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💰🤑$$ BIG PRIZE $$ 🤑💰 $30 NFL Survivor Pool (LeagueSafe) - starting week 3 Prize over $17 000 (1 Viewer)


This is version 2 of the original survivor that closed with $45 000 in Prize. Out of 1625 entries we are left with just a little over 600 after only week 1 so we are doing another one.

Going to be paying out more winners this year!!!

NFL Survivor Pool on RunYourPool.com for the 2022 regular season.

-Select one team to win each week (tie or loss -> eliminated)

-Can only select a team 1 time

-Winner takes all if 1 team left prior to end of regular season
-Split pot if 2 or more teams survive all 18 weeks
-Split pot if agreement is made between ALL remaining members still alive at a given point in season.

- 1 entry per $30 on LeagueSafe
- Maximum of 4 entries per player
- discount for 4 entries $105

To see full league information

Here is the pool link:

For any questions:
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