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  1. RKT has a special dividend on I believe March 9th that was one of the big catalysts for RKT's recent rocket. Maybe mixing it up with that one?
  2. Man I should have moved everything into a nice boring boomer stock that's been flat for a few days like GME.
  3. Man did I ever catch a falling knife a few weeks ago with CRSP.
  4. If anything typically when the market is very red crypto has been as well. Maybe the start of a new trend here but over the last few weeks they've typically run together more than inverse.
  5. This is what I'm wondering. We've seen a fake rotation out of tech like 50 times by now, but I do wonder if a bit of a real one is still coming if not already here. A bunch of tech pulled back and I was planning on just holding it until it hopefully climbs back, but in my swing account I'm considering cutting some of it and putting it into travel stonks. And of course, I'll take any excuse to buy more DIS which remains my most favorite stonk out there.
  6. A lot of it is market dependent. VRBO tends to do better in vacation rental markets like beach houses (though Airbnb still holds its own there), but Airbnb absolutely dominates in big cities and with business travelers and whatnot.
  7. I have a good chunk of shares but I'd sold covered calls at $36 so my upside is capped.
  8. Tua/Cousins are both easily cuttable in 1qb ffpc to me. So anything you got for them is a bonus. Burrow depends on what you think of the injury. Had that not happened I think he would have had good value. Remember Baker had a lot of value heading into his 2nd year even in 1qb leagues and Burrow was putting up a better rookie year than him.
  9. Just looked through mine. Swing trading account still up 14% in February but it was at 30% at the Feb highs so gave a big chunk back. I've trimmed most of the fat there and am in mostly stuff I am willing to hold there through more potential pain now whereas that account tends to be more speculative. Shroom OTCs and NNOX the last remaining speculative junk there but I am OK holding those as I think they'll have their day (and not a big % of the account). Long term account surprisingly holding strong at 5%, was 16% at Feb highs. Large holdings in DIS (my sweet baby) and ABNB have h
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