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  1. that is an outstanding read and echoes many of my own thought processes about woke thought and intersectionality. This stuff is the most depressing religion I've ever heard of - you get all the strident authoritarianism, unquestionable dogma, impassioned declarations of heresy, and condemnation of unbelievers, but you don't get any forgiveness of sins or seventy two virgins.
  2. that's a fair and considerate response. For me, whether I'd acquiesce to the request would depend on my respect for the person and/or their reason for asking, but it still seems like a weird and controlling thing to ask. In my experience the type of people that ask things like that generally end up being more trouble than they're worth.
  3. this is correct - at heart, it's the same type of church lady mentality that used to find its true calling crusading against the dangers of heavy metal and Dungeons and Dragons. They're the people who know what's best for you whether you like it or not. having grown up the son of a Deep South Evangelical preacher, it's incredibly weird and somewhat scary to see the religious parallels with this stuff.
  4. I couldn't agree more. Social media, on balance, has had and is having a major negative impact on the way people interact and communicate. People on all sides of the political spectrum are increasingly unable and unwilling to acknowledge nuance or context with any issue anymore, and a huge part of that is 24/7 access to a worldwide navel-gazing hive mind that constantly reinforces our own personal beliefs. and these people who broke into the Capitol yesterday should be arrested and locked up for a long time. I condemned the violence and looting that happened at many of the BLM protests th
  5. I'm just checking in from the peanut gallery here, brother, but I'm guessing he probably strongly disagrees with the reasoning of the putative neo-Torquemadas spearheading these types of relentless idealistic purification crusades, and he probably believes it's a bad idea for that school of thought to grow more pervasive throughout American society than it already is right now. but that seems to be pretty self-explanatory to me, so your question comes across like a non-sequitur - it sounds like you're looking to dismiss discussion of the issue based on geography versus substantive value.
  6. I saw one article called him the Puerto Rican Mike Tyson - I'm pretty interested to see this kid go up against a decent test tonight.
  7. Damn, hate to see the Zombie go out like that. Might be the end of his window here, he looked a step slow all night and took a lot of punishment to add to the many miles already on his odometer. Really nice performance by Ortega, aggressive and technical. Crute also looked pretty good throwing those bombs, will be interesting to see how he develops - I'd like to see him matched up against another human tank at 205 in William Knight and see who comes out on top of that one. Also, KZ's translator not wasting words tonight: - KZ goes back to corner after fourth round, trainer sits
  8. these people are absolutely nuts, just like all the other millions of conspiracy theorists out there on the internet pushing their stupid beliefs. It's amazing to me how often some otherwise normal-seeming person these days will just casually drop into conversation how Tom Hanks is a child rapist, Bill Gates is trying to control us all through vaccines, the Trump administration is actively working to suppress black voters, or Sandy Hook was an inside job. It's crazy how many people seriously buy into stuff like this.
  9. great point Tim - not only do all sides engage in it, the ultra-emotional and always-outraged hive mind echo chamber of social media has and continues to exacerbate that behavior to new lows all the time, and the media complicates that further by continually using quotes from Twitter and Facebook like they're legitimate sources of information. Our president and his Twitter rants, snarky nicknames and absolute disinterest in healing divides or conciliatory, statesman-like language is basically a highly visible embodiment of how the majority of online political discourse happens these days on bo
  10. imo a lot of people need to go sit in a darkened room somewhere with soft music playing and breathe into a paper bag until this election is over.
  11. if this is true then it's an absolutely despicable thing for the White House to do. Trump's sensitivity to criticism and resultant pettiness is ridiculously unbecoming for the office he holds.
