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  1. What calculator is that? I looked at two calcs and they don't even have them close. DLF Higgins: 411 Stafford: 62 DTC Higgins: 21 Stafford: 6 And startup ADP has Higgins in the 5th round and Stafford in the 12th.
  2. Yeesh I just assumed this was SF and was still going to say I'd prefer Fant.
  3. Okay that last post makes it clear he's just trolling. Hopefully a mod will get rid of this soon so he can move on to phase 2 where he claims FBGs internet forum is oppressing him and violating his first amendment rights.
  4. With only like 20% hyperbole, this is one of the most ridiculous comparisons I've ever read about anything. What's your follow up post? Convicting someone of murder is racist because murder convicts are locked up and lose their freedom like a slave? Getting vaccinated or not is a choice. Being born a certain race is not. Someone please move this nonsense to the political forum where it belongs.
  5. I think this has happened quite a few times, almost always with similarly undersized speedy guys like Waddle. Not all of the guys below were top 10 (though some were) but they were all drafted very early in the NFL draft and much later in rookie drafts than that NFL draft position would normally dictate. Ted Ginn Henry Ruggs Will Fuller Troy Williamson Derryius Heyward Bey I know the narrative is that Waddle is different but that was the narrative around Ruggs last year as well.
  6. To be fair he did put up just under 1000 yards and 8 TDs as a rookie which if I'm not mistaken would be the 2nd best rookie TE season ever. But yes, even that is a supreme longshot for Pitts as a rookie. If he somehow hits it he will be untouchable though.
  7. Percy was a stud he just couldn't stay healthy. He finished as WR6 overall in 2011 (his 3rd year ) with 87 catches, 1300 total yards, 8 TDs. Then he was the overall WR1 half way through the next season with 62 catches, 800 yards, and 4 TDs at the season's half way point before picking up a bad injury followed by another bad injury and with the migraines on top of it all basically never being able to play for real again.
  8. I shorted a small bit of this near the current bottom. The IPO was originally priced at $16 and this entire run-up has been entirely based on its Covid vaccine candidate that just flunked. Even after today's slaughter it's still up 400% from the initial IPO pricing and even that had the Covid vaccine hopes heavily priced in. The market is irrational so it will never get near that IPO price but there could still be more downside.
  9. Burry still leery of the market. https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/big-short-michael-burry-twitter-return-biggest-market-bubble-ever-2021-6-1030524823
  10. May not actually be dilution. Filing is confusing. The market is reacting like it's dilution though.
  11. I agree, but he's still worth a good bit more than ETN in that format and I don't think the Pittman/harris swap comes near making up for that. I know trade calcs have plenty of flaws but dynastytradecalculator has a TE premium option and in that format it has Kittle worth 37pts and ETN worth 22pts so very far apart. Which makes sense because in the FFPC leagues where I own Kittle if I was offered 1.04 for him I wouldn't even consider it.
  12. The simple litmus test here is generally anything named really patriotically or that puts words like freedom or liberty at the forefront is typically more about restricting freedoms than encouraging them. If a bill is "for the people act" or "Patriot Act" or something based around "Freedom" it's typically enforcing the complete opposite of that. "Democratic Republic of North Korea" "Peoples Republic of China" "Patriot Act" etc
  13. Standard NYSE volatility halt. Not RH doing anything unless I'm missing some news.
  14. Well against my own advice I shorted 35 shares of AMC for fun. What could go wrong?
  15. The Mudrick that sold AMC is different than the Mudrick SPAC, I believe. MUDS the SPAC is down because the MLB decided to roll out their own NFT thing. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/06/01/mlb-launches-into-nft-space-with-new-company-led-by-fanatics.html
  16. Who knows how high it could go. And even if you're confident it's going down long term, you'd need to do it with a small enough position relative to your account that you can ride out the storm without your broker cashing out for you via a margin call. If you short 5000 shares and it goes to $100, is your account big enough that you can sit on a $350,000 unrealized loss without your broker liquidating all of your other positions and covering automatically for you? Obviously anything near $100 is very unlikely, but are you willing to risk your entire account on that?
  17. The problem is if you short it you risk the squeeze actually happening, and puts are so expensive the risk/reward ratio is really tough.
  18. I think most people are just oblivious. I've only ever met one person that proudly admitted they drive slowly in the left lane. My uncle's girlfriend once told me she is typically a slow driver and on the interstate she is not comfortable driving in the right lane because the potential of merging traffic makes her anxious, so she wants to stay in the left lane out of their way (all the time for some reason) but doesn't want to speed. I straight up told her she shouldn't have a driver's license.
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