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  1. I disconnected last night and called winback this morning. Got the deal no problem: Free Sunday Ticket Max $100 Visa gift card 3 mos free HBO, Starz, Cinemax, Showtime and Epix $46 off the XTRA package for 12 months
  2. Lol cause they're the Eagles! They always *think* they are the smartest guys in the room.
  3. Local Philly sports talk hinting that this whole thing was a fishy ploy just to hold Hurts out for the game. It's all a sham...
  4. I've done this dance for years. But today Directv sent me an email saying I will get Sunday Ticket Max for free! But am I better off doing the dance anyway to make sure I get my discounts, gift card and the free Max package anyway? Here's a link to the message: https://message.att-mail.com/pub/sf/FormLink?_ri_=X0Gzc2X%3DAQpglLjHJlDQGi4hhiegtl7n9NyHiDbOzgeJ05wwzebyB3vC4tTfvbN5fAyhO9UM3VXMtX%3DAQpglLjHJlDQGzbMH7bNWdPXzaubURAmX4cHi5U5zgJwACwmHkq0k1jdzdYUszedINzch&_ei_=Eh21eh_S7kPGPmRSlQaiVLyy04mELd58RdOSNP9ZnECdV0OJkLbQp_ifGbb_0Vgln9c1yYk1FjYrE8vQ1fHqIKOs056EYrZcs_oQPyyRex13w0Nj8qVyyrOBA4jWu21_Em13Rgbs-fVJTJCRoyjaiiKhBL6TSUqL3LhL-fY7BIBaw-QkQW5JRVm_Sqsg_7vT-CB7Q4j2Kt37Du3oNb6s5nmrG_GMVBCIPoeiNlZ-EBSMDsLN9utFqSnNm83PwoE0iwYW55pElntdthvAwfkXF7cHlZ_hrytdsxsayPivZ_YOaYQOH3RnhN72V9AbXJ1sKX30zelhP0Xc.&_di_=kihiougp38u80u44u6hkuefbuao59nsi333gfd9hf2qbnongrldg
  5. That is exactly what happened to me. Wanted a piece of a running qb in a potential shootout at home and not on a thursday. Not feeling good today, but was at least able to pick up Brees. Could cost me everything...
  6. I'm starting to wonder if this season is going to be doable!
  7. Leaning towards Gage with Julio out, but I can totally see Wilson scoring multiple short TDs against the Giants today! What say you?
  8. Mike Davis or Joshua Kelley in waiver priority?
  9. $70 off per month? What package? That seems like a lot to save per month...
  10. Why wait for a callback? Just call them and tell them what you want, this way it happens at your convenience.
  11. Genius - will try to remember that for next year!
  12. You guys know you don't really "cancel" right? It is just a status they apply to your account and they go through all the crap about returning your equipment etc. but you never even unplug your equipment. In fact, I never even lost the recordings on my DVR. To begin, just call the main number and ask to close my account due to the discounts rolling off. They offer a small deal on the spot and you just politely say that won't help me enough and they agree to cancel you. Within a few hours your programming is gone and when you see that it means the winback dept 888-333-0804 can deal with you (they won't before you are actually in cancelled status). You politely ask for what offers they have for you (likely similar to what I and others got) and they will hook you up. And if you don't get the right offer/person, just say nicely that you will think it over and get back to them. A few min later call again and it will get done. This is all just procedural and playing the game to get the programming you want at the price you want 😎
  13. With a disconnect request last night. Called the winback number this morning once confirmed I had no service. They were only too happy to send the signal back to my tv with the above terms.
  14. Quick and painless: $46 credit for 12-months off the XTRA package Free HBO for 12-months Free Sunday Ticket Max $200 Visa Gift Card
  15. Just made the call to cancel tonight and will let the games begin tomorrow. I know we all hate this, but I've been doing it so long that I actually really enjoy seeing what kind of deal I can score. Calling the winback number first thing in the morning!
  16. More of the same Thursday night crap where teams are not healthy enough to play or on the same page offensively. I started TY and Will Fuller and have definitely lowered expectations.
  17. Dropped him for Mason Rudolph. Will stream weekly if that doesn't work out...
  18. I wouldn't overthink this one - keep Kerryon.
  19. Kelce is also kept btw. Tyreek was the #1 non-ppr WR last year and I kinda want as many pieces of that Chiefs offense as possible. But Cook's potential, the team around him and scarcity of RBs makes me think twice. @Moonfish I wouldn't take Kerryon there, but know he isn't making it back to me in the second...
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