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  1. Because this is a political "red ball", there's quite a bit of money being poured into this case. There's a fair argument to be made that no search should be done and should not have been done at all but calculated the projected cost to law enforcement and tax payers so far and simply offer a bounty at 50-75 percent of that total. The actual existing cash bounties total to somewhere around a quarter of a million dollars. Make it 5 million and you'll see a much different response. The 5 million would be contingent on a conviction or the return of his body where his identity could be verified. That's essentially a public kill order. Something that needs to be reiterated is there is a massive political / public perception incentive for the FBI to find Laundrie dead. Run the hypothetical. If this was NOT the United States and some other non Western country, particularly a hard line one, what would happen? If I worked for that kind of place and that kind of government, and ran the actual op, what is the pathway? Remember this is a hypothetical as a thought exercise as to how other countries might deal with this situation. You take the father and mother of the runner. Each day you put them in a public square. You cut off a finger from each of them. Each day you cut off another finger. Then toes. Then take their forearms. Upper arms. Lower leg. Upper leg. Ears. Mouth. Nose. Eyelids. Tongue. Then you pull teeth. At some point, Laundrie, if he's still alive, will surrender. If he's not alive, you now create a deterrent for embryo Laundries in the future. Most of you have not truly traveled outside the safety and bubble of the Western world. The way the rest of the world works is much different. Now nearly all of you would start shouting about human rights and laws and on and on and on. And you'd have a point. Except imagine if it was your daughter. For many of you, in a dark silent place you pretend doesn't exist, if it was your little girl, you'd hand me a pair of pliers and a Gatorade. Getting Laundrie, if he's still alive, to pop up his head is exceedingly easy. It's just most of you couldn't stomach it. I have a newsflash for most of you. As you sit in front your big screen TVs and eat your steak and complain non stop about your first world problems, how do you think you are able to live how you do actually live as a likely over-privileged American? You get to do so because there are people in rooms all around the world who are holding a pair of pliers and pulling teeth to push the back room deals and ugly brokering of human souls to keep American "exceptionalism" on top. The lives you all live is built on blood. The whining and the virtue signaling are the battle cries of those who were born into abundance and physical safety. There's a world underneath your overwrought tone deaf smug white collar bubble. It's where the sausage actually gets made. I could get Laundrie to surrender himself, if he was still alive and actually tracking the nationally daily media cycle, in 48 hours. But who are we kidding. He wouldn't be allowed to surrender. The FBI wouldn't take a chance he goes to trial and squeezes his way out of this. He would have 20 FBI HRT operators eviscerate him with about 800 rounds of ammunition. It doesn't have to be actual justice, it just needs to look like justice to satisfy the American people. And the masses are simply the mob with a different set of open restraints. Nearly all of you were born into abundance but that's not really the true problem. The issue is nearly all of you were born soft. Weak is weak, it's not gentle, it's just makes you another target. Guys like me aren't kept around because we know how to make sausage. We are kept around because we know how to keep people from asking how it actually gets made.
  2. What kind of dark magic portal did you just open there....
  3. I watched this last night as well :). Enjoyed it but was expecting a bit more twist than what ended up happening. But that's ok. Was still a good movie and I'm glad some of the movies I've enjoyed recently were foreign in origin. I went through this thread last night and have the following on my list to watch: The taking of Deborah Logan Elvira: Mistress of the dark His House The Night House
  4. Thought I heard there was a script that was pretty dark and canned, but may be a hoax
  5. My wife and I and couple of her family members are going to be in Vegas for 3 days in August, so I've been bookmarking some of the Vegas threads I've seen on here over the last few months. I was going through them today and just started cutting and pasting all the suggestions. I kept doing it and it ended up being fairly lengthy and figured I'd go ahead and post it on here. This is sort of a compilation of everyone's opinion on different places in Vegas, without all the BS in between. I listed them in categories under hotels, food, clubs/bars, entertainment and websites. Feel free to keep adding suggestions that aren't in here. Note: Some things are mentioned multiple times. Different people gave various opinions on each place so you'll see a few different viewpoints on here. Hope this helps. HOTELS Ranked in order of MY preference and $ - The nicest rooms on the strip (other than the 4 Seasons) attached to Mandalay Bay. $$$$ The Palms* – Off Strip, but so what. Nice casino, nice rooms, great clubs (Moon, Playboy Club, Ghost Bar, The Mint). Best “vibe” in Vegas. $$$$ The Wynn* – Upscale, but still maintaining a “trendy” feel – GREAT restaurants. $$$$$ The Hard Rock* – The Palms East. Smaller casino. Clubs not as cool as The Palms. $$$$ Mandalay Bay* - Good casino, nice rooms, great restraints – best of “old guard” properties. $$$1/2 Bellagio* - The Wynn with an “older” feel. $$$$$ Those are your top tier choices NYNY* - relatively inexpensive (particularly during the week), clean, some nice restaurants. $$$ Venetian* - Rooms are very nice, but casino is antiseptic (Monte Carlo is similar). $$$$ Rio* - 10 years ago this WAS the Palms. Everyone now and wow stayed here. Decent rooms large casino. Prince has a club there (I have yet to go). $$$ Treasure Island*/Mirage* – 6 of one, half dozen of the other. Very similar properties. Casinos are packed. Decent location. Ok food to be had. $$$ MGM*- HUGE casino (too big), restaurants have improved, rooms are decent, because there are so many people there, the skank factor is pretty high $$$$ Aladdin – Just not a great vibe there – hard to describe. Nothing horrible about it, just middle of the road (location wise too). $$$$ Monte Carlo* - antiseptic. The brew pub is probably the highlight. Rooms are very average. $$$ Paris – I like the casino – could be too small for some. Mon Ami Gabi is one of the best restaurants on the strip from a people watching perspective (Bellagio watershow too) $$$ Luxor* - relatively cheap, air filtration system is not great, rooms are kinda cool the higher you get. $$1/2 Those are your mid tier choices. Unless you are on a SEVERE budget, I would not stay at any of the following choices: Caesars* - everything about this place reeks OLD (especially the cocktail waitresses) – just not my cup of tea. Forum Shops are great though. $$$$ Sahara – Read Caesars – they are looking to implode this sucker and rebuild...that should be an indicator. $$$ Ballys – You are coming to Vegas, why stay at the Holiday Inn? Yuck. $$$ The Flamingo – some people swear by this place. I think it is disgusting. $$$ If you are staying at any of the following, I feel sorry for you. Barbary Coast$$, Tropicana$, Excalibur$*, Rivier###, Circus