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1 Opening In a 12 Team Dynasty IDP, PPR High Scoring League (1 Viewer)


I have 1opening in a Fantasy Football Dynasty League. This league consists of a rookie draft, waivers, IDP, PPR, No Contracts

*12-team league
* 130 man rosters (80 Regular Rosters, 20 TS Spots, and 30 IR Spots)
*35 Starters (12 Offensive Starters & 23 IDP Starters)
*Full IDP
*$60 annual entry fee using Leaguesafe
*100% payout, less MFL fees
*10 Round Yearly Rookie Draft
*Two side games with prizes—NFL picks, & Survivor Pool
*Off-season blind bidding waivers once a month
*In season blind bidding waivers with FCFS

The open team is:
Foghorn Leghorn has all of its rookie picks for the 2022 season and has the 5th pick in each round.

League Link:

If you have any interest please reply here, DM or email me at recruitingcoop@gmail.com



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