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  1. Other than being a HOF QB, and a competent Jeopardy host, Rodgers is a darn good golfer with a clutch putter.
  2. How discerning of you. One could argue: Chase, Waddle, Smith, Moore, Moore, Bateman, Toney, plus a few sleepers like Nico and Eskridge. Speaking of talent, Bateman was outproduced by lowly 5th rounder Tyler Johnson in 2019.
  3. I find it interesting to hear all of the nuanced arguments about how the Ravens "could throw more" and "if X happens, then maybe they improve to the 25th lowest passing team in the NFL". Occam's Razor and experience tells me it is much easier to simply cross Bateman off my rookie dynasty WR list due to landing on the lowest-volume passing attack and move on to the 5-7 other rookie WRs that have talent, yet don't have this issue. Ahh, that was easy.
  4. FWIW, DynastyTradeCalculator.com has it: Claypool - 18.5 Jeudy - 17.8 Sutton - 17.4 Waddle - 16.6 Chark - 15.0 Bateman - 14.0 and Gallup - 10.4
  5. The Rams are offering a 2027 1st.
  6. FFPC drafts include a lot of free agents, due to cutting to 16 players. Guys like Mike Davis (early) and Jared Cook (1.5 PPR) and QBs like Matt Ryan are available.
  7. This point makes a lot of sense and if you made it a personal rule (I rarely draft 4th+ round WRs, but love 2nd-3rd round WRs), I would not blame you. In this case, I am willing to consider that: 1. The GM said he would have taken Carter at 66 had they not traded the pick. So, the Jets had him valued as a 2nd rounder. 2. The depth chart above/around him is inarguably terrible. Tevin Coleman is garbage and he is the literal top-of-the-heap. 3. He was pick 107, the 2nd pick of round four. If the Jets had traded up 4 spots into round three, would Carter now be "acceptable" to pick, since he was a 3rd rounder and 3rd round RBs have higher success rates? While true, seems a tad silly to be so cut-and-dried on this. Just like any rule, when you make an exception, when do you stop? 4. He averaged 8 yards per carry in 2020 and 6.6 in his career. 5. Played opposite another NFL-caliber RB (Javonte Williams) yet still commanded exactly 50% of the touches. But if you consider all factors, and if you had to bet on who had the most PPR points at RB on the Jets in 2021, what are Carter's odds? Is he the fav? If not, what about in 2022? Beyond the "2022 three-down-back-top-50 pick concept", who beats out Carter going forward? And why would the GM invest a top 50 pick in RB in 2022 when he though he got one in 2021? It is up to Carter to fail here. Doubtful that he does and his price is cheap considering all of the above, IMO.
  8. The key is subduing your emotions about the person you plan to kill. (Otherwise, who gives a #### about wait times?)
  9. Ahh yes, Ron Wolf "lucked" into trading for Favre, and Ted Thompson "lucked" into making the ballsy pick of Rodgers when Favre was still a top QB. What a ridiculous thing to say. Those were both fantastic decisions by bold, smart GMs that turned out unbelievably well for the organization.
  10. Slayton's ADP in FFPC Best Ball over the past 5 days is WR76 and pick 273. I am not sure how you define "meh" but FFPC drafters seemed to have laid it out pretty well.
  11. NYG front office probably liked Toney as a top 10-12 pick, but knew he was viewed lower by the NFL/consensus, so felt comfortable trading down. They have injury-prone but talented Golladay and a whole lot of "meh" in Shepard and Slayton, so he will get a chance. He is worth taking a look at before just dismissing him due to pre-draft biases.
  12. Highly valued insight and analysis per your typical post. Which Body Type Are You?
  13. I respectfully disagree with you. Smith has an ecto/meso-morphic bodytype. Meaning he is naturally lean and quite muscular for his lean size. He can't simply take a bunch of protein shakes or drink wine and eat Cheez-Its (like I do) and add 20 lbs like a typical endomorphic white European-lineage genetic type. The book The Sports Gene, describes this in detail.
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