Circus$*, Stratosphere$$, Imperial Palace$. They are dirty (Excalibur, Circus Circus, Imperial Palace, Stratosphere), old (all but the Excalibur...and that is even getting old), have thin walls (Excalibur, Circus Circus), or are just plain disgusting. Too many nice places available to stay at these rat traps. The Red Rock*$$$$ Green Valley Station$$$$ The Marriott*$$$$$ The first two are “locals versions” of the Palms/Hard Rock. They are not cheap, they are way off the strip, but if you have to stay at any one of the three you will be impressed. The Sahara is old, cramped, dated (even for being old), the cocktail waitresses are putrid, the drinks are small. It is a dump Stratosphere provides you with the best value per dollar as far as room and casino quality, but is WAY up at the north end One thing that always surprises me is how much people hate Stratosphere. I stayed there more times than I can count. While other properties at mid-strip were charging anywhere from $79-299, I was able to get rooms at Stratosphere during the week for $29. For that price, the value is enormous. Yeah, the casino and shops are average, and the restaurants (except the one up top) suck, but for $29, the rooms were always clean if not spectacular, and it's a 5 minute cab ride to the center of the strip where you can hang out wherever you want. I guess staying in a swanky hotel was never as important to me as having that extra $50-200 a day for gambling/drinking. Stratosphere Better quality rooms and casino than Terribles. Way way off strip, not really within walking (or staggering) distance. I think Flamingo has one of the best central locations and is pretty cheap from what I hear and the pool was given a 9 out of 10 rating from Little Black Book Flamingo is my choice for stepping up out of the slums without breaking the bank. I stay at the Flamingo all the time. Great bang for your buck. By far the best location out of any property. Tremendous pool. Nice rooms and I really think they have some of the best dealers around (at least in craps). Waitresses are putrid, though. The last two times I have been there, we have stayed at the Flamingo and are very pleased with the quality of the rooms. Always ask if there is a better rate when you check in. Also, sign up for a gaming card, and use it. Just from using it sparingly the first time when we were there for only 2 days for a wedding, we got coupons for Free rooms, 2-1 show tickets etc. Also, it is close to O'Sheas: the best Hole-in-the-wall Casino on the strip. I have yet to find a craps table on the strip that is more fun, and inexpensive too! For your first time I would recommend Flamingo or Ballys. They are older hotels but have been kept up and are in the center of the strip. The pools are pretty nice. You can usually find pretty good mid week rates for both places. Circus Circus and Riviera are on the nothern half of the strip. They are similar to IP, maybe a little nicer but the location is not very good. These properties also tend to draw alot of the LA gang bangers. I believe Tu Pac was shot out side the Riviera. Circus Circus Manor rooms are like a travel lodge, standard rooms are in their "tower". Bar none the dingiest, dankiest casino I've ever been in. Place is just absolutely overrun with screaming kids. Being closer to the strip than the Strat is about the only thing it has going for it. Don't stay in Circus Circus. Diggest dump on the strip. Sahara is much better and the same price Avoid Circus Circus like the plague Just want to say that I think the MGM particularly blows. Place is huge and they are almost always overrun with conventions. Because they are so busy there, the service pretty much sucks. The rooms vary but there are some that don't look like they have been renovated since the place opened and you will still pay top dollar for them The MGM is notorious for being WAYYYYY too big stay at the MGM they keep a stable full of whores in the back Imperial Palace (IP) is a cheap hotel. The casino is old and dingy. The place is a little run down but the rooms are clean and it is located in the center of the strip. The pool sucks and the food isn't very good. This was my hotel of choice in college when we had limited funds and piled four guys in one room. IP is really the end-all-be-all of Doing The Strip On The Cheap Imperial Palace - Bad food. Average rooms. Kinda dingy. But it's right smack dab in the middle of the strip. Location, location, location. IP is the best place to stay when you don't have a woman with you and you are just using the room to crash. Centrally located and about $100/night if you just want a cheap, but clean room at a hotel with a pool - IP cant be beat for the price. Wont be a ton of scenery at the pool - but you arent paying for it either Riviera and Sahara provide good value if you don't mind being out of the way. Hard Rock, Palms, and Rio are all off-strip, but are each cool in their own way I have never stayed at the Sahara but the place is almost not on the strip. You are a long walk from any other casinos and the neighborhood down there is scary. The Sahara also tends to draw alot of the same crowd as Circus Circus and the Riviera. I would stay at Excalibur before I stayed at Sahara at least at Excalibur you are close to several very nice places to gamble (NYNY, MGM, Mandalay Bay The Excalibur is a dirty dump with paper thin walls and grungy low-class feel to the entire property Excalibur is really turning itself around. The rooms in Tower II are renovated with new beds, marble countertops, 42" plasma TVs... they're on par with many other more expensive strip properties. The restaurants are still mediocre at best, but they're currently opening a ####'s Last Resort, they just opened a cool-looking if not exciting bar called Octane, the sportsbook has been completely renovated and expanded - it's bigger and better than those at MGM Grand (which has been sawed more than in half), Luxor, etc. The pool area is being expanded significantly and will be fully renovated by next month. The location is ideal, and while the hotel itself is nowhere near the attraction some of the others are, it's not at all a dingy dump, as some (including myself) had previously noted. If you want a nice room in a great spot for next to nothing comparatively (I paid $350 for a Wed-Sun stay) One thing going for the Sahara is that it is a drop destination for the monorail Sahara Farther down the strip than the Riv. Direct ccess to the monorail. There's always some jump the shark performer working there (Reba might play there for example). Ugly looking from the outside, and the casino is pretty drab as well Riviera Pretty ballsy of them to price themselves over the IP. Horrible buffet, nice rooms, well-lit and clean casino. North strip, within walking distance of center strip, but it's a hike. Decent comedy club if you're into that. Terribles Decent rooms, mostly just a 3S place. Closest to mid-strip of the cheap 'off-strip' casinos. Orleans Never stayed here, never ventured into their casino. South end, off strip. Tropicana South side of the strip. Good old fashioned casino. Hooters Yikes. No way I'd stay here at this price. Off-strip south, east of the Trop. I'm staying there for my degenerate trip this year, but we got in at less than half that price. At $780, probably the worst deal listed. Harrah's Center strip, nice crash site. Live music pit, nice buffet. I love the place The Tropicana is very old and run down. Dirty is the wrong word to discribe the rooms, dingy is probably better. The casino is old and dirty with low ceilings