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  1. I disconnected last night and called winback this morning. Got the deal no problem: Free Sunday Ticket Max $100 Visa gift card 3 mos free HBO, Starz, Cinemax, Showtime and Epix $46 off the XTRA package for 12 months
  2. Lol cause they're the Eagles! They always *think* they are the smartest guys in the room.
  3. Local Philly sports talk hinting that this whole thing was a fishy ploy just to hold Hurts out for the game. It's all a sham...
  4. I've done this dance for years. But today Directv sent me an email saying I will get Sunday Ticket Max for free! But am I better off doing the dance anyway to make sure I get my discounts, gift card and the free Max package anyway? Here's a link to the message: https://message.att-mail.com/pub/sf/FormLink?_ri_=X0Gzc2X%3DAQpglLjHJlDQGi4hhiegtl7n9NyHiDbOzgeJ05wwzebyB3vC4tTfvbN5fAyhO9UM3VXMtX%3DAQpglLjHJlDQGzbMH7bNWdPXzaubURAmX4cHi5U5zgJwACwmHkq0k1jdzdYUszedINzch&_ei_=Eh21eh_S7kPGPmRSlQaiVLyy04mELd58RdOSNP9ZnECdV0OJkLbQp_ifGbb_0Vgln9c1yYk1FjYrE8vQ1fHqIKOs056EYrZcs_oQPyyRex13w0Nj8qVyyrOBA4jWu21_Em13Rgbs-fVJTJCRoyjaiiKhBL6TSUqL3LhL-fY7BIBaw-QkQW5JRVm_Sqsg_7vT-CB7Q4j2Kt37Du3oNb6s5nmrG_GMVBCIPoeiNlZ-EBSMDsLN9utFqSnNm83PwoE0iwYW55pElntdthvAwfkXF7cHlZ_hrytdsxsayPivZ_YOaYQOH3RnhN72V9AbXJ1sKX30zelhP0Xc.&_di_=kihiougp38u80u44u6hkuefbuao59nsi333gfd9hf2qbnongrldg
  5. That is exactly what happened to me. Wanted a piece of a running qb in a potential shootout at home and not on a thursday. Not feeling good today, but was at least able to pick up Brees. Could cost me everything...
  6. I'm starting to wonder if this season is going to be doable!
  7. Leaning towards Gage with Julio out, but I can totally see Wilson scoring multiple short TDs against the Giants today! What say you?
  8. Mike Davis or Joshua Kelley in waiver priority?
  9. $70 off per month? What package? That seems like a lot to save per month...
  10. Why wait for a callback? Just call them and tell them what you want, this way it happens at your convenience.
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