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1 Opening In a 16 Team Dynasty IDP, Contract, PPR League (Filled) (1 Viewer)


     We have 2 opening in a Contract Dynasty League. This league consists of a rookie draft, waivers, contracts, tags and URFA auction..

*16-team league
* 50 man rosters and 100 contract years (plus taxi squad & injured reserve)
*Full IDP (9 offensive & 11 defensive starters)
*$50 annual entry fee using Leaguesafe 
*100% payout, less MFL fees
*Yearly Rookie Draft
*Two side games with prizes—NFL picks, & Survivor Pool
*Off-season auction for restricted & unrestricted free agents.  
*In season blind bidding waivers.

Open teams are:

Anthony Munoz  which has all of it's rookie picks for the 2019 season and has the 4th pick in each round.  

Jason Taylor which has all of it's rookie picks for the 2019 season and has the 11th pick in each round.

League Link:

If you have any interest please let me know.  Either PM or email me at recruitingcoop@gmail.com

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