and the meeca for every chain smoking blue hair in the US. The Tropicana has been in financial trouble for awhile. _4_ can probably give you alot more detail on this situation Palms Off strip. if you stay at the Palms, you will come away from your first Las Vegas experience much happier. You will spend more on a room, but you DON'T need to take $300 worth of cabs in 5 days because you will want to stay at the Palms...as noted earlier, it has the best "vibe" in Las Vegas right now. The restraunts are very good, the casino is big enough, they don't go crazy with table minimums, the women are hot, the clubs are great. If you want to go visit the strip, yes, you can walk from the Palms in the morning - is it a short walk? No, but it is probably closer than the Stratosphere Bally's Big rooms, nice buffet, knowledgeable sportsbook, center strip. One of my favorite things to do is to go to Bally's and walk arounf that "hedge garden" thing they have out front, while smoking a giant bowl Rio Every room is a suite. Good buffet. Off-strip. Rio would lose to a cheaper priced Bally's every time in my book. Rio is cool - all the rooms are suites and it has a good casino/sportsbook. Also has the biggest buffet in town, and the Village Seafood Bueffet upstairs is pretty solid as well stay away from the Tropicana, Excaliber and Sahara Monte Carlo South strip. Monte Carlo. It is pretty bland for a strip casino/hotel but the rooms are nice size. The pool is very plain the Casino is plain as well but the Brew Pub is pretty good. Luxor South strip. Interesting place to stay. Nice casino. I'm not sure what the room rates are for Luxor but the rooms are fair size, the pool is pretty nice and it is next to Excalibur. I don't like the dealers at Luxor. They tend to be completely void of personality. Barbary Coast, Tropicana, Flamingo, Excalibur, and often Bally's provide mid-range to nice accomodations at a palatable cost If you want top-shelf, go to Bellagio, Venetian, Wynn, or Mandalay Bay. After that, Mirage, Treasure Island, NYNY, Monte Carlo, Aladdin, Caesar's, MGM, Luxor, and Paris are all pretty nice, but some can be very expensive Hard Rock, nice and small, yet loaded with ###!!!!!!! The Mirage is a nice "happy medium" place (when comparing it to the Strat and the Palms pool action at either Hard Rock, Palms or even Mandalay Aladdin - Just off the center strip. Excellent buffet and casino. Not as flamboyant as Harrahs. Less rubes than the average casino. Paris A good place to take your chick, but would be a waste in your situation. Very nice place, excellent buffet, center strip. Ceasars Palace It is what it is. Center strip. NY, NY is a fun hotel if you want to do more than gamble. There are some fun restaraunts (including a very good steak house.) There is a great video arcade. Last great meal I ate in Vegas was in the ESPNZone at NY, NY. Don't know if their private Super Bowl party used a special chef, but that was by far the best buffet in Vegas. - The Belagio has good shops for your girlfriend and has art exhibits often - Check out the Venetian. Fantastic design, living statues, nice shops, and gondola rides. Bally's >>>>>> Harrah's >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> IP FOOD One thing you just have to do in Vegas my man is have breakfast at Barbary Coast one day, preferably if you're hungover. That's about as old school as you're going to get on the strip Current Top Ten Values in Las Vegas (From LasVegasAdvisor.com) 1. Steak Dinner - Ellis Island - 24 Hours - $4.95 The best dining bargain in Las Vegas is the 10-ounce filet-cut steak dinner at Ellis Island, the casino at the Super 8 Motel on Koval near E. Flamingo. It’s served with salad, vegetable, potato, garlic bread, and rolls for $4.95, 24 hours a day. But it’s not on the menu; you have to ask specifically for it. 2. Shrimp Cocktail - Golden Gate - 11 am-3 am - 99¢ The Golden Gate Casino downtown has been serving its cold-water Bay-shrimp cocktail since 1959. It’s been 99¢ for the past 15 years. It comes in a tulip cocktail glass with lemon, crackers, and a tangy homemade sauce. It’s served at the Deli in the back of the casino. 3. Mac King - Harrah's - Tues.-Sat. - $7.99-$21.95 The Mac King Comedy Magic afternoon show at Harrah’s is the best-value entertainment option in town. Collect a voucher from the coupon booth in the Carnaval Court outside, readily available around show time, then go up to the third floor showroom. You’ll pay a total of $18.76 for two, which includes a drink. You get 70 minutes of laughs, tricks, and even a shock or two along the way. This is a must-see entry on any Las Vegas itinerary. 4. Prime Rib Dinner - California - 5-11 pm daily - $6.99 The $6.99 prime rib special at the California downtown starts with a full salad bar, continues with a big cooked-to-order piece of prime beef, plus potato and veggie, and finishes up with a little cherries jubilee for dessert. The same meal would cost at least triple in any other city in the country. 5. Beer - Casino Royale - Daily - $1 We’ve replaced the $1.25 beers at Slots A Fun with $1 Michelobs at the center-Strip Casino Royale. This is a 24/7 deal and the bar staff is ultra pleasant about doling ’em out (it’s not uncommon to encounter a staff that’s resentful of this type of deal). You can also get two flavors of frozen margaritas for a buck apiece. Bottom line, though: Beers for $1 are better than beers for $1.25. 6. Buffet - Mirage - Daily - $12.50-$22.50 This is a gourmet buffet that’s high on quality and low, comparatively, on price. It has an unusual noodle station, where a half-dozen selections of dim sum are served up fresh (good shrimp siu mai); you can also get Asian noodle soup. The raw bar features cold Dungeness crab, small-to-medium peeled shrimp, lox, and one of the best buffet ceviches in town. There are also several Middle Eastern dishes at the salad station, along with Italian, Chinese, rotisserie, carving, and dessert stations. We have to apologize for the price posted for the Mirage buffet in last month’s issue (it would have been #1 if the $4.50-$9 price had been accurate). The real price is $12.50-$22.50. Sorry about that. 8. Chicken Dinner - Terrible's Casino - 24 hours - $4.99 Also returning to this month’s Top Ten is the complete chicken dinner in the coffee shop at Terrible’s. Along with a rotisserie half-chicken, you get rice, beans, corn on the cob, baked potato, and vegetable du jour—all for $4.99 (for $1 extra, add soup or salad), 24 hours a day. This has been a perennial #11 on the list and is as reliable as they come. 9. Hot Dog - South Point - 11 am-5 pm - 75¢ South Point is now the only place in town to get the Coasts style 75¢ hot dog, plus extras, from the cart in the sports book (#9). It’s a schlep to get down to South Point, but Top Ten’s about deals, and this dog is a deal for real). what are the good steak places in Las Vegas? The ones that charge a lot, from what I've seen, are the Smith & Wollensky's, Gallaghers, etc. Personally, The Steakhouse in Circus Circus of all places, was my favorite. Also, the Outback near/in (I forget) Harrah's actually has a special USDA prime menu which produced one of the best ribeyes I've had in years. Best outdoor dining steakhouse is SW Steakhouse in the Wynn, Prime at the Bellagio is more hoity toity, but reallllly good. Hanks at Green Valley Ranch is great - but not on the strip, and StripSteak which is a Michael Mina first in that it isn't a seafood joint is top notch as well. I forget the name, but the steakhouse in the Monte Carlo is great food, no ambiance (like the rest of the Monte