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1 opening - $100 12 team Keep 3 Auction hosted MFL (auction on ESPN Mon 8/27) (1 Viewer)

Alberta Clipper

I opening in $100 12 team Keep 3 auction league that started in 2004.

League hosted on MFL - auction is scheduled for MON AUG 27 - 7 pm et

Need Keeper selection & pymt of fees ASAP as they were due Aug 23.

Owner ran into some unexpected health issues and hasn't been replying to me so I assume he's out for this year.

Auction is $200 cap, keepers sals inflate by 15% (min $5) each year & you can keep a player for a max of 5 yrs.

Will post avail players in seperate post shortly

everyone entering year 2 (of a max 5) unless otherwise noted

$22 QB Wilson 

$13 RB Ajayi (yr 3)

$9 RB Bernard

$27 RB Freeman (yr 4)

$14 RB Powell (yr 3)

$7 WR Cobb

$15 WR Desean Jackson

$30 WR Landry

$7 WR Wallace

$12 WR Tyrell Williams

$14 TE Ebron

$25 TE Ertz (yr 3)

$6 K Prater & $9 Vikings DST


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