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  1. These are heady days for casino billionaire and megadonor Sheldon Adelson. A passionate and hawkish advocate for Israel with close ties to its prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, Adelson was in Jerusalem today for a celebration of the U.S. embassy’s relocation to that city, a longstanding priority for the mogul. Similarly, Adelson had pushed hard for President Donald Trump to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal, which happened last week. And the day after that announcement, Adelson quietly slipped into the White House for a private meeting with Trump and three top administration offici
  2. UC GLOBAL EMPLOYEE THWARTED PLAN TO MASSIVELY BUG ECUADOR EMBASSY TO SPY ON ASSANGE A ‘Real Obsession’ With Spying On Assange’s Legal Team Witness #1 said Morales “showed at times a real obsession in relation to monitoring and recording the lawyers who met with the ‘guest’ (Julian Assange) because ‘our American friends’ were requesting it.” They informed the court that the company’s work for the Ecuador government was practically the company’s “sole contract” in October 2015. They were to provide “security services for the daughters of then-President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa.”
  3. MAINSTREAM US REPORTERS SILENT ABOUT BEING SPIED ON BY APPARENT CIA CONTRACTOR THAT TARGETED ASSANGE “In December 2019, the New York Times covered the CIA operation against Assange in a single article by Raphael Minder. Framing the case in terms of “conflicting interpretations,” Minder claimed “it remains unclear whether it was the Americans who were behind bugging the embassy.” Omitted in Minder’s article were all the obvious signs of UC Global’s collaboration with US intelligence, from Morales’ comment that “the agency of the stars and stripes will see us” to witness testimony that
  4. Yeah, I think you are both considerably more measured about this stuff than the average person. I know there’d be a whole circus ready to welcome him with open arms if he somehow delivered them their orange man though. Sheldon Adelson is a mutual friend of Trump & Bolton’s. And Trump for the most part has given the Bush archconservatives everything they want. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the difference between Bolton betraying him in impeachment proceedings and betraying him with a NYT bestseller.
  5. The whole pretext for interviewing him was not Turkey or Saudi Arabia, but his contact with the Russian diplomat. But yes, I'd say those things were worthy of investigation. The most incriminating interaction Flynn had with Russia was his attempt to subvert Obama admin on a UN settlement vote, in favor of Israel. Somehow there was never a narrative about Trump's collusion with Israel. Well Trump is morally rudderless in general- whatever belief system might inform his views appears to play second fiddle to his own personal vanity. In Washington, the path of least resistance is to
  6. Morales ordered his workers to install microphones in the embassy’s fire extinguishers and also in the women’s bathroom, where Assange’s lawyers, including the Spaniard Aitor Martínez and his closest collaborators, would meet for fear of being spied on. The cyberactivist’s meetings with his lawyers, Melynda Taylor, Jennifer Robinson and Baltasar Garzón, were also monitored. The UC Global S. L. team was also ordered by its boss to install stickers that prevented the windows of the rooms that the WikiLeaks founder used from vibrating, allegedly to make it easier for the CIA to record conver
  7. One of the analysts the NYT cites is affiliated with CSIS, a militarist think tank funded by Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Exxon, Chevron. Another is from an anti-Iran/pro-Israel think tank with strong ties to neoconservatives. National Security Adviser John Bolton—who had helped found UANI and was on its advisory board until he joined the Trump administration—was also quick to defend UANI. “Attempts by [the] Russian government to intimidate Ambassador Wallace and UANI are unacceptable,” he tweeted. “If President Putin is serious about stabilizing the Middle East, confro
  8. I do post these kinds of things about Donald Trump. I have called him a war criminal and said he should be tried for war crimes in Yemen. I've discussed his troubling ties to Sheldon Adelson and the Israeli far-right more than anyone else on this board. Beyond that, there's no getting around him as the 2020 nominee for the Republicans. Primarying him would go over about as well as primarying Obama in 2012. The modern-day GOP is quite possibly the worst, most corrupt, most cruel, most corporate-bought party in our lifetimes. So we need the Dems or somebody else to be a real opposit
  9. Don't disagree with you here. I wrote a post outlining all my problems with her and why I don't support her, not the least of which were her ties to Trump sugardaddy Sheldon Adelson and hobnobbing with neocons at AEI. I'm not a Tulsi fan- but at least someone is up there expressing a mildly antiwar viewpoint. War is unmaking us, and it's a sad statement on our system that no one is adopting a compelling position to that end.
  10. https://twitter.com/adamjohnsonNYC/status/1139244266188922886 Extremely transparent bull####, imagine if the Trump admin was competent at this how much worse it could be Pompeo’s been pushing regime change in Iran for decades, the Trump state dept has quite literally handed its Iran policy over to Sheldon Adelson-funded FDD, who believes a word any of these foaming weirdos say? At least Bush had the decency to launder this #### thru the NYT. amazing how CNN treats everything the Trump admin says w/ skepticism & derision until it starts leaking transparent bull#### to justify
  11. http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2019/roll497.xml Tulsi (along with "squad" member Ayanna Pressley) votes YEA on HR 246, "Opposing efforts to delegitimize the State of Israel and the Global Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement targeting Israel". I had laid off on this for a while but figured I'd go ahead and post it. I really didn't want to dislike her; some of my favorites are sympathetic to her. Some of my main mans on here like her. Dore calls her a progressive champion. Some of the people I follow tend to run pretty adjacent to her. So what's the problem? Well, a l
  12. If it were any other country, I’d probably agree. His signature move appears to be blowing a gasket on Twitter and then seeking a more conflict averse resolution to the problem. He did this with Kim and Assad to a lesser extent (though they will almost certainly get back to instigating a war there too). But this is what Israel wants. It’s what Sheldon Adelson and Kristol’s FDD want. It’s what they’ve wanted for decades. He’s basically turned over the entire State Dept. to them wrt Iran. They’ve already killed Iranians with their abhorrent sanctions regime. Unlike the Trump/Puti
  13. It’s like the us govt is really just cover for a clandestine military op that never ends, regardless of who the president is or what they believed before. Trump was elected because he espoused views that were critical of the foreign policy establishment. I’m more concerned about the President‘s insidious tied to Sheldon Adelson, Netanyahu, the hardcore Israeli right wing, and people’s unwillingness to call it out for what it is. But muh putin
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