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  1. Who knew we had so many McCain stans in here. I'm sure you were all praising his "service" in '08. Note that I do not advocate that anyone bring or attempt to bring any intentional harm toward anyone. Natural causes only. Hopefully soon.
  2. His "service" (military and political) has resulted in a lot of unnecessary deaths, both American and non. F him. Also, generally speaking, can we stop this "politician = servant" bullsh*t narrative already?
  3. Oh we must always adore each and every veteran no matter what or else we are disrespecting all veterans? Derp elsewhere. Also I don't really give a crap what Kaep or any other player does or does not do.
  4. I mean.. everything? Guy's been a disaster his whole life.
  5. He's a well-spoken, sometimes correct, tiny little (((warmonger))).
  6. maybe he didn't want to sanction them since they did nothing wrong.
  7. Maybe don't believe everything you read on the internet no matter how much you want it to be true.
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