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  1. The simple litmus test here is generally anything named really patriotically or that puts words like freedom or liberty at the forefront is typically more about restricting freedoms than encouraging them. If a bill is "for the people act" or "Patriot Act" or something based around "Freedom" it's typically enforcing the complete opposite of that. "Democratic Republic of North Korea" "Peoples Republic of China" "Patriot Act" etc
  2. Standard NYSE volatility halt. Not RH doing anything unless I'm missing some news.
  3. Well against my own advice I shorted 35 shares of AMC for fun. What could go wrong?
  4. The Mudrick that sold AMC is different than the Mudrick SPAC, I believe. MUDS the SPAC is down because the MLB decided to roll out their own NFT thing. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/06/01/mlb-launches-into-nft-space-with-new-company-led-by-fanatics.html
  5. Who knows how high it could go. And even if you're confident it's going down long term, you'd need to do it with a small enough position relative to your account that you can ride out the storm without your broker cashing out for you via a margin call. If you short 5000 shares and it goes to $100, is your account big enough that you can sit on a $350,000 unrealized loss without your broker liquidating all of your other positions and covering automatically for you? Obviously anything near $100 is very unlikely, but are you willing to risk your entire account on that?
  6. The problem is if you short it you risk the squeeze actually happening, and puts are so expensive the risk/reward ratio is really tough.
  7. I think most people are just oblivious. I've only ever met one person that proudly admitted they drive slowly in the left lane. My uncle's girlfriend once told me she is typically a slow driver and on the interstate she is not comfortable driving in the right lane because the potential of merging traffic makes her anxious, so she wants to stay in the left lane out of their way (all the time for some reason) but doesn't want to speed. I straight up told her she shouldn't have a driver's license.
  8. Yes the unwritten rule is obviously 5-10mph over, and that's where I'm typically at. But no I don't find it "maddening" when someone is driving the actual speed limit and technically following the law instead of the unwritten rules that aren't bulletproof. Yes I do find it "maddening" when they do it in the left lane though. Here's a question though, how much trouble can you get in for following the unwritten rules if something unforeseen happens? If you get into a bad accident or god forbid hit a pedestrian that darts out in front of you or something, one of the questions you are goin
  9. 3 people got out of an SUV with assault rifles and fired into a CROWD OF PEOPLE that were standing outside a nightclub. They HIT 25+ people and there were likely many more in the crowd that was being fired into.
  10. Like always it should be a lot more. De bruyne injury was like 10 mins on its own.
  11. That's why I like keeptradecut, it adjusts the points with a boost to the team giving the best individual players to prevent stacking a bunch of mediocre players for one good one. ETA: Not that I use it as gospel or anything. But it's a nice feature.
  12. The warrants and commons will eventually adjust to the $11.50 difference once the warrants are redeemable, either via the commons coming down in price relative to warrants, warrants going up, or some combination of both. If you're planning to hodl long term you may as well buy the warrants as like you said, they are cheaper and get you the same thing in the end. If you're planning to move out of the stock in the short term the arbitrage gap could be anywhere at the time you want to sell, possibly even larger than it is now. We played NKLA warrant arbitrage in this thread last year when
  13. Opinions will vary from owner to owner but I think via the consensus Adams/Cook were pretty much equal before the Rodgers rumors. I think the side getting Adams here is taking on all the short-term risk and not really getting any sweetener on top to do so.
  14. I've kind of always thought that with all else equal a pick around 1.05 was worth a pair of future 1sts. Given that this class is a pretty good one and, while it can certainly change, right now people are mostly down on the 2022 class, I think this was a solid deal.
  15. Can you share your experience with this a little more? I assume this means you can't sell or use your BTC until the loan is paid off, or do you just have to keep enough to cover whatever the balance of the loan is at the time? Also what happens if the price of BTC drops substantially while the loan is still open? I guess that is more of a risk for the lender but could they come and force a repayment on the loan if the collateral is no longer worth enough to cover it? What were the terms of the loan (APR/length)? Thanks!
  16. I think teams are so creative with the cap nowadays we really have no concept of what a team really can or can't do. The Rams come to mind with all the capologists telling us they were only going to be able to ink long term deals for like 2-3 out of Goff/Donald/Gurley/Kupp/Woods. Then they ended up not only signing all five of them but also trading for Jalen Ramsey and giving him a huge deal on top of all that.
  17. Author must have forgotten that Philip Lindsay and CJ Anderson have moved on.
  18. He is bearish on the stock. Bought puts, and not likely a hedge since I believe he has to file a 13F and doesn't have any TSLA holdings in there. As McB mentioned it was the erroneous dollar amount that was the goof in the reporting (or at least misrepresented), not the direction of the trade.
  19. Yeah the discount seems to shrink during large momentum moves and grow when BTC is consolidating and moving slowly. I have mostly the actual coin but some GBTC as well and surprised it wasn't hurting a lot more this morning.
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