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1 owner needed for 10-team Superflex Dynasty league w/ IDP - $30 (1 Viewer)


Looking for one new owner to take over a team in a friendly league, the roster is actually pretty solid with top-tier players Josh Allen and Cooper Kupp. The team has pick 6 in the upcoming rookie draft and has all its picks. We play on the fleaflicker platform because it is free and so all dues go to the prize pool, $30 entry $200 1st place $100 2nd place. We will be voting on a dues increase this season.

Format is Start 1 QB, 1 Superflex, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex (RB/WR/TE), 1 LB, 1 DB, 1 DL, 1 Flex Def (LB/DB/DL). Scoring is pretty standard 1/2 ppr with a few small bonuses for high yardage and big plays. Reply to this thread or email me at rdaandrews@gmail.com if interested in joining or if you have any questions! The team's current roster is below:

Josh Allen

QB BUF (7)
Aaron Jones

RB GB (14)
D'Onta Foreman

RB CAR (13)
Cooper Kupp

WR LAR (7)
Deebo Samuel

WR SF (9)
Amari Cooper

WR CLE (9)
Justin Tucker

K BAL (10)
Tyrann Mathieu

S NO (14)
Myles Garrett

Bobby Wagner

LB LAR (7)
Bobby Okereke

LB IND (14)


Carson Wentz

QB WAS (14)
Jordan Love

QB GB (14)
Chuba Hubbard

RB CAR (13)
Miles Sanders

RB PHI (7)
Justin Jackson

RB DET (6)
Demetric Felton

RB CLE (9)
Trey Sermon

RB SF (9)
Mike Williams

WR LAC (8)
Michael Pittman

WR IND (14)
Gabe Davis

WR BUF (7)
Corey Davis

WR NYJ (10)
Nelson Agholor

WR NE (10)
Kenny Golladay

WR NYG (9)
Jalen Reagor

WR PHI (7)
Noah Fant

TE SEA (11)
Donald Parham

TE LAC (8)
Josh Allen

EDR JAC (11)

Injured Reserve​

Gus Edwards

RB BAL (10)
Travis Etienne

RB JAC (11)
William Fuller

Khalil Mack

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