Carlo) How 'bout Sushi? Where should I go? Nobu is very good...but a little overpriced. If you are on the West side of town, there are two places you shouldn't miss - Hannah's and Sapporo. Sapporo has one of the best happy hours in town - rolls for $3. Can't go wrong. On the strip, Chinois in the forum shops (Wolfgang Puck) is great. Firefly - across from the Hard Rock is pretty good - cheaper and they have tapas as well. My favorite buffet is Mandalay Bay (because of their amazing pasta bar) but I love Luxor's for the price. I've heard great things about Paris (never been to that one) and Bellagio is the nicest one I've been to (although I believe the dinner price is close to $30 if not more). Excalibur's is subpar and I wasn't all that impressed with Monte Carlo's (although it's definitely worth going to the brewery and pub and having their famous Las Vegas Lite). Before you go to a buffet, I would suggest looking at the hours of operation for lunch and dinner. If there is no gap between closing time for lunch and opening time for dinner, I would suggest entering the buffet right before the dinner time starts. This way you pay for the lunch price but get to eat the dinner entrees. Most of the casinos now prevent this by putting a 1 to 2 hour gap between lunch and dinner. You'll have to research this a little. If you don't like Charlie Palmer's, you don't like to eat As a general rule of thumb, I would avoid most if not all buffets that are cheap Riviera sucks. Buffet...overpriced, bad, avoid, avoid. Brew Pub at the Monte Carlo Good food, good beer, good prices If you like Mexican check out Taqueria Cañonita's at the Venetian Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill at Caesar's Palace CraftSteak was awesome. I bet it is pretty expensive though If you're into steaks, the steakhouse inside of Binion's Horseshoe downtown is a very good (and cheaper Steak and Lobster tail at Gilly's for $10/plate Maggiano's Burger Bar Border Grill Spago in Caesars. They have a dinner menu and a cafe menu and there were affordable stuff for you off of the cafe menu and some items off of the dinner menu. Had a penne dish with clams, leeks, and pancetta in a creme sauce that was just out of this world Ellis Island for the best $5 steak dinner I've ever had Battista's Hole In The Wall-Solid food (Zagat rated), classic Vegas atmosphere, and entrees run about $20 for pastas to about $30-35 for steaks and chops, and you get soup or salad, a side of pasta, garlic bread, wine, and cappucino along with the entree for that price Onda Sir Galahad's at the Excalibur for a very good prime rib dinner Pamplemousse restaurant. It's on the North side of town, looks like crap from the outside, but the service and food was incredible Go to Margaritaville! Stay long enough to see the Volcano erupt, and the lovely lass slide into the gigantic Margarita Raffles cafe at Mandalay Bay for a great breakfast Mon Ami Gabi out front of Paris. Go later in the evening around 9:30-10pm and sit outside....a must, overlooks the street and Bellagio's fountains. Great steak For around $30 an entree, try Kokomo's in the Mirage...good food and nice atmosphere by the waterfall. You can get away relatively cheap at Okada at the Wynn too Grand Lux Cafe in the Venetian steak house in the luxor Stay away from the Italian place in the Venitian My favorite lunch is Carnegie Deli at the Mirage. It is GREAT. Don't be afraid of the long line. It's always there. The trick is to walk up to the counter and order your food to go, then go chow it down somewhere. You will stand in line quite awhile if you want to eat in the place. The sandwiches are HUGE, so you could probably split one with the wife - some of the best sandwiches I've ever had Stage Deli in the Forum Shops of Caesars Palace Capriati's. It's not on the strip, but you should go there if you have a car. They have amazing sandwiches, the best of which is a turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce and stuffing olives in bellagio Kokomos for Steak Commander's Palace Steakhouse at Circus Circus (yea I know. but the steakhouse is amazing.) Brunch at the Rio's buffet Burger Bar Great little atmosphere in the Mandalay Bay. I created my own burger with bacon, pinnaple and monteray jack on an onion bun. Very tasty. Cost about $15 per person including burger, fries and drink. Noodle Place in Venetian I've been there before, and it's still good. A tad pricy for a lunch ($13/entree) but the servings are pretty generous. Battista's Hole in the Wall Worst. Italian. Ever. The wife had the lasagna and I had the Alfredo....they could have heated up a stoffers lasgna and some ragu and it would have tasted better. Only good thing was the free wine and the service. Would definitely not recommend. Steakhouse in Circus Circus So yeah the CC is a freaking dump with loads of trashy clientele....but the Steakhouse is top notch. Great atmosphere, service and food. I'm not that guy who has an orgasm over a good steak, but the steak was good. I got the petite filet (~10oz ballpark) for $35 and with that you get a salad (good fresh caesar dressing) and a side (baked potato, garlic mashed, or something else) and the veggie of the day. Also, the breads are assorted, and they had pretzel bread Great meal Rumjungle SW at the Wynn is great, and is around $100 pp Delmonico (Venetian) Okada (Wynn) Kokomo's (Mirage) Prime (Bellagio) The Pamplemousse has very good food and a romantic atmosphere. It was under $100 per person even with a bottle of wine five years ago; I assume it still is. Rosemary's is substantially better than Emeril's fish house, IMO, and also under $100 per person. Sir Galahad's at the Excalibur. They specialize in prime rib Wolfgang Puck's place in Caesar's Palace Alize (at the top of the Palms) Trumpets Great food and an awesome view of the city. Reasonably priced as well Mesa Grill at Caesars Red Square Go to Lawry's, get the best prime rib you've ever had. With a glass of wine each, it will still only be $60-70 per person Delmonico's at the Venetian = best meal I have ever had Strip Steak @ Mandalay Bay is pretty good and they have the best appetizer in the world..........Bacon Wrapped Lobster Fritters Fat Burger Corsa Cucina at Wynn Social House was really good sushi at TI Social House - Good call - crowd is young and ready to party - dress the part. Olives - maybe I have just been there too much, but you can get out of there for way less than $100 if you aren' t drinking too much. China Grill - Mandalay Bay. Not mentioned yet. Should have been. Great food, cool bathrooms, good service Rosemarys was mentioned - it is good, but not worth the cab ride you'll take to get there ($30-$35 each way). Delmonico's is meh (glad someone liked it), Lawry's is like Morton's or Ruth Chris - nothing special Simon - Hard Rock Hotel Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris if it isn't too hot and you can get an outside table (go for dinner a little early and just take your time eating - very, very good food and the best people watching of any restraunt on the strip as you are on the street facing the Bellagio water show Restaurants by $ http://www.opentable.com/rest_list.aspx?m=10 If you want steak arguably the best restaurant is in Circus Circus of all places. The Steakhouse (not an original name, but to the point) will set you back probably $60-75 each. Aladdin and Bally's also have very good buffets that cost a bit less than Bellagio's. Rio's Carnival World Buffet is a behemoth GAMBLING If you are near Hooters, check it out. They had a soft 1-2 NL Game there, only 2 tables going. The Wynn