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  1. Everything lining up perfectly. If Mixon can't get it done this week, he never will.
  2. I know this is probably well outside the kind of thing you usually buy, but what do you think of something like QYLD in the kind of market you're describing? I've never owned it but huge dividend and it is totally reliant on covered calls, which you seem to like a lot right now.
  3. Same. I played CYDY pretty poorly given the range it had to the upside at times, but still came out of it with a nice chunk of change. Then I gave all of it back on HGEN. Oh well being flat in the end is not a bad outcome after gambling on FDA EUA for two stocks that both failed to get it.
  4. Not trying to be snarky here, but the 3rd and sensible option is we don't have enough data to make any kind of determination so it's not something that we need to set a hardline stance on. Anymore than we should say the USMNT is 0-1 when Musah and Zimmerman start together so therefore since that's the only data I have on them starting together they should never start together again.
  5. Man GBTC lags bitcoin so badly now.
  6. One guess who the Representative of this particular Georgia congressional district is.
  7. https://thehill.com/changing-america/respect/equality/576752-after-white-students-displayed-confederate-flag-at-school https://thehill.com/changing-america/respect/equality/576752-after-white-students-displayed-confederate-flag-at-school
  8. Huh? I'm just saying 2 is not really a useful sample size to make any kind of determination.
  9. Because it shows up on the right side of the main page under "Recent Topics" and "Popular Now" and the agitators in here are good at writing titles with catchy headlines that draw you in.
  10. I don't know what you guys are stressing about. AJB is my healthiest player.
  11. I bought a whole bunch at $89 right after the Amazon announcement. I sold it when it spiked to $127 when the "announcement" of AFRM/Walmart partnership started making waves even though AFRM/Walmart have had a partnership since like 2019. I figured it was going to tank a bit when people realized that wasn't new, which it did for a few hours, and then they announced the Shopify partnership and off it ran w/out me 😕
  12. No issues for me or anyone I know. That was the first I'd seen of that Nicki Minaj tweet that thing reads like satire lol. My cousin's wife's brother's friend's butler got the shot and his balls swelled up and his supermodel wife left him for the gardener and then his penis fell off and he grew a dinosaur tail in its place.
  13. This is my biggest weakness as well. I try and average into stocks slowly and wait for pullbacks to buy on and then it breaks out and goes on a huge run and I only have like 30% of the position I wanted. This has happened over and over again the last year. Of course on the rare occasion that I actually do KGB it and just buy it all at once I can count on a painful 50% pullback. I'm looking at you CRSP/BLDP/SOFI.
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