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  1. RIP Norm - this one hits pretty hard, he was one of a kind and will be sorely missed.
  2. cancel culture is reprehensible, so I'm not upset at all that nothing happened here. I'd rather see anything that potentially weakens its power versus more reinforcement of hysterical mob justice over thoughtcrime being an acceptable way of treating fellow human beings. but I agree with your point that this is yet another demonstration of the modern American media's almost complete abandonment of journalistic integrity for overt and pervasive political bias.
  3. ha, well thanks brother but I don't really think it was that much of a change. I always figured I'd get it eventually, just didn't want to do it before seeing how it worked out with people first. Then we came through the first surge and it didn't seem quite so urgent, but now that it's Groundhog Day again it felt like the time was right.
  4. wife and I, both in our early 40s, just got our first shots this week. We're not anti-vax but wanted to wait a while to see if the vaccine did create any side effects for people. Plus I have a bunch of older family and friends who got COVID during the first wave and came through fine with no issues, so to be honest I wasn't that scared of getting it. however now with the variant all over the place - which again, to be honest, I'm not that scared of getting - I feel like the responsible thing to do is to go ahead and get vaccinated and remove more potential unvaccinated hosts from the population, and maybe that eventually helps get us away from this stupid mask-wearing and fearmongering cycle we're all currently mired in again. I'm kind of worried that it's a futile gesture, though, since other countries like India are still mostly unvaccinated, but whatever - it feels like the right thing to do.
  5. I had never heard of ShotSpotter until a couple weeks back when I clicked on a random YouTube news story about shootings in Chicago and saw one of the devices explained. It's already bad enough that the city has to install these things all over the place due to the number of people getting shot up there. If the cops are routinely asking the SS company staff to edit the data the devices record like the article describes, and then that edited data is being used to justify arrests or prosecute people, that's a complete travesty of justice. I think most police are good folks trying to do a thankless, dangerous job the right way, but stuff like this completely destroys their credibility, and a law enforcement system without credibility doesn't work. The police ought to be the people you can trust to do the right thing and that's obviously not the case in a lot of places around the country, unfortunately.
  6. yup, Berhalter knows what he's going to get with Arriola: effort, good defense and few mistakes. Coaches generally love guys like that a lot more than us fans. Acosta's another of that type guy, although he makes a lot more bad turnovers than I'm comfortable with, really. He had an awesome effort on defense last night and was huge on that end for us - if he had just spent the night playing D and making safe little back passes I would've been overjoyed. But then he had probably 5-6 turnovers in bad areas that led straight to Jamaica counters. They just couldn't make us pay for them but that's not gonna be the case against Mexico or at the WC. at this point I don't really see another great backup for Adams though. I still think Flach could turn out to be really good for us there, but since he hasn't gotten called up yet I'm guessing that ship has sailed for this cycle.
  7. Arriola didn't look quite like his usual hard-charging self - he made a couple nice plays but I agree with AAA he didn't provide much impact overall. Part of it was that no one could hit a decent long ball when he did get open, part of it might be him still working thru whatever his injury was from Haiti. Roldan has played surprisingly well and looked a lot more active last night, so I wouldn't mind giving him the start Thursday night. Could also go with Gioacchini but he hasn't seen much time so far.
  8. nice win, on to Qatar. Robinson was man of the match for me, he was great all night. Turner was great also. Sands, Hoppe, and Moore were good, Vines was solid. Acosta was great defensively and awful offensively. Lletget meh, Arriola bad, Busio talented but not quite ready for this level yet, and Dike's really not ready. good night all, gonna be a rough morning at work for me.
  9. Flach would have been an outstanding addition to this roster, I think that kid will end up being pretty solid. Oh well... don't want to see Acosta on the first team, the guy is just not good enough.
  10. man Canada is an annoying team - bunch of whiners diving all over the place. That Laryea dude has a super punchable face. I can't understand why Berhalter waited so late to make changes - our midfield was nonexistent after the first 15 minutes or so. Sands was good, Robinson and Vines looked pretty good, Turner was really solid, and Hoppe made a couple of nice drives forward with the ball in his 20 minutes (basically the only guy in a red and blue shirt that tried that all game). I sure hope Zimmerman can go for the knockout games, Pines looks like a disaster waiting to happen.