has a 1-3 NL game that I love. You can sit down with 200 bucks and turn it into 500-600 with little risk as long as you have lots of patience Casino Royale's Craps tables are fun too. they often have a $2-$3 table during the day if I recall correctly. I like O'Shea's better mainly because it is right at the entrance. almost like being outside, plus it's owned by the group owning Flamingo, so your comps are good at Flamingo... You really can't go wrong at either I liked the poker room at the Excalibur. Nothing fancy of course, but anyone with the slightest poker experience/knowledge will come out ahead. I never felt like I was "gambling". It was more like sitting at a table being paid to drink Your best place to play Video poker is off the strip at the Station Casinos. Better odds, more machines and more comps. The food at these off strip casinos is also cheaper. The Bellagio should be the first place to check out. Wynn is cool because they have no max buy ins on any of their tables. I've never been to the Venetian but I've heard that some of the higher stakes games go on there sometime(I think HSP is filmed there, although I could be wrong), so I'd assume that its decent. The Rio was nice during the WSOP, but thats obviously going to be different during other times. How about black jack? Which hotels consistently offer the most low limit games? Avoid the big, expensive joints like Bellagio, Mirage, Venetian, Mandalay. Play the lower level casinos on the Strip (Riviera, Barbary Coast, Stratosphere) or head to Fremont St. and play at the Horseshoe, Four Queens, or Golden Nugget. Good advice here. Also avoid the Hard Rock and Palms if you are looking for a $5 game. For gambling, I usually stick to blackjack and poker. You can find cheap ($5) blackjack tables on both ends of the strip. As others have stated, you generally won't find them at the bigger hotels (Bellagio, Wynn, MGM, NYNY, Mandalay Bay, etc.). You can generally find them at Excalibur (although they're very crowded and usually only 1 or 2 open) and sometimes Luxor. Tropicana will always have at least one $5 table and Hooters (next to Tropicana) should have several. You can always find $5 tables at the smaller casinos in the middle of the strip. The Stratosphere, Sahara, Circus Circus, and pretty much all the downtown Vegas casinos will be loaded with $5 tables. These are casinos designed more towards casual players like myself. For poker, it's all about finding a place where you're comfortable. I like Excalibur because I think the players are very loose and the game is easy. Also, there is a variety of NL and limit holdem games for casual and serious players. I've played poker at a few other casinos but I just love the atmosphere and game at Excalibur. Western (Downtown) They always have $3 blackjack, and sometimes several tables of it. Nevada Palace (Off-Strip) $1 blackjack, for reals, quarter roulette with a $1 minimum bet, and $1 craps with "full" double odds, but the table is one of those miniature numbers. You can find better craps in a nicer environment elsewhere. Boulder Station (Off-Strip) $3 will be about as low as they go for table games around these parts, and you should be able to find at least one table at that even during the busiest times. Roulette has 50-cent chips, and they may have $3 craps with 10x odds. El Cortez (Downtown) $5 Pai Gow, mini baccarat, and single-deck blackjack that still pays 3:2. Craps is $5, which is higher than before, but the 10x odds are still a great deal. Fifty cent roulette is also occasionally available for the brave soul willing to throw away a couple bucks on a high-risk wager. Casino Royale (Strip) $3 craps tables (with 100x odds!) occasionally, and a $2 or $3 mini-craps table with 10x odds. If you can play the big tables, don't play mini-craps: you'll look like a total wiener. Roulette can be as high as $1 chips with $4 minimum, and there is usually (but not always) one $5 minimum blackjack table. Skip the single-deck game because they pay a crappy 6:5 on blackjack Hanging out at the craps table is one of the easiest time-wasting low-cost getting-drunk things in Vegas. Make a small bet every now and then just to be in the game, and tip the waitresses a buck a drink. A crowded table affords more anonymity at the table (dealers won't see you 'just hanging out') and it's just more fun socially. CLUBS/BARS I recomend the Piano Bar inside the NYNY casino Pure is probably the best club in Vegas right now, its at Caesars. Rain at the Palms also gets a lot of snatch Light at the Bellagio is good. For T&A, Spearmint Rhino consistently books the best talent. Other places are hit and miss As for clubs go to the clubs in the bigger newer hotels. Pure, Ghost, Rain and Rum Jungle are all pretty good from what I hear. I'm not into the club scene. I don't know what part of the country you are from but the clubs are expensive unless you are from LA or NYC. Covers on Friday and Saturday can be $20 or more. Drinks are hella expensive $7 for a bottle of American Beer. Pure, Ghost (we can only presume he means the Ghostbar here), Rain and Rum Jungle are no longer top notch clubs. Pure still has some cache, but the Ghostbar and Rain have been eclipsed at their own venue by the Playboy Club and Moon. Rum Jungle is no longer considered a top club...maybe 4-5 years ago yeah. As for the covers, the top clubs charge no less than $40 to get in - a table will cost you a minimum of $300 at the top clubs, and a domestic beer will cost you $10 After hours clubs? Late Night Empire (formerly and sometimes still known as the Empire Ballroom) is the best afterhours club in town - the hot women who used to go to Drai's now hit the Empire - I think another post mentioned it. AVOID a club called Sin - if you hop in a cab and ask them to take you somewhere fun, they will take you here because they payout like a stripclub...it is nasty. Tangerine at Treasue Island Tryst = All women are 9s or better I want to check out Cherry - is it any good? $30 cover charges Cherry is the new Randy Gerber (aka Cindy Crawford's husband) club. It is in the Red Rock casino and yes...it is very good. A long line will await you if you try and get in after 11:30. Tao was the best club I was at during the 6 weeks I was there. Its at the Venetian. Younger crowd and its going to be pretty expensive though. IF you're going to be in Vegas for more than a few days and want to go to a bunch of clubs then look for a guy with free passes walking the Strip. He'll sell you a bunch of them(and you can probably get as many as you like) for a "tip". I gave him $20. To be honest I thought it was a ripoff maybe at first but just wanted to get rid of the guy. But they worked perfectly. Usually all the clubs cost $30 to get in. I got 2 tickets to 6 or 7 different clubs for that $20. I bet you could even ask for more than 2(or however many people you have with you) and sell them to others in line when you go for 1/2 price Las Vegas Brew Pubs: Barley's Casino & Brew Pub 4500 E. Sunset Rd. #30 Henderson, NV 89014 702/458-2739 They offer 4 different house-brewed beers and 2 special brews: - Irish Red - Black Mountain Beer - Brew Master Select - Blue Diamond Beer - Boulder Gold Hefeweizen - Red Rock Big Dog's Brewing Company Draft House Barn and Casino 4543 Rancho Road Las Vegas, NV 89130 702/645-1404 Offers 8 different house brews and several special brews throughout the year: - Holy Cow! Original Pale Ale - Big Dog’s Real Draft - Red Hydrant Ale - Tailwagger Wheat - Black Lab Stout - Dirty Dog I.P.A - Leglifter Light BJ's Restaurant and Brew House 10840 W. Charleston