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1.07 PPR Super flex. CMC vs Jefferson (Fournette keeper) (1 Viewer)


I'm drafting 1.07 in a full PPR super flex league and have Fournette as a keeper. Knowing our league's drafting history I expect 4 QBs, 1 RB and 1 WR taken by my pick. Assuming Kupp is the WR and Taylor is the RB that leaves me with either CMC or Jefferson. CMC's ceiling is too high IMO to be scared off by his last two seasons. However, given that I already have Fournette I'm leaning Jefferson. I'm curious what others would do.


I agree with you that CMC ceiling is too high to pass up. He would be my pick......unless you can only start 1 RB or need to start something like 5 WR's.


I'd lean McCaffrey. Feels like you'll have a good shot at a solid WR in round 2, and you'll have as good a set of starting RBs as you could hope for.

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