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  1. Fun times. A few notes: 1. If you end up the Chet of BTC, Casa is a fantastic setup and service. https://keys.casa/ Multisig self custody. Really really easy to use. On the higher tiers, they even offer estate planning services. 2. This tweet storm and podcast has lots and lots of answers to many of the BTC questions / FUD that pop up during the uptrend portion of these cycles. 3. This is a good reminder that BTC can be extremely volatile.
  2. I used Cash App daily feature to dollar cost average. I don' have time to go onto Coinbase Pro and put in orders on the daily. Worth every penny in fees I pay. Set and forget.
  3. End game? I cannot imagine trading my BTC for cuck bucks in the foreseeable future. Maybe if the entire world flips on its head, the deficit evaporated and the dollar rally’s. Maybe.
  4. Jason Williams has a really cool backstory. Essentially made his millions franchising urgimed places.
  5. First and foremost your BTC deposits aren’t FDIC insured (yet).
  6. Last week I added Casa to my Green Wallet + Trezor setup. 2 of 3 multisig will upgrade to 3 of 5 (with estate planning lol) once we surpass 100K. Totally worth it.
  7. Feels like a combo of Red Dead + Shadow of Modor + Witcher + a pinch of Skyrim (archery). I don't know how far into I am but I haven't hit any of the silly animus stuff yet. The usually AC storyline is buried pretty deep (so far).
  8. Really enjoying Valhalla, even more than Black Flag. Just a good mix of games and a departure from the formulaic ACs of the past (haven't played all of them though, so maybe it has been trending this way for awhile). Also, map feels bigger than my initial impression.
  9. Let go of the past imo. Plenty of people did this. A few will continue to do so. Such is life. The world needs Peter Schiffs too.
  10. someone recently asked "why is it going up now"? This is part of the answer: https://twitter.com/dan_pantera/status/1323345484833050635 Others buying up supply: Grayscale Bitcoin Trust and, you would assume, Paypal (since it's going to have to buy up a treasury to roll out its BTC plan).
  11. in any event, two big things for the inevitable new comers: 1. You don't have to buy a whole BTC. You can buy 10 bucks worth if you are so inclined. You can also dollar cost average very easily these days. 2. Even though BTC has been kicking around for 10+ years now, many many people believe we are still "early." It's quantifiably early in the next 4 year cycle.
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