Summerlin, NV 89135 702/853-2310 This brew house offers 7 house-brewed beers, as well as a house-brewed specialty hard raspberry cider: - Tatonka Stout - Nutty Brunette - Harvest Hefeweizen - Jeremiah Red - Piranha - PM Porter - Blonde Chicago Brewing Company* 2201 S. Fort Apache Road Las Vegas, NV 89117 702/254-3333 This brewing company offers 7 house brews and specialty brews every so often, depending on the season: - All Nighter-Light Ale - Black Star- Irish Style Dry Stout - Hardway IPA-India Pale Ale - Old Town Brown -- German-Style Brown Ale - Ramblin-Reck Amber -- North American Amber Ale - Weizenheimer Wheat -- Bavarian Style Hefeweizen *Also located inside the Four Queens Casino, 202 Fremont Street Ellis Island Casino & Brewery 4178 Koval Lane Las Vegas, NV 89109 702/544-1870 They have a total of 7 house brewed beers and a specialty-brewed hard lemonade: - Root Beer (non-alcoholic) - Light Brew - Amber Brew - Dark - Weiss - Hard Lemonade Gordon Biersch Brewing Company 3987 Paradise Road Las Vegas, NV 89109 702/312-5247 They have a total of 6 locally brewed beers on tap: - Blonde bock - Marzen - Pilsner - Hefeweizen - Light - Winter Bock Hofbräuhaus 4510 Paradise Road Las Vegas, NV 89109 702/853-3227 Serves three beers, brewed in Munich according to the more than 400-year-old Bavarian purity law: - Hefeweizen - Hofbräuhaus Original (lager) - Hofbräuhaus Dunkel (dark beer) Monte Carlo Pub & Brewery 3770 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas, NV 89109 702/730-7777 This pub brews 6 different kinds of beer: - Brew Master Special - High Roller Red-Amber Ale - Jackpot Pale -- India Pale Ale - Las Vegas Lites -- Premium Lager - Silver State Stout -- Irish Style Stout - Winner's Wheat -- Wheat Ale Sin City Brewing Company 7935 West Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89117 Desert Passage Mall 702/809-4939 This company features 2 varieties of beers, which can also be purchased as kegs through their Web site: sincitybeer.com - Sin City Light - Sin City Amber Tenaya Creek Brewery & Restaurant 3101 N. Tenaya Way Las Vegas, NV 89128 702/362-7335 Teneya Creek features 6 varieties of house-brewed beer: - Pilsner - Hefeweizen - Ringtail Ale -- Pale Ale - Nut Brown Ale - Kolsch -- Light Ale - Winter Solstice Barleywine -- twice the hops Triple 7 Brew Pub Main Street Station 200 N. Main Street Las Vegas, NV 89125 702/387-1896 This brew pub has 4 different varieties of beer and a feature brew of the month. They've won several awards for their variations of stout. - High Roller - Royal Red - Market Place Ale - Blackchip Porter And here goes on the pubs and bars with serious beer menus: Freakin' Frog Beer and Wine Café 4700 S. Maryland Parkway Las Vegas, NV 89119 Tel: 702/597-9702 Offers 700 beers (one of the largest menus in the U.S.) and 500 whiskeys (reputedly the largest menu in the U.S.) Crown & Anchor British Pub 1350 E. Tropicana Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89119 Tel: 702/739-8676 Offers 60 different varieties of beer: 30 on tap and 30 bottled. Specializes in British beers, with the odd European and American brew thrown in for good measure. Ask about their "Guest Tap." Burger Bar Mandalay Bay 3950 Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89119 Tel: 702/632-7777 Offers 24 draft beers and 21 bottled beers Moose's Beach Bar 4770 S. Maryland Parkway Las Vegas, NV 89119 Tel: 702/798-0441 Offers 19 drafts and 10-15 different bottled beers International Beer Bar Golden Nugget Casino 129 E. Fremont Street Las Vegas, NV 89101 702/385-7111 Offers 12 beers on tap and 28 in total ENTERTAINMENT The Gun Store, Las Vegas is the place. Their website even has a 5 dollar off coupon for machine gun rental. Tuesday is ladies night apparently Freemont Experience (night excursion) - TAKE A CAB, do not tram/bus it Stratasphere (day excursion) - take the trolley, like $1.25 or something Ferrari dealership in the Wynn Concerts at Club 3121 - Rio - Wed. nights - free-$31.21 The $31.21 admission charge on Wednesday nights at Club 3121 hangs in at #10. The “locals-get-in-free” stance we reported on last month isn’t always in place (depends on the act), but the price for the level of entertainment presented at these Prince-promoted Rio concerts is a winner Go to Freemont one night. Take a cab. Cheap beers, and you can entertain yourself for a few hours without gamblign. Plus, if you want to gamble, you'll find $5 tables I think Fremont St. sucks and is a colossal waste of time and cab fare The volcano in front of Mirage at night is kind of cool - I think it erupts every 15 minutes. Treasure Island's pirate show is the best thing you'll see for free, IMO (along with the fountains Blue Man group Amazing Jonathan is pretty good Penn & Teller at the Rio. Tickets more reasonably priced than other shows, highly entertaining, plus you can actually meet them after the show La Reve at the Wynn to be better than any of the Cirque shows Of the Cirque du Soleil shows, I'd take O over the others. It's amazingly good If you like standup, check out Danny Ganz Mystere and Love. Love was a better overall show, but Mystere had more "Holy ####!" moments. We loved both of them Blue man group is very good I have heard mixed reviews about Penn and Teller, the main complaint is that they are vulgar in their show, if the lady likes that kind of humor then Penn & Teller should be fine Vegas, we have seen Mystere, O, and LaReve. I liked Mystere about the best, although O was pretty good. (would probably have liked it better if we didn't have front-side balcony seats where you could see some of the divers below with breathing apparatus for the actors.... kind of spoiled some of the "magic". Mama Mia is also pretty good if you haven't seen that Amazing Johnathan was funny, although the guys in our group liked him better than did the women Spam-A-Lot. I have heard great reviews from friends rollercoaster at New York New York is pretty cool The Fashion Show Mall is between The New Frontier and TI. There's also the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace and Desert Passage Mall in Aladdin/Planet Hollywood Mystere is the best Cirque show in Vegas and it is much less $$ than the other ones O was a great show and worth the $$$ O is the best Cirque de Soleil I've seen and I've seen 4 or 5 of their travelling shows Amazing Jonathan is usually a cheaper show that's pretty good Love, which is the new Beatles-themed Cirque show at the Mirage Freemont street at night where Binions is on the old strip. I ALWAYS hit down there. Plus every hour they have a laser light show outside, pretty cool VEGAS WEBSITES Las Vegas Advisor - Good Info, good forums, good coupon book Cheapovegas.com - Good info about the hotels, etc. Vegastodayandtomorrow.com - Cool site on Vegas projects and great maps of all kinds of stuff Allvegaspoker.com - Info and Reviews on every poker room Lasvegastalk.com - More forums Wizardofodds.com - Gaming Info & Odds Reviewjournal.com - Local Vegas news Vegastripping.com - More info, etc. Everythinglv.com - More info, etc. Hotel Finders / Specials Sites: Travelaxe.com Vegasbrothers.com Vegashotelspecial.com Lasvegasroomfinders.com http://www.worryfreevacations.com/ http://www.vegas.com/lounge/map.html http://www.travel2vegas.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=13 http://forums.lasvegasadvisor.com/messagev...VAR_MSGDBTABLE= Lehigh’s to do list while in vegas If you are looking to save money, they have a newer bus service on the strip, I think it's called "The Deuce" and they are supposed to be a nicer double-decker bus. 24-hour unlimited passes are only $5.
