pawn shop instead of auction. The Lindberg case stuff was so over the top I think the old guy who brought it in just wanted to show off his #### on TV. They need money quickly? No guarantee that an auction will bring more money. In fact, it could bring in much less. And you have to pay a commission at an auction, sometimes up to 30%.
  7. Does Hardcore Pawn use actual video of their transactions? The bolded above is why I've avoided it till now.Oh yeah, these people are not actors.My Dish package doesn't get TruTv, at least I don't think it does. I'd really like to watch this show though. What percentage of items that are sold at this store do you think are stolen? 90%?
  8. Hart didn't announce anything after the game, as his teammate (and Alabama commit) said he thought he would. There was someone from Michigan there, which could have influenced that....but both Michigan and Alabama recruiting analysts are saying it looks like his commitment is still up in the air. Hart is a good kid that doesn't want to disappoint anyone. He's the kinda guy that is on the verge of commiting to whomever talked to him last. Even when he officially verballed to Michigan, I suspected it might come down to signing day and who got in his ear last. And with Alabama practicin
  9. Was wondering about this too. My guess is that his show is in between seasons, but I don't recall the show addressing this.
  10. I'm concerned about how the new offense will impact recruiting as well. Are all players on a spread offense downgraded? I would think only the QB would be. Lineman still have to block. Receivers still have to run routes, catch and block. Backs still have to hit the hole, protect the QB, run routes, etc. It's the same basic fundamentals, no? I agree on the QB being downgraded. Just wondering about the other positions.
  11. Loeffler has his work cut out for him in the offseason. Without Long, Henne, Hart and most likely Manningham, the offense could struggle next year.
  12. about Long. I wish the Lions would move Jeff Backus to the right side. Or the bench.I'm still amazed at where Hart gets his strength. While he's the same size as Emmitt Smith, Hart has battled injuries his entire career and that will hurt him in the draft. Hopefully the right team drafts Henne. If not, Brady always reserves a spot on the Patriots roster for former UM QB's.
  13. I have been hearing rumblings around here for a few weeks now that he has Parkinson's (sp?)Disease but dismissed it because of the sources I was hearing it from, but DD confirmed he also heard it, so I am betting this is his last year. I have been on the side of letting Carr go for some time, but I give him all the credit in the world for righting the ship after the terrible start to the season. I hope he's not sick and can leave on his own terms though.This Parkinson's rumor has been out there for years. It's negative recruiting. At least I hope so.
  14. A few episodes ago, weren't Tony and one of his men talking about getting whacked. I want to say it was him and Bobbie on the boat. Something about, when it's your time to go, you don't see it coming, everything just goes black? Sorry if someone has mentioned this before or if it's incorrect information.
  15. I think Tony will die from one of his panic attacks.
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