  12. interesting - I would categorize myself as a moderate liberal and have never thought of myself as a conservative. Its true that I've become more conservative on some things as I've gotten older, and I absolutely hate the woke authoritarianism that's infiltrated the Democratic party over the last ten years or so. But on the majority of issues like abortion, religion in school/politics, drug policy, etc I believe I'm still pretty solidly on the liberal side. I respect that you've made an honest effort to answer Joe's question - and like rockaction (I think) said, I'm definitely a man withou
  13. no worries - we agree on most everything. I thought the video was released Sunday evening with the protests going pretty far into Monday morning, but if I have the timeline messed up then mea culpa. and I agree that something like a single dumpster fire is probably relatively minor (unless it was right next to a building or something) and wouldn't warrant shutting everything down. I think once people start breaking windows, looting, or burning cars and buildings that has to have a serious response, though, or not only do the jerks doing that stuff get emboldened to do more destructive act
  14. appreciate the info, g - the second article is informative, and it's tragic that Munoz lost his life. But I still think the immediate angry protests and sometimes violent reaction to this incident - most of which happened after the video was released showing Munoz charging the officer with a knife - demonstrated a serious lack of critical thinking by the people involved and did nothing positive for anyone at all. When people were protesting over the cops killing George Floyd, I was 100% behind it, but when people are taking to the streets in anger and causing riots anytime someone gets shot by
  15. good question, and I don't really know which other countries have similar histories to us in terms of a huge developed country trying to assimilate a large former slave population over a couple of centuries. The only other one I'm aware of that's probably kind of similar is Brazil, but their population is way more economically stratified than ours.
  16. IK, you're a genius and the solution of adding more politics in sporting events is a no brainer - when I watch a basketball game or kick back on Sunday with pro football on the tube, the one thing that's always on my mind there is "this would be so much more enjoyable and edifying if there were more angry people shouting invective and talking points at me the whole time". Plus as we've all seen firsthand, the NBA painting Black Lives Matter all over their courts has made enormous real positive change happen throughout the country rather than being in any way just a desperate ploy to coax their
  17. good stuff man, and I appreciate the reasonable back and forth too - I agree we probably are on the same page for the vast majority of it, and I think 90% of the people in this country would be able to find similar common ground with each other if we'd just stop yelling at and dehumanizing anyone with a different opinion. the only thing I'd add to what you said that I think is important is that yes, I agree the right has done crazy stuff too and has been oppressive in some similar ways in the past, and some of this is definitely cyclical. And like I said, if they had the ability to cancel
  18. yeah, that's a noble idea, and I don't blame anybody that wants to do that.
  19. I don't know if he prefers it that way, dude, or that if he does it's out of malice - a lot of people simply believe that they aren't to blame for the wrongdoing of their ancestors, and I don't necessarily think they're completely wrong. I have some of that same feeling myself - I certainly have never felt specific responsibility over this particular aspect of American history that I and my family tree personally had nothing at all to do with. I think that's a pretty natural human reaction for most of us to being blamed for the sins of past generations. but at the same time I've started t
  20. but that's what I'm talking about too man - if we finally do something specifically targeted to address and repair the damage of slavery, then we can start eliminating some of this other crap that's all just a piecemeal, half-### means of trying to address it anyway without actually really addressing it head on. I agree that the Ivy League schools and their race quotas creating discrimination against Asians are the type of thing that's gone too far in the wrong direction with this stuff. Why not cut out all that unfocused flailing at the problem, do something real, planned and specific to addr
  21. yeah, that article is actually the one I remember reading where I first heard about Cafferty. The article doesn't specifically mention which people were calling for his head, other than a reference to the photo being on Twitter, but that's because it's gonna involve the same type of stuff that typically happens in any of these incidents. Someone gets photographed or filmed doing or saying something inappropriate - whether the offense is real, imagined, a misunderstanding, or taken completely out of context - it gets posted on the internet, a crowd of people online gets angry, identifies the pe
  22. I hear you guys and I agree to a point there's always gonna be people trying to use race as a lever for political gain. And you might be right that nothing would ever be enough to heal the divisions that've been created throughout American history. but I think that if we never make a specific effort to address the slavery issue, then for sure it will always be a festering wound in our history. If we do actually make that effort, though - involving black leadership in planning, publicizing it to high heaven as a sincere attempt to repair our past, etc - then at the very least no one can co
  23. agreed 100% about the underlying reason being an inability to accept different POVs, and it results in people losing their jobs and careers and having their lives thrown into disarray due to these differences of opinion. I don't really want to spend more time laying out specific cases to discuss, though, I'm just long-winded and passionate on this particular subject and have typed way too much already But I think the David Shor, Amelie Wen Zhao, Kyle Quinn and Emmanuel Cafferty cases are pretty good examples of what I mean if you'd like to bone up on it a little more and read about them
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