  11. I feel like there's a solid argument to be made that DD might fit better in the first 11 than Sargent - with Pulisic and Reyna we've got plenty of creativity and technical skill up top, so why not add a big athletic guy who can muscle defenders around and focus on putting the ball in the net. still a long way to go though and Josh is a super talented guy in his own right, will be interesting to see how it all shakes out.
  12. agreed on Long - does anyone know how his recovery's going? With the WC not starting until next November, is there a chance he could be back to 100% by then? how would you rank Sands, CCV, Palmer-Brown and Henry Kessler? agreed.
  13. 100% agree on Acosta, imo he's a guy that doesn't belong on the first team. I'm hoping we have enough time between now and next November to find a better backup DM. The guy I'm most intrigued with that ought to have gotten a look at the Gold Cup is Flach - kid has serious wheels and tenacity, I haven't ever seen him doing much offensively but he's been a real defensive force every time I've watched him play. Then there's also Otasowie and Cardoso, maybe Canouse, Durkin or Cappis, and probably a bunch of players I'm forgetting. Acosta does give us some flexibility with being able to play different positions, I just think he's subpar at all of them.
  14. I thought Sands looked great last night and really want to see more of him against better teams. If he keeps impressing, I'd rather have him over McKenzie since he can play multiple positions.
  15. nice performance from Dike, Sands and Hoppe, those three really stood out positively. Busio's got a lot of talent but looks really shaky and weak at times, and I thought Williamson's attack was solid but defense was pretty bad. Think they're both still much better options than Yueill though. Robinson and Bello weren't very good imo. for Canada I hope Old Gregg goes with: Hoppe Dike Gioacchini Busio Williamson/Acosta Lletget Vines Sands Zimmerman Moore
  16. I agree with you that using Ms. Berry's actions to negatively stereotype an entire group of people is wrong. But I think it's important to remember that there's plenty of this type of dehumanizing language coming from both sides of the aisle today: the left regularly labels the right racists, deplorables, anti-science, greedy and soulless, etc, and the right labels the left anti-American, communists, weak, bleeding hearts, etc. (I'm not saying that you were trying to claim otherwise, just responding to your comment.) none of this stuff will end up creating a positive effect on American politics, yet it continues to increase at a pace with which I'm extremely uncomfortable through the polarization of our news media and the emotion-over-logic hive mind of social media. for me the only way to stop it is to call it out when we see it regardless of which direction it's coming from. Treating politics like like team sports or religion where our side is always and inherently righteous and above criticism, and the other side is always and inherently evil and abhorrent is a recipe for disaster - like you said above, that way lies madness, dehumanization and eventual destruction.
  17. 100% agreed. When you convince yourself of your moral superiority to the point that you can no longer even consider the fact that you may not be infallibly correct in your positions, you've crossed the line to religion. And I grew up in an Evangelical Christian household with a fire and brimstone preacher for a father, so I feel like I know the signs pretty well. 😄 it's amazing how the currents on this stuff have changed so dramatically in my lifetime - in my youth, conservative Christians were the intolerant ones who were always trying to ban things and shut down freedom of speech. These days, so-called liberals are the ones taking up the mantle of blind adherence to ideology with an approach that has nothing to do with actual liberal principles and everything to do with becoming the angry church ladies of today.
  18. I'm in the same boat as you politically, I think. Just tired of the authoritarian extremes from both sides that are currently dominating the conversations.
  19. agreed - this is a woman with apparent serious mental health issues whose private struggles are being made public in large part at the urging of a bunch of misguided fans on social media. her testimony about the conservatorship sounds nuts, but I bet there's probably a lot more to the story from the dad's side that would better explain some of her claims.
  20. Paul Craig has gotten a hell of a lot more mileage out of his UFC career than I ever thought possible seeing his first fight.
  21. agreed, he was shaky on the ball all night with multiple bad giveaways. the CBS ratings have him at a 5 and Ream at a 3, I'd have them both at a 3.
  22. Best of luck Bob, I will be sending good vibes your way as much as possible
  23. that is an outstanding read and echoes many of my own thought processes about woke thought and intersectionality. This stuff is the most depressing religion I've ever heard of - you get all the strident authoritarianism, unquestionable dogma, impassioned declarations of heresy, and condemnation of unbelievers, but you don't get any forgiveness of sins or seventy two virgins.
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