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  1. It is neither shtick nor insult to point out that one’s writing ability, and understanding, or lack thereof, of basic economic fundamentals and the structure and method of function of the US government, are very good indicators of one’s level of education. And again, you have an extensive body of work here that very strongly supports my conclusion.
  2. Your body of work here gives some rather strong clues as to your level of education. HTH.
  3. It’s certainly nowhere near your compulsive need to obfuscate and deflect.
  4. Well yeah, they voted for freaking Trump. Long term thinking isn’t exactly a strength with them.
  5. As always, this tax bill exposes the fundamental selfishness of the pro-Trump Republicans. “My taxes are going down and yay liberal tears,” while not caring at all about the debt, the millions that will lose health care, and the people who will get screwed. Just truly terrible human beings, exactly like their leader.
  6. Mid-term elections are typically rough on the party that holds the White House, and Trump is historically unpopular. The elections in Virginia, NJ, and Alabama appear the show that a Democratic wave might be imminent. It’s early, but the signs are pretty clear. Bannon will likely also be a significant factor by continuing to work to defeat centrist Republicans in primaries in favor of unelectable alt-right / far right fringe nuts like Moore.
  7. Anyone interested in looking critically at pretty much anything has jumped ship already. The folks left on board don’t get any information beyond what the carnival barkers at Fox News tell them. Republicans also know that they are completely effed in 2018 / 2020 regardless of this bill.
  8. Uhhh... no. He hasn’t played particularly well even when he’s been on the field — neither a single TD nor 100 yard game in the games he’s played the past 4 years. He’s on a complete joke of a team with a hugely unstable offensive system and QB situation. 2013 is a loooong time ago.
  9. Indeed. Heard it was a total nightmare. I took a pass given $30 / bottle and the fact that I’ll certainly have the opportunity to have a small pour from a buddy’s bottle.
  10. Agreed. Although Bell’s comes pretty effing close with their regular lineup.
  11. Same. Lazurite today as I grill some thick cut pork chops stuffed with leftover Thanksgiving dressing.
  12. That is the top target if we get out that way — tougher to slip away since everyone has multiple young kids. Maybe tomorrow while the wives / kids are shopping.
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