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⚽ Soccer Match-day Thread (1 Viewer)

Ref swallowed the whistle on that foul - that’s horrible
Was this for the PK that Hojlund should have got?

Hojlund looked promising in his cameo. I look forward to him starting after the break. Fast and strong. The other forwards are finesse types, he looked like he plays with some strength and isn't afraid of contact.

Sad state when you have to bring in Maguire and Evans. Arsenal fans were cheering when Maguire came on. I would have rather seen Bailly over them two.
Currently rehydrating (i.e. in the pub) prior to Wimbledon v Stockport. Only ten people booked on the "coach" so they replaced it with a minibus with terrible ride quality and no AC going through all the back roads in sarf Lahndan in 33 degree weather. Think every filling has been loosened
Hilarious refereeing moments, number 739 - Halifax are hosting troubled Southend United at the Shay, and the ball is trickling out for a throw in. Ref goes to signal for the same, catches a Halifax player in the eye/throat/something with his arm while doing so. Player instinctively goes to bat the incoming arm away before going down injured, red card
Harry Maguire is so good for England, he doesn't need time at United to play for his national team.

46' Maguire subs on
67' Maguire own goal

The man does not think or move fast enough for this game.

Now in all seriousness, you haven't played defense if you've never scored an own goal. It happens. But this is just the universe piling on to a man that asked Greek authorities "Do you know who I am?"
lol @ Wolves' fans booing Quansah for time wasting at 1-1. Yeah, Liverpool just hoping to hang onto a point at Molineux.
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It's unreal how refs let City players break up every possible counter with fouls and don't show a yellow. Took like six or seven in the West Ham game before the yellow was flashed.

There were a couple years where they cracked down on this constant tactical fouling, but seems like they've let it go again.
Refs letting blatant fouls go unwhistled and then yellow carding the fouled player for their reaction is the reffing equivalent of cops beating a helpless person on the ground because they won't stop resisting protecting themself.
Milan might still get something out of this one, but on the basis of 65 minutes...

Inter >>>>>>>>>>> Milan

(CP dead quiet today before going off)
If you happen to catch the Andy Robertson goal somewhere, check out the three defenders that each go through the same decision making process -- "Should I go with that guy? Wait -- is that Andy Robertson?! Nah, I'm good." -- as Robertson plays the slow motion give and go with Salah and just keeps running.
Absolute shambolic display from United. From the players to the manager it was horrific. Only good was Hojlund and Reguilon

McT looked lost and out of position
Casemiro slow on the ball
Rashford selfish
ETH's starting Mct over Garnacho or Pellestri and keeping him on way to long.

Now AWB joins the list of injured players after coming on late. Just a terrible waste of a morning watching that game.
BM 4-3 MU

Strange game. Hojlund scores and Casemiro has 2. More flattering result then it looks despite the howler and the VAR handball.

I don't understand ETH's subbing or why he waits until the last minute.

Rashford needs to sit a game. Reguilon has been good so far.

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