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1 orphan available-full GM sim-53 player roster IDP-16 team w/Salary Cap and player auctions-$200 (1 Viewer)


We are currently seeking owners for 1 orphan team each with full 53 player rosters (with 4 IR spots) complete with individual defensive players and a site managed salary cap on parity with the NFL’s. We strive to make these leagues as similar to the experience of being an NFL GM as we can (while still being fun and not annoying): Rookies are drafted, free agents are bid on in live auctions, caps must be managed, and trades are frequent. These leagues are VERY active so expect participation pretty much whenever the host site (RSO) allows it, although players new to a format like this should not feel discouraged about joining, we are very friendly to beginners (if you're willing to learn).

The league format is as follows:
53 Players, 4 IR spots, 0.5 PPR, player bonuses for first downs, 2 starting TE

Rookie Draft is a slow draft that takes place in the weeks after the actual draft.
Player auctions occur at a set time over the summer (probably 2-3 sessions)

Regular Season: Weeks 1 - 14, Trade Deadline - Week 14
1 Week Per Matchup, each division winner (4-Total) and wild card winner (4-Total) Secures a Playoff Spot
Post Season – Week 15-17
8 Total Playoff Teams, 4 Playoff Teams Per Conference
Seeding As Follows:
AFC/NFC Conferences:
Division Winner / Best Record (Within Their Conference) = #1 Seed
Other Division Winner (Within Their Conference) = #2 Seed
The Team With The Best Record, Of The 6 Remaining Teams Who Did Not Win A Division (Within Their Conference) = #3 Seed
The Team With The Second Best Record, Of The 6 Remaining Teams Who Did Not Win A Division (Within Their Conference) = #4 Seed
Round 1: (Divisional/Wild Card Round) – #1 Seed vs #4 Seed / #2 Seed vs #3 Seed
( Round 2: (Conference Championship) – Winners Of Round 1 Compete For The Conference Title
Rounds 3: (League Championship) – AFC Champion vs NFC Champion For League Title

Starting Lineup as Follows:
OFF: 2 RB,3 WR,2 TE,2 RB/WR/TE, 1 PK, 1 QB/RB/WR/TE/PK,
DEF: 1 DT, 2 DE, 3 LB, 2 CB, 2 S, 1 LB/DT/DE/CB/S

The team is going into its second season. Each team is $200 upfront for this season and next, $100 each season after. There are prizes for making the playoffs and winning each playoff game, so lots of opportunities to win back money with a successful team, it's not just “winner take all”. Orphan teams have won in their first year in this format, so shrewd owners should give it their all. Once you pay, the team is yours so rebranding (as long as it's within league guidelines) is totally fine.

Interested Parties (serious inquiries only) should email commissioner: DynastyFootballKing@gmail.com
General questions can be emailed to: fackutyler@gmail.com (if you are serious I’d recommend just emailing the commish directly)
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