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  1. Just saw a stat on ESPN that Josh Allen was 13-14 on 4th and 1 sneaks in his career.
  2. And while not particularly likely, it's not necessarily 100% you even get to OT with the FG. We've seen plenty of drives start with ~30 seconds or less at the end of the game this year and result in a game winning FG attempt.
  3. Yeah I think both were fine. If it's me I'd rather the game be in the hands of my 240lb MVP QB to try and pick up a few inches than choose the scenario where he may never see the field again. I realize it didn't work out this time but if it's close I always err to the side of putting it into the hands of my superstar.
  4. Wow that is a heck of a replay angle. Why don't they have that at all the games? Definitely short.
  5. Man look at that poor DB just crumple to the ground he was faked out so badly.
  6. They got the spike off anyway. It's all the same. 2 seconds left for the FG instead of 1 second. No difference.
  7. Best possible news after seeing the injury. Seemed like it could have been an achilles when it happened. And what is going on in Cleveland for both RBs to have calf injuries? That's not a common injury.
  8. Just like the other night, I hate the decision to kick there.
  9. WTH is #3 doing there? And then like 3 more defenders not even looking up at the ball. What kind of defense was that...
  10. He's still the Giants' leading receiver on the day after playing like 5 plays...
  11. Phil Simms is the only QB that ever knew how to throw the post route properly. Just throw JJ to the sidelines there and it's the easy TD throw in football. They always try and put those over the top and turn the easiest throw in football into the hardest, and lead the WR right back into the defender.
  12. Still comes down to Miami not calling the timeout after that 3rd down play. If there are 13 seconds left there the Jags almost certainly punt.
  13. That's only for QBs I believe. A WR still has to be clearly "giving himself up" in some way (it's not automatic on a forward dive) and like I said above usually it takes the ref a few seconds to blow the whistle in that circumstance. That's my understanding of it at least. I could be wrong.
  14. It's usually not very bang bang and when a guy kind of dives forward like that they usually aren't very quick on the whistle. It usually takes a couple seconds for them to realize he's giving himself up and blow the play dead. With a 0:01 margin I think time would've run out before they blew it dead.
  15. I mentioned this after his first preseason start. You can tell he's very used to playing behind an elite offensive line in college and not having to worry about this stuff.
  16. Fins should have called a timeout after that tackle so they'd have to punt instead of being able to throw a hail marry.
  17. Gun to my head I'd say yes, he touched it. But no way it's clear enough to change the call on the field.
  18. Obviously Tua could easily (and probably will) just keep being bad but Brees is an interesting name because Brees was pretty bad his first 3 years in the league and didn't really turn it around until year 4. But I hate Brees being mentioned with the Fins because I've never wanted a pick to be made more than the Fins taking Brees all those years ago. I literally threw my shoe at the TV when they called out the name "Jamar Fletcher" (a freaking nickelback) instead. And then to do it all over again in FA with Culpepper over Brees. Ugh.
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