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the shiva

I need advice, I have 1 flex question. I have Amari Cooper but I have rb Henderson available. I already have Browns rb Chubb's in my lineup. Not sure if i want another Brown player for tonight's game. Advice?

QB - Patrick Mahomes
RB - Jonathan Taylor
RB - Nick Chubb
WR - Marquez Valdes-Scantling
***WR - WR - Amari Cooper
FLEX – Jeff Wilson Jr.
FLEX – Gabe Davis
FLEX - Chase Edmonds
DP - Myles Jack
DP - Matt Milano
DP - Josey Jewell
K - Justin Tucker

WR - DeAndre Hopkins
WR - George Pickens
RB - Darrell Henderson Jr.
RB - Jerick McKinnon
WR – Travis Etienne
K - Ryan Succop
RB - Rachaad White
WR - Isaiah McKenzie
RB – James Cook
QB- Malik Willis
QB - Derek Carr
RB – Noah Brown
WR - Sammy Watkins


I don't think you have a choice and have to play Cooper. With Gabe Davis injured and not knowing his status I would risk having to roll out any of your other WR's.

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