  6. I can't believe she didn't use her "Shot in the Dark". She didn't trust any of those people (with good reason). Shan went to her and said that she and Ricard are voting JD so she should too. She should have rolled - her vote doesn't matter if they are telling the truth. Even without her vote it would have been 2-1. Roll the die to protect yourself in case the three were lying (which to me would have been the more likely scenario with how the previous tribal went). She knows Ricard and Shan are tight so the "you lost trust with us" argument doesn't hold water because she knows she is next on the chopping block regardless.
  7. A family saga with a supernatural twist, set in a German town, where the disappearance of two young children exposes the relationships among four families. Because you watched Black Mirror ... Was looking for a new series and popped this one on. Pretty good 1 episode in. It is a German series from Netflix, but defaulted to the English dub for me, and tbh, I didn't notice for the first 10 minutes. Actually pretty good dub for the most part. Official trailer
  8. NP. As for the simulators, I would start off with Simpsons. IDK if you remember from the last time you were there, but it was the Back to the Future ride. Unlike disney's simulators (I'm assuming you were talking about Star tours) where you are fully inside "the box", the Simpsons ride is an open car that rises into a big dome, so there is lots of space around you and you don't feel boxed in. Then I would move to Spiderman. Its not an actual simulator, here you are in an open car that moves around and then parks in front of different big screens, and uses a mix of real props and settings and 3D films for the action. So again you are not inside a tightly closed environment. Transformers is the exact same ride technology, just a little more clearer b/c its newer, and slightly a little more scarier and louder b/c its the Michael Bay transformers, not our 1980's ones. Minions, Escape from NY and Shrek are all 4D movies where you feel some motion, but are really in a big theater. King Kong might be a no go b/c it is rather dark and scary with big fight scenes and oversized creepy crawlies. If she likes HP, then you will get your money's worth right there. My all time fav ride (and thats saying a lot) is the HP Forbidden Journey. It is one of the most unique rides with the craziest ride system (look up Kuka Arm Rides, the HP one is not as fast or upside down) I've ever been on. It can be scary from a storyline but if she is familiar with the HP universe and characters (like the Dementors), then she might not be as scared. The downside of that ride is the seating system. You sit 4 across but in like individual cubbies. So if your daughter is like my son when he was that age and rode most things from inside my armpit, it is hard to get to them to comfort them if they get scared. Overall, the best thing is that you will have the express passes. So you can do any ride 1st and then gauge how you think she would like it, vs waiting hours on line.
  9. It is interesting/funny to read this, as here in southern California our seasons are the opposite of this - we are right in the middle of our club season which will go until November 20th, at which point all the teams that are 07 or older will go dark until the end of February, where we will resume for the last month of league play before heading to playoffs/tournaments. Pretty much from Thanksgiving through end of February is our high school season, and it is a CIF violation to play both at the same time. Those kids playing in the EAL showcase tournament in Florida the first weekend of December won't be allowed to join their high school teams until they return, which for our teams would mean missing the first 3 high school games of the season.
  10. My first time in London the couple I was staying with and I met a friend of theirs for a lunch of meat pies and mash in West Ham. When in Rome. Stayed on after in the pie shop playing bumper pool and got rocked on Brown by like 3pm. Then went home and ordered pizza, which came with a six pack. Then went bar hopping in Piccadilly and they finally left me at a club (with an address for the cabbie stuffed in my front shirt pocket) while I danced until closing with a lovely lady from Norwich who had been poured into her dress. She rebuffed my Anglo-American Unification Plan, so I made it home just in time to meet the gent of the house getting up to watch the Australian Grand Prix. After the race, I went to bed until like 3:30pm local time, which, since it was November, meant it was basically dark. Waking up after dark completely horked my internal clock for the rest of the trip. It was a very memorable day. But the thing I remember most is the Newcastle Brown. I can't even stand the smell of it now.
  11. So, I get Univision and Paramount+, but tonight's game is on neither. Can anyone direct me to the dark side for match watching?
  12. I agree with this too. I maybe should have said best branding. Their dark jerseys, their logo/alt logo, the hats, the colors, I them.
  13. This one always reminds me of my missus. With fingernails that shine like justice And a voice that is dark like tinted glass She is fast, thorough, and sharp as a tack She's touring the facilities and picking up slack I want a girl with a short skirt and a long, long jacket J
  14. I called strangulation a few weeks ago. My theory is he did it in the van when that couple in the RV passed by and we saw the van back doors close. I think she was gonna flag them down for a ride or something and he choked her out to keep her quiet and from exiting the van, killing her perhaps accidentally. He then waited til dark, dragged her body to the dumping spot, and hauled butt out of there.
