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  1. I had my first interview in over a year on Monday I'm a perfect fit for the position and I thought the interview went well 5 days later still no call
  2. It sur as heck isn't decreasing in FL. I have been trying to claim my weeks online for the last hour to no avail. It has been impossible to call in for the last month. It just says "we are busy try back later" then hangs up on you. Just because things have sucked for 2 years doesn't mean anything has gotten better. imo it's much worse.
  3. Are you new to this show? This is what happens every other season. It's kind of getting redundant if you ask me. "Oh no Vince is doomed... What do you know he's back on top..."
  4. worse than expectations. Maybe they should start lowering expectations.
  5. -I highly recommend downloading Hydro Thunder Hurricane in the XBL Arcade if your a racing fan. -A buddy of mine talked me into getting one of these so I can use my xbox controller on my PC. He also gave me a bunch of games with it including BLUR. It's like Mario Kart but with real cars instead of karts. Pretty fun game as well. He also gave me Crysis which I am looking forward to trying out. -Can't wait for Halo Reach but still getting my FPS kicks on COD.
  6. Someone earlier speculated $150. There was an accidental leak from GameStop or someone.
  7. I may finally have a reason to mod my 360 if they could make a "kinectimals" mod that had a naked chick instead of a fuzzy animal for me to "tickle."
  8. I would have liked to see them touch more on Windows 7 mobile integration. So far we haven't really seen anything new or ground breaking. Pretty much exactly what we thought Natal was going to be / shown last year. Maybe we will see something here in a few...
  9. The lighting in the new unreal engine looks impressive. New "beast mode" game type...
  10. http://gizmodo.com/5563017/watch-the-micro...-360-event-live Black Ops Looks cool. Gears up next
  11. I just got back in town and didn't get to see the fight. Does anyone know of a link where I can watch the replay?
  12. I'm not big into shrimp because it's boring fishing just letting it sit there. I'd rather use jigs / bait fish. You can catch green backs / white bait with a cast net or sabiki rig, or find a place that sells them. Bait is everywhere during the warm months.Don't let this discourage you from fishing with shrimp though. I'm just a little A.D.D when it comes to fishing so I don't like to sit and wait.Oh, and dead bait works just as good as live bait many times. Odds are by the time the bait dies if your not catching anything, then they probably just aren't biting.
  13. Where do you fish? I brought home some macks Sunday...theyre great fried fresh...a recipe Ive discovered for ANY gulf fish lately is flour > egg wash > instant potato flakes w/parmesan cheese and everglades seasoning > then deep friedFriggin outstanding! Right here. It was a little windy that day so we weren't getting too close to the shore. Usually we go for trout / snook. All around Weedon is usually pretty good.I'm busting out the fly rod in a few weeks. Going up to Maggie Valley to gf's parents place. I have only caught small bass and brim off of a fly so this will be a new experience.
  14. I don't think Kimbo is anything spectacular but the guy was fighting a guy 50lbs heavier than him. 9/10 times the bigger guy is going to win. Dana should have never set this fight up. Why not have Kimbo fight a guy 50lbs lighter?
  15. Census workers may skew the rate for a few months.
  16. http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/7...onut_water.html
  17. I'm not going to say every 225 guy could beat a 125 lbs boxer but there is a reason for weight classes. In a bar fight a 125lbs guy wouldn't stand a chance against a below avg 225lbs MMA guy. If you have any grappling skills at all you should be able to take a 125lbs guy.
  18. I caught a couple Spanish Mackerel today.
  19. No snook season this year due to so many dying during the freeze.
  20. Bathing suits are tough this year. A bunch of crazy looking 80's stuff.
  21. This is for getting cut and you need to be gaining. You should be eating a ton of protein and doing low # of reps of heavy weight.
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