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1 flex spot open advice (1 Viewer)

the shiva

In the championship game, my lineup is complete except for 1 Flex spot, need some advice:

RB  Devin Singletary ******* (currently in this spot)

RB James Conner (If he can play)

RB Sony Michael (Akers could be back)

RB Rashaad Penny (Can I trust him)

Current Lineup:

QB Kyler Murray
RB Nick Chubb
RB Najee Harris
WR Diontae Johnson
WR Davante Adams
FLEX Travis Kelce
FLEX Devin Singletary *******
FLEX Antonio Brown

DP Tae Crowder
DP Quincy Williams
DP Christian Kirksey
K  Ryan Succop



This is a somewhat easy choice to go with Penny.  He has dominated touches the last two weeks and is going against the Lions.  

No need to stress over this one.



Penny for sure. He's on fire and they are playing the Lions. Also, it'll likely be a cold rainy game, limiting the passing.


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