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  1. Not yet, but they said they are planning to add that. I still have two unopened packs I've been holding for that. Wish I had gotten in on this in time for series 1 I bet those packs will sell for a fortune once they add that functionality. One interesting wrinkle with unopened packs compared to unopened packs of traditional trading cards is that all pack data is public (you can look it up on evaluate.market), so everyone knows which cards are in packs that have not yet been opened. So if there is a valuable card that has not yet been opened that could drive up the price of the remainin
  2. You can wait until you are checking out. At checkout you can either purchase with your dapper balance, with a credit card, or with crypto. Depositing money ahead of time merely moves it into your dapper balance from either a credit card or crypto.
  3. So isn't this basically what they did for the mild/moderate trial? Released some cherry picked data, said they would release the raw data later, and then just kept kicking that can down the road until everyone just got tired of asking? The stock price did not react well to that...
  4. What are the stocks dragging up the nas? Because it sure as heck isn't the stuff I own which is still mostly red on a day where nas is +1%.
  5. Nice little intraday turnaround here. Someone tell me this was the bottom and not just another head fake.
  6. Right, no doubt 1.02 has a lot of risk. A lot more risk than AJB. I just wanted to point out that AJB is not without (somewhat substantial) risk of his own that was being overlooked, and also that 1.02 certainly does not have to be a CMC level caliber player to necessarily be worth more than AJB 2 years from now. People were grading the trade as if they went 10 years into the future and AJB was finishing up a career that mirrored Julio Jones. But that is jumping way ahead. For fantasy purposes AJB hasn't really even broken out as actually elite yet.
  7. I probably like AJB as much as you, and have him as a top 3 dynasty WR personally. But I am just being realistic here. The argument being presented is that he was a locked in stud and the only way 1.02 could end up more valuable than him is if the 1.02 became CMC. That just isn't reality. There are a lot of non-CMC rookies from the last few years that are worth more than JuJu or Godwin now, even though those guys a couple years ago were valued as highly as AJB is now. If anything his lack of high reception volume makes him an even tougher guy to assume will be locked in as a top 3 guy
  8. Again the thing being overlooked here is 1.02 passing AJB in dynasty value because AJB's value potentially dips as well. AJB is currently dynasty WR5 with a startup ADP of 2.01. Just a mere 2 years ago in 2019 here are the dynasty WRs with startup ADP of 1.11-2.05 1.11 Mike Evans 1.12 Odell Beckham 2.1 JuJu Smith-Schuster 2.2 Amari Cooper 2.3 Chris Godwin 2.5 DJ Moore ALL of them have dropped significantly in value since then. And that's despite pretty much all of them having already put up a better season in the NFL than AJB has so far. Now I feel that AJB
  9. I mostly agree but you're not factoring in any of the risk with AJ Brown here. He's a great player but he's already valued like a top 3 fantasy WR even though he's yet to put up numbers anywhere close to that. Obviously that doesn't mean he never will but when a guy is being valued in a position that he's never come close to finishing in, that is risk. The Tenn excuse is easy but Tannehill threw for 4000 yards and 33 TDs last year. How much better do we think that is going to get in the near future in Tenn? I love AJB and have him valued super highly but we have to acknowledge t
  10. Another steady fade AHs and BTC following along on that.
  11. I've been pimping this idea for a while in the trades thread before this one started so you know I'm in. Would prefer $500 but $250 works as well.
  12. I don't think you have to come out of the draft with a backup QB. I would have no problem going into the season with only 1qb and that's typically what I do unless my QB2 is purely a breakout candidate. A guy like Carr will always be available on the wire whenever you need a fill-in.
  13. The last 10 mins have been brutal selloffs the last few days, it will be interesting to see how we close today.
  14. Right but then the question is it all the re-opening stocks that make 2021 hot and the tech/stay at home stuff just sits down here? Not saying it will happen but there are plenty of scenarios where SPY goes back to constant new highs and stuff that a lot of us here own like TTD, CRSP, NNOX, NIO, etc etc etc only bounce back minimally and never get back near the highs. One thing I've noticed with these last few days is that every time the market bounces back to a prior mark my account is still lower than when it was last at that mark. IE if SPY is at 385 then goes to 380 then back to 38
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