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  1. Absolutely. I hate to hear people talk about Lost or The Shield being better than The Wire. I don't think either really come close. The best seasons of The Sopranos dont measure up to it either. The only show I can think of that comes close was Deadwood.
  2. You realize this thread was started about 369 days ago?You realize OSU/Michigan never means nothing?Go spend more time with LSucks. Who do you root for, the Cal Bears?
  3. We've booked through Magical Memories - the amount of money you can save is crazy, and makes it well worth booking off the resort. Definitely recommended!
  4. Agreed. Well, except for Seinfeld, but that shouldn't even count.You haven't watched The Wire then....or Deadwood.
  5. This season is the fifth and last. IMO, the fourth season was the best, followed by 1, 3, and then 2 is far inferior. I'll echo DD - this is the most compelling, sad at times, often horrifying, and brilliant television I have ever seen.
  6. Mt Union lost the game the same way any good team does - by giving away the ball. The TOs were killer... Oh well - time to reload - next years team should be just as good.
  7. No kidding. That was completely disturbing. wow.
  8. Whatever works for you I guess - my kids (5 and 3 years old) could never do a park for the whole day. They get whipped. So we usually will only do a part of the day then leave. The parking is really no big deal for us, the tram is awesome from the parking lot. I guess for me, the freedom of being able to do other things plus the HUGE plus of being able to put the kids to sleep in one bedroom and not have to be quiet at bed time (plus having a washer/dryer) more than makes up for not being on the property.
  9. I don't really see the advantages to staying on disney property - the last time we went to Disney we stayed off property in a 3 bedroom 2 bath condo that was $100 a night. And it was new...We had a rental car to get around, and had the freedom to go wherever we wanted - all while saving money overall. Why not do this instead?
  10. i'm about halfway through this, and highly recommend it. I think the FFA readers would really like it. It's a murder mystery set in England (Oxford, mostly) in the 1660s. The tale is told from 4 viewpoints, in their distinct voices. But who is telling the truth? This is historical fiction at its finest. I'll make it a third for this book. Honestly one of the most enjoyable reads I have had that I can remember, that's saying a lot. I am pretty amazed at the character development in this - it's really unlike anything I've read before. It's an interesting situation when you read a narrator's words and you are reading into them, as if you were listening to a friend. Highly recommended.
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