  15. 10/11 - The Power This is almost like two movies in one. It shifts genres about halfway through and lost some steam for me. The first half is very atmospheric (long, dark hallways, minimal lighting, bumps in the night) and really captivated me. The shift from an atmospheric, tense movie into something totally different had me scratching my head, but it ends up explaining the shift by the end. The English accents weren't too strong, but there were a few times I know I missed some dialogue. Still a solid entry and would recommend. It's on Shudder. 4/5
  16. Continuing on... 10/7 - There's Someone Inside Your House Teen slasher flick. The first 15-20 minutes really grabbed me then it fell off a bit. It did have a kill I don't think I've seen before, which was a nice surprise. It has a "whodunit" flair with a masked killer, but the mask choices were unique. It's not terrible, but it's also not great. 3/5 10/8 - Till Death I thought this was going to be eerily similar to "Gerald's Game" for the first 1/3 of the movie or so, but then it becomes a pretty entertaining cat-and-mouse game. More suspense than horror, but it's good to see Megan Fox back on the big screen and wearing minimal clothing. 3.5/5 10/9 - The Manor There's a couple of bigger names in this one (Barbara Hershey and Bruce Davison) and it centers around an older lady being placed in an assisted living facility, but all is not as it appears. I found myself mostly engrossed in the plot and the ending is worth getting to. One of my favorites so far. 4.25/5 10/10 - I Saw the Devil This came up under the horror genre, but it's really more of a revenge movie. It's a Korean flick and is a lot like "Oldboy" or "Audition" concerning the plot. There's plenty of gore and some minor horror elements, but it's a fringe horror movie at best. Still a good flick, but probably 20-30 minutes too long. 3.5/5 Got "The Power" queued up for tonight (set in 1970's London in a hospital during rolling blackouts and a nurse working the night shift scared of the dark). The poster and trailer caught my eye, so giving it a shot. More to come!
  17. I also wonder if the qualifying thing (multiple games in a tight window, unlimited squad size, tons of chances to rotate) works against Berhalter and he’d be better off at the actual World Cup where you’ve got your 23 and don’t look to make too many changes from match to match. Andy has been pointing out his tendency to overthink for months now. Reminds me of when I was in college and I’d take speed to stay up all night and cram for a big exam, and I’d end up just reorganizing my notes and smoking cigarettes the entire time instead of actually studying. I can just see Gregg emerging from some dark room Sunday morning with that team sheet in his hand thinking he’s stumbled onto something, when in reality it’s just a bunch gibberish.
  18. 20.02 - Billie Eilish - "bad guy" (#178) I'll make my last pick, hopefully no one minds, because it's the only one left in this category. I've almost-drafted this one for the past 6-7 rounds, as @Northern Voice can probably attest, so I am pleased to take it here in the final round. She is arguably first real elite artist of the Zoomer generation, and a sign of what we can expect from music superstardom from the younger generation. This is a catchy, dance-y blend of pop, trap, almost-goth. It's a fusion of some of the most popular genres at the moment, mixed with the dark angst that comes with a new generation coming of age. This album is great, as is her new one from a few months ago. And she's already looking like a multi-talented artist across more artistic mediums (media?) than just music. This is the future, and the sky's the limit. I can't wait to see where she - and the rest of the next generation - takes music into the future.
  19. ============ Sam Stejskal @samstejskal @cboehm with a fun question to Kellyn Acosta about the dark arts, which drew a chuckle from Acosta. Reminds me that Acosta told me he watched some of @watke_'s videos about his ####-housing during the Gold Cup. He's a fan. And the refs are his best friend.
  20. It does feel a bit dark that I'm celebrating indigenous fat cell day with an autumn feast followed by horriffic starvation and moving any survivors to little pockets that will eventually get rich from my drinking and gambling
  21. @Uruk-Hai on the Bond movie, I said it was fun and it was. Lots of action but it is pretty dark and once you realize what the main plot was, it's easy to understand why they kept delaying it.
  22. Recap of earlier picks: 17.24 - Notorious BIG - "Juicy" (#32) As iconic as this song is, I'm not sure I've ever drafted it before. Even moreso than my Mobb Deep pick earlier, here's another hip-hop song where everyone knows all the words. Had another option in this category, but I'd drafted the album in the previous draft. Despite being nominally the same genre as my top 25 pick (Kanye's "Runaway"), they seemingly couldn't be more different. "Runaway" is a deep, profound song, a perfect encapsulation of hip-hop as an art form. "Juicy" on the other hand....an upbeat classic, BIG's smooth flow, clever wordplay. "Runaway" is a song that makes you think. "Juicy" is a song that makes you smile. 18.02 - Drake - "Hold On We're Going Home" (#129) Clearly Drake isn't held in the highest artistic regard amongst this group of drafters. It's easy to view him as just another modern rapper in the crowd. I passed up another favorite I'd drafted last draft for this one. This song is an excellent showcase of his versatility. It's more a synthpop - with a tinge of R&B - than anything resembling what you'd consider hip-hop. You could argue that the sounds of this one are ahead of its time. If The Weeknd wasn't already fumbling around his transition from edgy dark R&B into smooth pop artist after Trilogy - you could argue that his career ascent is a direct copycat of songs like this. Drake laid the groundwork for success for various artists with a similar sound off of this one.
  23. With winter approaching and shorter daylight, those of you who run outside when it's dark should strongly consider getting the Tracer. They now have the Tracer2 and it's on sale. We thank you for being a customer and an important part of Noxgear Nation! To show our thanks and to celebrate the launch of the all-new, rechargeable Tracer2, we're offering you our best price of the year sitewide and while inventory lasts. "While inventory lasts" might sound like a gimmick, but this year it's a real problem everyone is facing... You've probably seen news about shortage of product brought on by shipping and supply chain issues. Because we're launching the Tracer2 with an all-new production line, this is impacting us more than most. We are now flying product in at premium rates on a daily basis hoping to avoid going out of stock at the holidays (as many retailers will, with inventory stuck at the ocean ports). The bottom line is we want to give you, our customers, the best chance to purchase this year and at the best price. SAVE 46% ~ with code ~ ThankYou -----
  24. For context, the song "Stan" is about an obsessive Eminem superfan named Stan who becomes a pen pal with Eminem. The underlying theme is that the fan is obsessively in love with Eminem. Once Eminem gets too popular and stops responding, Stan goes off the deep end and ends up committing a murder-suicide, killing himself and his pregnant girlfriend. Eminem writes a final pen pal response, apologizing for being too busy to respond, only to discover as he finishes writing that the gruesome news story he read was actually his superfan Stan. It's a very, very dark song.
  25. Hi Folks, Keith worked out a lot of bugs and I think we have it ready now. If you don't do anything, you should be seeing the light version of version 4.6 of the forum. It brings over the updated look of the rest of the www.footballguys.com site. If you prefer the dark mode, you can scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click on "Theme" and then select Footballguys Dark 4.6. Apologies for the bumps along the way and thanks for the patience and thanks for being part of Footballguys. ***** Update: Thanks for the feedback folks, I'm sorry but for now, dark mode on mobile is not workable as it has the issue blocking notifications on the header. Light mode on mobile will be the only option for now. We apologize for the inconvenience there. We hope to have a solution at some point but it won't be any time in the next month or so. I'm sorry.
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