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  1. ETN easily, great deal. Kupp has minimal value in that league type.
  2. Not sure I'm understanding this correctly. Was he saying the Ark funds are exiting those positions and that is causing the price drops?
  3. Holding up surprisingly well after the initial freak-out. Watching the battle after it bounced back to $50k+ was intense. I just sat there watching the orders for like 30 mins. BTC price was jumping from $50k to $52k and back again in 3-5 seconds. Then there was some giant 305 BTC sell order at $51172 that just got chewed through by retail like 0.04 BTC at a time over the course of half an hour. Seemed like lots of transfer from big holders to retail as there were fewer, larger sellers and tons of smalltime dip buyers.
  4. So everyone feels like this pain is going to continue longer. Why is my stubborn ### not buying SPY puts or volatility calls/shares? I have a hard time rooting against my share positions overnight.
  5. Hmmm I heard this one about FLGT and $80 a few weeks ago.
  6. There was a story before the draft that the Lions were trying to trade up to 4 to grab Chase. https://www.si.com/nfl/bengals/news/lions-try-to-trade-up-with-falcons-for-jamarr-chase
  7. I bet it closes at a lot more than $100k. Most of the action on auctions doesn't happen until the end.
  8. NERV with some nice results. Fellow board members rejoice!
  9. I'm assuming all of this COIN and PLTR buying is Cathie.
  10. Wait, you only keep 8 players? AND it's only a 10 team league? Yeah there is absolutely zero reason to have QB limits in that format. Well really there is zero reason to have QB limits in any format but especially in this. If some fool wants to use 5 of their 8 keeper slots on QBs when there are still 27 more QBs available for the other 18 QB starting spots (actually 9, with 9 spots that don't have to be a QB) then let them ruin their team.
  11. I've been in a few SF leagues with QB limits (used to be more common, most places don't have them anymore) and in almost every case they were almost universally hated by league members and eventually done away with. As someone above mentioned, you don't HAVE to start a QB in the SF spot. Plus what QB limits really punishes is not someone hoarding a bunch of starters, but rather having room to hold developmental QBs. Besides, if someone wants to try and hoard QBs you can let them. It rarely works out. It's all part of the strategy. Bottom line, personally, I would not even con
  12. I always thought the most expensive oversleep I'd have would be oversleeping when I have some important job interview or something. Turns out it was sleeping in the morning after NNOX got FDA clearance. It had gone to $75 and by the time I woke up it was back in the mid $40's and I decided screw it, guess I am a HODLER now. And well, the rest is history.
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