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  1. So everyone feels like this pain is going to continue longer. Why is my stubborn ### not buying SPY puts or volatility calls/shares? I have a hard time rooting against my share positions overnight.
  2. Just ring the bell already geez.
  3. Hmmm I heard this one about FLGT and $80 a few weeks ago.
  4. There was a story before the draft that the Lions were trying to trade up to 4 to grab Chase. https://www.si.com/nfl/bengals/news/lions-try-to-trade-up-with-falcons-for-jamarr-chase
  5. I bet it closes at a lot more than $100k. Most of the action on auctions doesn't happen until the end.
  6. NERV with some nice results. Fellow board members rejoice!
  7. I'm assuming all of this COIN and PLTR buying is Cathie.
  8. Wait, you only keep 8 players? AND it's only a 10 team league? Yeah there is absolutely zero reason to have QB limits in that format. Well really there is zero reason to have QB limits in any format but especially in this. If some fool wants to use 5 of their 8 keeper slots on QBs when there are still 27 more QBs available for the other 18 QB starting spots (actually 9, with 9 spots that don't have to be a QB) then let them ruin their team.
  9. I've been in a few SF leagues with QB limits (used to be more common, most places don't have them anymore) and in almost every case they were almost universally hated by league members and eventually done away with. As someone above mentioned, you don't HAVE to start a QB in the SF spot. Plus what QB limits really punishes is not someone hoarding a bunch of starters, but rather having room to hold developmental QBs. Besides, if someone wants to try and hoard QBs you can let them. It rarely works out. It's all part of the strategy. Bottom line, personally, I would not even consider joining a league that had QB limits.
  10. I always thought the most expensive oversleep I'd have would be oversleeping when I have some important job interview or something. Turns out it was sleeping in the morning after NNOX got FDA clearance. It had gone to $75 and by the time I woke up it was back in the mid $40's and I decided screw it, guess I am a HODLER now. And well, the rest is history.
  11. A couple analysts out in very strong support of TSLA this morning. Wedbush: Clearly Musk & Co need to play nice in the sandbox with Beijing and smooth out the PR issues in the region which have been a black eye for Tesla over the last month and clearly impacted China sales negatively in the month of April which the Street will react with a sell-off in shares this morning. We maintain our OUTPERFORM and $1000 price target.
  12. MuddyWaters tweeted negative on NNOX again, re-iterating scam. Shouldn't the FDA clearance have quieted some of that talk down?
  13. Guys one of my stonks is green today! I was starting to forget what this feels like (still down huge on the day).
  14. Most of us not fairing any better these last few weeks. -9% on the stonks in my play account over the last few weeks would probably be my top performer.
  15. Low hit rate doesn't mean zero hit rate. A 10% hit rate is fine with a late pick. A tougher sell with a late 1st/early 2nd round pick. We'd like to say a lack of competition and clearer path to touches should increase that dramatically (Carter to the Jets isn't the same as Walton to the Bengals), but it's still really bad. Here are the 4th rounders that were drafted recently with a relatively good path to playing time LaMical Perine Justice Hill Kenneth Dixon Devontae Booker Benny Snell Kalen Ballage Joe Williams Jamaal Williams Marlon Mack Samaje Perine Matt Jones So of that list Marlon Mack gave a good 1.5 years, and the rest were pretty trash for fantasy purposes. Mack along with Booker, Dixon, Joe Williams, Jamaal Williams, and Samaje Perine all had what were seen as very easy paths to playing time. None of that is to say Carter can't be one of the handful of later round guys that end up being good fantasy assets, but rather that the odds of it happening don't justify a pick as high as he's going in my opinion.
  16. The problem with this is people have been making this argument for 10 years now. So if we're comparing a 4th rounder now to 4th rounders within the last 10 years that is already baked in. Shoot I remember reading posts 5-6 years ago titled things like "there will never be a RB picked in the 1st round again". Yet here we ware. This is always a common talking point on message boards, but NFL teams continue to spend valuable draft capital on RBs, and give valuable contracts to RBs. They continue to talk about the importance of players that have a "RB" listed next to their name on the depth chart. The position has certainly been devalued from its heyday, but I think fantasy message boards are very out of touch with the actual NFL in terms of how much that is. Every year boards are flooded with "xxxx team isn't going to spend a 2nd round pick on a RB with so many other holes on their team because everyone knows RBs don't really matter", and then that team goes over the top of them and spends a FIRST round pick on a RB. Forget 4th corner or 3rd edge, there were teams this year that grabbed a 1b running back when they still needed a 1st corner or 1st edge.
  17. It's all relative. I'm sure there are plenty of people in the world that would look at the money you or I have and think that us clocking in to work on Monday is completely unnecessary. I doubt there are many 37 year old millionaires that would look at the option of earning $10 million/year for the next 3 years or earning $10 million/year for the next 43 years and would consider that difference negligible.
  18. I'm stupid about the economy so maybe I'm misunderstanding everything that follows this, but I don't really understand how inflation couldn't be in the cards at some point with the insane amount of money we are printing. If you just comb through the fed's balance sheets for an hour it will truly blow your mind. It's so crazy that the fed has printed something like almost $5 trillion in the last year just to use to buy bonds to add liquidity to the stock market and it's not even something that gets talked about in discussions like these. That's how insane this world we are in right now is, where the fed can print $5 trillion out of thin air, completely on the public record, and no one even notices. The only reason people even talk about spending in other sectors like stimulus or anything else is because it can be made political. People arguing where we're going to get $5 billion for a wall or $8 billion for student loan aid while the fed is just sitting in the corner printing literally a thousand times that amount for market liquidity that can't be politicized and it doesn't even come up in the discussion. Hot take: No one gives a crap about spending. There's a reason $5-$10 billion in spending that can be placed on one political side or the other is argued about for years while trillions upon trillions for something that can be placed on one political side or the other is completely ignored.
  19. That and mother's day. If I'm remembering right I think mother's day is usually the week after FFPC rookie drafts. There was definitely a huge difference in action today vs. yesterday. And I only know that because I haven't had a chance to check on it all day and when I came back very little had actually happened in any of my leagues.
  20. The universe where that QB is nearing the end of the physical age where he can play football and has an opportunity to land a job that can pay $10 million annually and you can physically do into your 80's.
  21. Only 5 leagues for me (not counting the three new startups this year that don't have a rookie draft). I traded up in almost every league as I really do not like the late 1st round or 2nd round this year. Surprisingly I was able to find a trade partner in every league. I was worried that view was common this year and it would be hard to find people willing to trade back, but not the case. Najee - 1 Pitts - 1 Chase - 2 Smith - 1 Williams - 1 Lawrence (SF) - 1
  22. I just traded up to grab him at 1.07 in one of my SF leagues. SF double hurts him by having the QBs up there in the draft and by hurting the value of WRs since there is only 1 flex that can't be a QB.
  23. Yes 1.05 was OTC when the trade was made. Chase, Harris, Pitts, ETN were off the board.
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