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  1. Here is a team that has zero depth at the position and they basically send him to KC for absolutely nothing. Make me question the way the entire organization evaluates talent. No wonder San Fran is inquiring about the availability of Dantzler.
  2. I know enough to not over value preseason. I am not sure what Zimmer expected when you don't field a single starter. Isn't his job to get these guys ready. He needs to look in the mirror first for his criticism. Although the back ups Oline the Vikings are playing in pre-season are basically making the league minimum. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/positional/offensive-line/ I don't get why teams continue to try to groom backup QB without NFL caliber arms like Browning. Seen enough of Ponder and Dalton to know it doesn't work. BTW, If they want a QB that actually has the ability to look good with 2 and and 3s then Kyle Sloter is available.
  3. Minnesota = B. As write this I realize that one draft can't not fix all the woes that plague the Vikings so judging the possible improvement in one year would be unfair. I hold out hope that they will be better 2-3 years down the road. The Vikings did what they had to do by spending picks on the offensive line. They are currently dead last in the league on O-line spending. They are gambling on potential over proven players which was their only real option due to the cap situation. I am not sure if the young O-line will be able to gel enough to offer protection to Cousins before his time is up. Conceivably they will be better than last year but I have heard that story before. The lineman the Vikings have drafted recently haven't lived up to their pre-draft hype. The focal point of the offense seems to center around Cook, rather than Cousins, which at least makes their job a little easier. Is the defense good enough to keep games close? Probably not. I don't think they have enough pass rush not to expose their weak secondary. I am sure Zimmer's game plan is to keep games close and control the clock with Cook. You have to be optimistic to believe that Hunter comes back to pre-injury form and they get major contributions from the DE rotation. I don't think they have enough quality pass rushers yet. I like the Kellen Mond pick despite bigger needs. It gives me hope that we can get out from the tyranny that is Kirk Cousins contract in the near future. The 66th pick will seem rather cheap if he can play in this league. Hopefully having a QB not making twice as much as the entire Oline will restore some balance to this team.
  4. The Vikings have to an attractive place for undrafted corner backs with their lack of quality depth. It would probably be too much to ask for if the Vikings could stumble upon the next Chris Harris in the ranks of this years undrafted.
  5. Speilman announced Camryn Bynum position as a safety rather CB so I assume they will be attempting to convert him.
  6. I have to think the Vikings should be drafting the best available CB. ??
  7. Do you remember when the Chicago Bears gave Mike Glennon 45 million over 3 years only to turn around and draft Turbisky? I don't believe you can take these teams at their word. "We have no intention of trading Percy Harvin" said Rick Speilman just before he traded Percy Harvin. Detroit scouts might fall in love with a qb prospect yet and they have the draft capital to move up if need be.
  8. Really. I don't see it that way. I suspect he will play a dozen games and then gives way to their rookie QB. Detroit will probably cut him the following season. I think his career trajectory is like Nick Foles was in St. Louis. He needs to find his 2018 Philadelphia Eagles to get his career back on track.
  9. Why wouldn't Goff instruct his agent to renegotiate his contract to facilitate a trade? I don't think a one year audition in Detroit will increase his long term earning potential.
  10. I won't be surprised if teams make offers for Goff. It seems like his price tag is relatively cheap due to the contract. Detroit still in position to take a rookie QB in the draft. For entertainment value, I like to see him dealt to San Francisco.
  11. Call me crazy but I don't think the Wilfs should be sitting on their hands. Vikings schedule isn't getting any easier. They should fire Spielman during the buy and replace him right away. Make it known that all the veteran players including Cousins are available for trade. I doubt they could move him but I would try. I rather seem them blow the whole team up rather than stick their heads in the sand and pretend everything is fine. Worst case scenario is they win 3 more games and lose out on a higher draft pick. It should be about putting your team in position to better next year and the year after. . The team isn't strong enough on either line, along with the lack of cover corners, to consistently win games. If you think they can win 8 wins in a row, I think you are living in a fantasy land. I predict that they will fire Zimmer after they get torched by the Packers with only days ahead of the trade deadline. Meanwhile, the man that gave Cousins the biggest contract in NFL history keeps his job, at least, to the end of the year.
  12. The good news in my mind is that every lose puts the team closer to the end of the Cousins and Speilman Era. Always felt that Speilman always was patching holes rather building a team with a solid foundation. I would like to see a team built around talented non-skilled players for a change.
  13. After TJ Clemmings, the Vikings have to think twice about rescuing falling OT. There has got to be a reason teams passed on Wanogho.
  14. Nick Tiano looks like he has an NFL caliber arm. Wonder if he gets drafted.
  15. https://www.dailynorseman.com/2020/4/25/21235306/2020-nfl-draft-trades-minnesota-vikings-make-deal-with-baltimore-ravens
  16. I guess they rather dominate the 7th round. WTF.
  17. Vikings own the back end of the 6th round. Hurray.
  18. I am not saying he is fast but he is smooth. Many QBs that tall move like they are wounded giraffes.
  19. I watched a few highlight on him (so my opinion shouldn't be taken seriously). I was surprised how well he moves for a 6'6" QB. I thought he would move like Peyton or Brady at that height.
  20. For some sick reason, I want the Patriots to draft a sleeper QB with 195th pick to replace Tom Brady, the former 199th pick. I know that is beyond the realm of reality but I still want them to do it just for the story line.
  21. Just seems like the exact opposite of Josh Allen. They will have to dial everything down if he ever needs to go in.
  22. So New England said kickers are a crap shoot. Lets just take the biggest one.
  23. Justin Rohrwasser K - no grade on NFL site. NFL are not rating kickers anymore or was he that far off the radar.
  24. Not bad. That should be a very high 4th rounder 😃
  25. Vikings trading picks to Chicago. I hope they got a good deal at least
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