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1 Orphan - $60 Entry - Dynasty (1 Viewer)

20 team dynasty on MyFantasyLeague, flex rosters, IDP, salary cap, contracts, auction, and draft.......$60 entry/LeagueSafe, top 6 win money

Available orphan ranks around the bottom of the mid tier in power rating and their cap space, etc is very good and almost a blank slate for take over...previous owner actually planned his exit and tried to leave things 'tidy' for a new owner. Has a good budget for the auction and has 10 picks in our 7 round draft - including 1.02, 1.17, 2.02, 2.16, 2.20, and 3.02.....the team is basically set up to for a new guy to immediately be able to put his own stamp on it.

Go geek out on our rules and let us know We'll consider everyone that's interested.

AFFL League Rules

AFFL Scoring Rules

AFFL Contract Rules

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