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1.1 or hopkins and 1.09 (1 Viewer)


i have the 1.1 spot.my team really needs a rb.i only have hunt that is a starter.it is ppr. i was offered hopkins and 1.09 for my 1.01.

what are your guys thoughts? should i stay put and just draft barkley,i have wrs,hilton,baldwin and diggs.

it just hopkins sounds so good..lol.and 1.09 .but at 1.09 there wont even be a rb i dont think.single qb league

I would make the trade, but turn right around and try and sell the 1.09. If you are really hurting at RB then trade the 1.09 for someone straight up, if you want a rookie partner the 1.09 with something to move into the 1.04-1.07 range. 

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This depends on if you think Barkley is a transcendent RB talent as some do.  If you think that then keep the pick as it fills a need and gets you the projected elite player you think he is. 

However, if you aren't sold that Barkley is an elite player then I wouldn't have a problem starting with that offer.  I would try and get him to throw in a serviceable RB as well since you said you only have one startable RB.  I think I need a little bit more to part with the 1.01 and a playable RB would probably do it. 

Hopkins and 1.09 is pretty fair for the 1.01. 

Question is....can you start 4 WRs?  If no, I would just stay put and draft Barkley.  Otherwise you should extend the deal and offer 1.01 + one of Hilton/Baldwin/Diggs for Hopkins, 1.09 and a good RB.  That will depend of if the other owner has a RB that he wants to part with. 

Or you can take the deal (try and get a serviceable RB thrown in if you can), and then put Hilton/Baldwin/Diggs on the block for RB help.

Personally, while it's really close, I would just stay put and draft Barkley.

Good luck.


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