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  1. Thank you Shuke. I'm having a great time playing with this list in Excel looking at who is where and finding "new" songs.
  2. I did not expect this ordering of Pink Floyd songs so far. 219 - Echoes by Pink Floyd 255 - Dogs by Pink Floyd 515 - Us And Them by Pink Floyd 525 - Brain Damage/Eclipse by Pink Floyd 556 - The Great Gig In The Sky by Pink Floyd 660 - Fearless by Pink Floyd 1167 - Money by Pink Floyd 1171 - One Of These Days by Pink Floyd 1446 - Sheep by Pink Floyd 1648 - On The Turning Away by Pink Floyd 1854 - See Emily Play by Pink Floyd 1899 - Learning To Fly by Pink Floyd 1911 - Have A Cigar by Pink Floyd
  3. Green Acres (Episodes with Mr. Haney or Ebb or Arnold Ziffel are always money) Scrubs Cheers Police Squad!
  4. If klubot gets shelled again it just wasn't meant to be. Sometimes even the best pitchers lose, anyone that has ever played any sport can tell you that some nights you feel good, but you can just have a bad night. Kluber has way more good nights than bad nights, so I'd be betting on us seeing great Kluber tonight.
  5. The same conversation all of you are having regarding taking a QB with your 1st pick, is the same conversation going on at another site in a Browns thread. Some are arguing you can't usually get a great QB unless you draft one high (yeah lol Brady there are always exceptions), and the counter argument is this years crop isn't all that great, don't over draft and get someone to help fill the other gajillion holes.
  6. 4-32 i bet he goes in the early teens 5-32, Browns are not taking Johhny Football. Going somewhere in the mid teens sounds right to me too. Browns fans sure are sure where their team is going. Wish I was as confident in my team. ----Not sarcasm by the way. I hope we are right that we are not taking a QB at 4, I was sure we weren't going to take Weeden in the 1st round at 22 and that didn't work out so well.
  7. 4-32 i bet he goes in the early teens 5-32, Browns are not taking Johhny Football. Going somewhere in the mid teens sounds right to me too.
  8. How does a facsimile ever outshine the original? Just looking for a reference point, but in your case, the reference point keeps moving. Well JF is supposed to be Russel Wilson like.. They have a lot in common. Shaw is a better passer. No one cares because TMZ wasn't at his last party with cameras. Common opponents in 2013 (Missouri, Miss State, Arkansas, Vandy) comparison: 73.3% Comp. Pct., 12 TD/4 INT, 11.8 yards per completion, 34.5 ry/pg, 0TD = Manziel 66.0% Comp. Pct., 13 TD/0 INT, 12.2 yards per completion, 24.8 ry/pg, 1 TD = Shaw And he is taller, bigger with no character flaws. Som
  9. Who here is going Wednesday? I'm trying to convince my wife that it isn't crazy for me to go. It's only about 550 miles 1 way honey, or the alternative converstion Tuesday night, I have to run out to get something, see you Thursday.
  10. I am really excited that the Indians just clinched a wild card spot. Would have said no chance of them getting there at the start of the season. Go Tribe!
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