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  1. Browns really couldn't have played worse but it is to be expected with half of your practice squad starting.
  2. Even if that happens, I think all of us Browns' fans will be happy with a 10 win season and what looks to be a very good coaching and gm regime moving forward.
  3. They have a lot of players out and I believe one of their starting LBs with Covid.
  4. Not in love with it. Deciding between 2 of M. Davis, Gibson, Johnson actually. No PPR
  5. Sure wish I saw this when it was posted. Been here a long time but unfortunately life came along and I don't get to frequent the boards much these days. Congrats to all those that cashed!! First time I have ever cashed in this contest but I enjoy it every year and picking your team is so much fun and actually helps me a ton with prep for the year. Thanks Joe and Co.!!
  6. Believe I am in 17th. Gibson and Edwards-Helaire did me no favors this week. Need a miracle but at least it is a puncher's chance.
  7. 5 Stars, would try again.

  8. Every time I think you say the dumbest thing ever, you keep on talkin'

  9. :shrug:When has NCAA football officiating been good in the last ten or 15 years? You get some like that, you get some called against you like that. The LSU/UGa game was just brutal officiating, it doesn't look like it will ever get better.No doubt and as an Oklahoma fan, I'm sure you know all about being on the other side of those. It still blows.ETA: Michigan still sucks.
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