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  1. Antone said today that he came out with 1 out left in his 4th inning because he was gassed, but man this guy is electric. If he gets moved to the starting rotation the ceiling is high. He could be the next Corbin Burnes. Slightly more useful now, but less exciting.... if Dane dunning is still available he can probably be trusted to be a solid Fbb pitcher.
  2. Anyone know how hard it ends up being to get a Hollywood Studios pass once they are “full” for a day in the future? Didn’t realize the vaccines would come so quickly, so trying to throw things together for early June. If I book disney, what are the odds I end up at Hollywood Studios at all if they say they have no passes left?
  3. Are you guys on HUDL in 7th grade? If so, I would use any iPad you already have mounted on a tripod of any kind. The film will quality will be fine and you will probably find it easier to import/upload into HUDL or whatever you use. If you are only wanting it to save as personal use, you might not care about that. If the 7th grade team is a school team, you could contact the varsity coach about using their HUDL account or whatever they use. Almost every varsity team is using something to store and watch film. Just make a 7th grade folder. The advantage would be once you record and
  4. The guy they expected to be their leading scorer was a senior Chris Smith and he got hurt early in the season. In theory, he could come back next year if Juzang goes pro and take back the scoring role, but I have no idea if he plans to.
  5. Not to overstate it, but today will be interesting. Will we hit the entire series? Have they worked any magic with our scrap heap pickups?
  6. That Turner trade was offered weeks ago. I accepted it, but if for some reason you changed your mind just let me know.
  7. I didn’t watch enough to know if theyve done it all year, but today I bet they think Abmas is the only guy on OR that can play and they’re trying to get the ball out of his hands ASAP.
  8. I had good luck with the Kroger automated system.... https://www.kroger.com/rx/covid-eligibility
  9. If you’re talking about me specifically, it has nothing to do with the government. Its because her lungs are shot from cystic fibrosis so shes simultaneously scared of a virus that attacks the lungs and scared of any side effects or impact of a new vaccine would have on her. There are a lot of people with less common diseases that are being told (even by specialists) nobody knows how it will impact you other than a couple people in the trial. In any case, I posted because she’s getting it today. We cannot risk her with covid just because of fear or uncertainty. Me, just a regular guy, ne
  10. Wife was reluctant, but is now getting Pfizer 1 tomorrow. I will be soon after as my group opens Monday. Pretty excited as we have been hardcore quarantining and my kids deserve their life back.
  11. I agree with you about the family TV, but the younger generation is less interested in the family TV in general too. They’re used to all watching their own movies on their own iPads anyway rather that watching the TV. TV gaming is what I do, but I’m old and it’s probably for the olds. All the neighborhood kids use messenger kids to live chat with each other while they play Roblox with each other in their own living rooms.
  12. There is some irony in Roblox and GameStop being discussed concurrently in here right now. Roblox is certainly a threat the entire model of consoles and games. I can only speak to what goes on around me, and I won’t be surprised if the 6-10 year old demographic never gives up the iPad gaming for a controller and a TV. I have no idea what that means for GameStop, but I think it’s more likely that if Roblox fails it’s because others copy their model than because kids switch back to Xbox/PS/etc. The idea of having your user base constantly releasing new games on your platform is probably nothing
  13. Good format for him, but still not enough. Just to give you the other side this season the pool of difference making SPs seem amazingly shallow. If more arrive, it’s people you won’t guess right imo. I’m finding myself getting an ace around rd2 and then punting because I see such little difference between the SP35 and the never ending pile of ok streamer “depends on the matchup” types.
  14. Had no idea Xbox1 games could even still be bought another way besides the Xbox store. I just download them on the console.
  15. Really hope Juzang is ok to play Saturday. They are dangerous if he is healthy.
  16. Shockers PG should have been able to go coast to coast in 5.3 and instead jogged up and fired a half courter with 2 seconds left. Brutal.
  17. My 2 cents I think as much as he wants to start, he really is much better in short spurts. It’s tempting to keep him a bench player because even when he starts he plays great for 20 minutes then nothing.
  18. I think that’s the right comparison. It’s also more a platform than a game so while people want to compare it to fortnite or Minecraft, it’s more closely a mix between Facebook and Xbox.
  19. Probably the right decision tbh
  20. Agree. 3 kids here and none of them or their friends talk about anything else. It doubles as their social life. As an aside, I looked into creating games because I could see how huge it was going to be, but they also have a bottomless pit of young people developing new games for pennies. Bad if you are a software guy looking to capitalize on it, but good for their bottom line I’m sure.
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