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  1. Good trade up and pick. I thought Fields was the 2nd best QB in this draft too.
  2. Thank you Shuke. I'm having a great time playing with this list in Excel looking at who is where and finding "new" songs.
  3. I did not expect this ordering of Pink Floyd songs so far. 219 - Echoes by Pink Floyd 255 - Dogs by Pink Floyd 515 - Us And Them by Pink Floyd 525 - Brain Damage/Eclipse by Pink Floyd 556 - The Great Gig In The Sky by Pink Floyd 660 - Fearless by Pink Floyd 1167 - Money by Pink Floyd 1171 - One Of These Days by Pink Floyd 1446 - Sheep by Pink Floyd 1648 - On The Turning Away by Pink Floyd 1854 - See Emily Play by Pink Floyd 1899 - Learning To Fly by Pink Floyd 1911 - Have A Cigar by Pink Floyd
  4. Green Acres (Episodes with Mr. Haney or Ebb or Arnold Ziffel are always money) Scrubs Cheers Police Squad!
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