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  1. So guys who didn’t play 10 games out of 60 are DH only?
  2. Interested but if it’s an only league like DR said I need NL.
  3. I’m sure you’re right, but I think the standard should be the opposite. If it’s not clearly off target, the shooter should get it.
  4. While we’re complaining, have they changed how own goals are being awarded? I don’t have any stats, but seems like they are going crazy with own goals this year relative to total goals. Stuff like the Dele Ali goal I would rather just see it be a goal. It was clearly a shot that touches a defender. I’m not convinced it wasn’t going in and I’m not even convinced he didn’t already have the goalie beaten. In any case, I don’t really like them picking through trying to guess if a shot might have tailed off the post or not. If a guy takes a real shot with a chance for goal, let’s give it.
  5. Pretty dumb imo. He sucks anyway, but for example Matt Thaiss played 3b most of the year in 2019 (43 of his 53 games) and then played 3b only 1 of his whole 8 games of covid ball at 3b in 2020 so he loses it.
  6. Do we know what’s going on with position eligibility? I had 2 guys lose 3b by not playing enough games there in the COVID season. All other sites are giving 2019 eligibility back, but maybe CBS isn’t? eta: I swear boss already answered this in here but search is unbearable.
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