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1 and Done Help Needed (1 Viewer)

Hurl Bruce

Ok, It's week 3 of my 1 and done contest where we can use a player once, and then he's off limits the rest of the postseason. I expect a CIN/PHI Super Bowl.

I have available:


RB: Sanders, Gainwell/Scott, Mitchell, Perine, Pacheco, McKinnon

WR: AJB, Smith, Deebo, Aiyuk, Higgins, Boyd, JuJu, Toney (all KC WRs)

TE: Hurst, Goedert, Kittle


We start QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, W/R/T, Def. .5 PPR

I have a few dilemmas. At QB, do I start Burrow then the winner of the PHI/SF game in the SB (or Mahomes if KC advances)? Or do I start Hurts and then whatever AFC QB advances?

Do I start Sanders to guarantee I get to use him once or punt that one and start Gainwell/Scott and save him for the SB and a more susceptible run defense?

My current iteration has:

QB Burrow
RB McKinnon
RB Gainwell
WR Toney
WR Deebo
TE Hurst
Def KC

I have to play KC just in case SF wins. I don't want to punt that position in the SB. The scoring system doesn't do negative points, so there's no chance of that. I feel like I have to start Hurst in case KC wins. I don't want to punt in case I choose wrong in the NFC.

I think this leaves enough players no matter which teams win to field an acceptable SB lineup. I am 1 point behind first place as of now, 10 ahead of 3rd, and 20 ahead of 4th.

Who would you start?


Here are my thoughts:
  • QB: I like the idea of playing Hurts at QB this week leaving you with the AFC winner for the Super Bowl. I think that maximizes the QB points.
  • RB: I think they are about all the same except for Sanders. Also, KC activated CEH from IR today so he may be an interesting option as well or completely gum up the KC backfield. I probably go with Sanders this week to get his use regardless. For #2 I go with one of the KC guys. Not sure which one.
  • WR: I definitely go with one Phi guy and one SF guy leaving you the option of one of them for the Super Bowl. Unless you feel totally confident in one of the NFC teams then go with the two from the same team you don't think make the SB. Much riskier that way. I go Phi WR, SF WR, Cin WR for this round
  • TE: Same as QB. Go with Hurst so you are sure you got one of the marquee guys in the SB.
  • DEF: Same as QB/TE. Best way to do it to make sure you have options next week.


I go with Hurts at QB, can't go Mahomes on the bad ankle this week and Burrow could have bad weather.

I would go McKinnon and Pacheco. Mahomes is hurting so maybe a few more runs and a few more check downs since Mahomes won't be extending plays.

Love AJB this week the 49ers have been getting torched by number 1's lately, I like Deebo 2nd. I might go Juju for flex

You almost have to go Hurst here, but if you want to gamble and feel strong about your prediction then Kittle is the play.

I like the Philly defense this week, but I get the KC play.

Good luck.

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