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  1. Here the rule is, if you choose to wear a mask and a close contact tests positive it doesn’t matter. If you choose not to and someone around you tests positive, you’re out of school for contact tracing. So, given that your priority is not letting kids miss a day of school, would you mask them?
  2. When I first got auto stop start, I googled how to permanently disable it and found a lot of YouTube videos. Then covid hit, I barely drove, and somewhere along the lines got used to it. I never even tried it myself, but it’s possible.
  3. Depending on how willing you are to wait, I would buy last minute if you decide to go. It seems obvious that the demand is going to slow down now.
  4. Live games are incredible right now. The poker room here is packed and when I was in Vegas last week they were slammed. The poker dealers said it was the busiest they’d been in a decade. Poker as a whole is still smaller though because online is basically dead. You can find a little action like ACR, but nowhere near what it was. RIP to the days of 50/30/20 sngs that were basically an ATM.
  5. It’s the first goal of this clip. https://twitter.com/foxsoccer/status/1416574115754823680?s=21
  6. Did you see the first goal? Slammed into the goalie and it looked like handball as well. These games are hard to take seriously, but I keep watching them.
  7. I think Wolves is more likely to get worse soon than better, otherwise they’d be in the mix. The way I see it the “options” for a new underdog team to support would be Leeds, Aston Villa, Leicester, Wolves in that order.
  8. Circa is the best sportsbook by a mile.
  9. I don’t know Cosmo that well, but I’m pretty sure they’re not an MGM property.
  10. Probably Aria or Bellagio, but MGM and Mirage are fine and cheaper if you care about price. ETA: Bardot restaurant in Aria is amazing. French toast is incredible if you go during brunch. I think you will be disappointed in Aria sportsbook. Any of the other 3 are better.
  11. Awful match for a neutral. Own goal ties it, Denmark quits playing any offense for an hour, England dives for a PK. It gets stopped but still an easy goal because of rules nobody likes. 15 minutes of keep away.
  12. This the best compromise imo. Nothing good will come from telling the boss himself he is awful, but the management should be aware of it costing them a good employee. Two reasons, they may change the reporting structure as part of their “please stay” offer. Also, it won’t get him fired tomorrow but it will be a strike against him in the minds of people who matter.
  13. We went last night for the fireworks party. It’s huge and awesome, but it’s pretty far out of the way. It’s even past Encore. We stopped and played at the Venetian and Wynn to breakup the walk. Dawg House had cool live music in a bar/sportsbook setting. Uncle Kracker was one of them.
  14. Thanks for the responses. I don’t have a good handle on the fees, but the funds to choose from look fine to use the 401k. They have about 20 funds similar to what I’m used to from mine and the exact target date options you described.
  15. My wife’s previous company got bought out and her 403b got moved into a fixed asset IRA as the default. Our options seem to be.... 1. Take a check. No. 2. Move it into the 401k of her new job 3. Open some other kind of IRA account and dump it in there so we can actually invest it. 4. Leave it as is. Probably dumb If it matters, 35 yo and it’s about 100k in the account in question. Any thoughts?
  16. The best part about these meme stocks is that the whatever you’re waiting for them to do, they’ll do that. Still time for it to go up and down 100% a few more times. If you want it to hit 70, it probably will. If you want it to hit 10, it probably will. Maybe in the same week.
  17. Pitts is an exciting player and these rookie QBs are good, but I just don’t see how Chase or Harris misses. Clear top 2 for me with the possible exception of 2qb.
  18. Developers pay youtubers that get 5m views per video to play their game online. That is basically a yes. Those people are celebs to my kids and everyone they know. For example, KarinaOMG
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